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Hair Transplant FUE vs DHI

Hair transplantation has been one of the most helpful ways to grow healthy hair. People who suffer hair loss, scalp injuries and more find hair transplantation a gift. There are different techniques to perform hair transplantation. In each technique, hair follicles get taken from the patient’s body.  This part of the body can be from the back of the head, arms, chest and even other parts of the body. The patient needs to have healthy hair in their body since this hair will be transplanted to their head. In this, there will be a comparison of two hair transplantation techniques: hair transplant FUE vs DHI.

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

FUE is a hair transplant technique where surgeons take patients’ hair follicles from their bodies. Different from FUT, the hair follicles get taken one by one. So, with that, it prevents patients to have hair plugs look. FUE was created to replace FUT. FUT was the popular hair transplant technique but it has many cons. FUE doesn’t leave any big scars on patients’ scalps, the scars will be small and they won’t be noticeable since the new hair will cover them. In this surgical process, micro punches are used for extracting single hair follicles. These were FUE techniques, which are one of the most and safest way to get a hair transplant. To understand the differences between hair transplant FUE vs DHI, we will also inform you about DHI.

Direct Hair Implantation (DHI)

DHI is also similar to FUE but is a modified version. In DHI, surgeons shave the head of their patients’. And then they give local anesthesia to their patients. Then surgeons use a tool with a fine line to extract hair follicles. These hair follicles get loaded into this pen-shaped tool. Then they implant these hair follicles into the targeted, bald area. After that, surgeons apply an antibiotic cream and then put a bandage on it. Even though there are a few bit differences for hair transplant FUE vs DHI, both of them take around 8 hours to complete. However, time can change due to the number of hair follicles.

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Both of these techniques are performed by taking hair follicles and then implanting them on the targeted bald area. However, even though they are similar in some parts there are still differences. Some differences for hair transplant FUE vs DHI:

  • In FUE, in a session, there can be done around 3500-4500 graft implant.
  • For DHI, there can be 1500-2500 grafts implanted.
  • DHI is better for the recovery times.
  • FUE needs a little longer recovery times.
  • In DHI, there won’t be as much bleeding in FUE.
  • FUE is usually for the larger areas while DUE is perfect for smaller areas.
  • There is a necessity to shave all the head for FUE but for DHI it isn’t necessary. You just have to shave the targeted area for DHI.
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