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Average Hair Transplant Cost in Turkey

Average Cost Hair Transplant Hairs is a very fundamental and vital part of the human body, protecting us from the sun’s harmful rays, poisons, enhancing our beauty and confidence. But what if hair loss is suffered by an individual? Is it the ending for him/her? No, of course! 

A hair transplant has arisen as a one-stop solution for individuals with baldness or with shorter hair. Hair loss has become a common problem for most people today. If a person takes action at the early stage of hair loss, which is the thinning of hair, hair may be recovered with the help of certain medications. But if treatment has no effect or the person has lost hair forever, a hair transplant surgery is the only solution to restoring the hair.

Hair Transplant Cost Turkey

Firstly, before discussing the factors that affect the cost of hair transplant surgery, you need to be well aware of what a hair transplant is and how it is performed. During surgical hair reconstruction, the balding regions are supplied with natural hair roots. These natural hair grafts come from the donor’s area, i.e. the back and sides of the head, where the area is filled with thick and dense hair strands. These are placed individually after separating the roots from the appropriate donor region in the bald areas of the patient’s scalp. Now, we will revise what affects the price of a hair transplant in detail;

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The Transplant Procedure

When performing hair transplant surgery, two main processes are primarily implemented, either FUE or DHI.

FUE Hair Transplant

Through local anesthesia, by shingling and implanting the hair into the hirtellous area or bald patch channels, we conduct the FUE (follicular unit extraction) technique. It has been introduced in 2004 and is still established thanks to its openness to innovation. Our doctor collects from the “donor site” individual follicular units containing 2 to 3 hairs (called grafts) with FUE extracting by tiny punches of very tiny micro blades or fine needles of 0.7mm to 1.0mm in diameter. Then our surgeon implants the graft into the areas targeted. Our doctor determines how many grafts the patient can need during the assessment before the actual operation.

DHI Hair Transplant

DHI Hair Transplantation, which is done using an implanter pen injector, is a specific implantation technique. Our team terminates the implantation after extracting and sorting suitable grafts from donor areas and implanting them in the requested receptor region. For individuals who are interested in operating today, this technique is one of the most practiced transplantation techniques. A graft is, in medical terminology, a healthy tissue taken from an appropriate part of the patient’s body to be implanted in the area of need. In hair transplantation grafts that are transplanted straight into the appropriate receptor area, the entire healthy hair follicle or multiple follicles are identified. This process of extraction is not a newly-developed technique. It is typically imposed on prospective patients by marketing departments and sales representatives in many clinics due to its higher cost.

The Baldness Degree

The degree of hair loss that has occurred and the amount of baldness caused directly affect the entire cost of hair transplant surgery. The Norwood Classification will allow you to verify the degree of baldness you are experiencing at present.

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The Number of Grafts Needed

A high degree of hair loss will require an increased amount of grafts to be implanted to accomplish the purpose of hair transplantation. Each person’s number of grafts needed depends on the current incidence of baldness, the hair density required to cover the baldness, as well as the availability and density characteristics of donor hair grafts.

Required Number of Sessions

In one phase, which generally takes 5-8 hours, our doctor usually performs most of the hair transplant operations. In certain circumstances where the patients have a large area of baldness, they need a lot of grafting. The total amount of grafts that our specialist can implant is around 3000-4000 in a single grafting process. If this hair graft count rises to 5,000 grafts or even more, then the individual will require one more session for enough baldness coverage.

The Clinic’s Place

The place of the clinic is another factor that greatly impacts the cost of hair transplant surgery. It is commonly found that hair transplant clinics situated in various parts of the world charge different amounts for the same stage of the hair transplantation process.

The Clinic’s Credibility

Concerning the cost of the surgery, apart from the location of the clinic, the prestige of the clinic also matters. The more popular clinics would charge a higher price for the same hair transplantation surgery for the same hair transplantation procedure than mediocre clinics. India’s top hair transplant clinics provide an exceptional quality of care for their patients and charge a lot more than general ones.

The Surgeon’s Knowledge

Hair transplant doctors can have more surgical experience and a higher degree of expertise in transplantation surgery with years of study. Well, hair transplant surgeons who are commonly known have a high rate of surgery along with an equally high cost of the consultation. Therefore, to achieve assured outcomes along with a high rate of performance, physicians can charge an extra amount for their high-end abilities and expertise.

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The Doctor’s Qualification

For highly skilled physicians and hair transplant doctors, there are specific expenses than for the same surgeons with average qualifications.

Donor Grafts Availability

Other parts of the body such as the beard and chest which need to be separated from the hair follicles if the patient does not have a sufficient number of healthy hair follicles on the back of the scalp. Because body hair is more vulnerable and difficult to change, it takes more expertise and a high degree of experience. Therefore, the procedure will be more cumbersome and have a proportionate effect on the cost of surgery.


Many hair transplant companies, like our business, offer patients a free medical consultation, while other clinics charge a heavy fee for the consultation. And during the consultation meeting, you can get to know about the various characteristics and types of the treatment.

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Sadly, the probability of major risks associated with a hair transplant resulting is incorporated by clinics that aim to hold costs down. The operating doctor and healthcare workers stand out as the most critical elements relevant to costs. A clinical staff consisting of medical officials with inadequate training and inadequate experience may fail to deliver an efficient technique and may have irreversible outcomes. Be aware of hospitals that are referred to as ‘clinic’ but pay attention only to minimizing expenses by recruiting employees.  These clinics where doctors are not at the forefront will seem to be less concerned about the future, hence, increasing the likelihood of misconduct being carried out.

To Sum Up

If expenses continue to be a significant concern for a person planning to undergo a hair transplant procedure, certain issues such as the operating surgeon, the competence of the nursing staff, the quality of medical supplies used, and the state of single-use should also be taken into consideration before proceeding. Our physician, who has lengthy credibility for successful procedures, can always pay great attention to all the procedures he/she has conducted and knows that his/her name is on behalf of any patient. About the results of the surgery, our qualified doctors must conduct an operation in a hospital or clinic with experience in hair transplant gained over several years and that puts great importance on any process done.

At our business, we utilize the most developed and also the latest techniques to fix all types of conditions of hair loss. Please don’t hesitate to call us if you are interested in hearing more about procedures and others.

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