Hair Transplant Before and After

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We have ensured that thousands of local and foreign patients have received the hair they dreamed of from the past to the present. We know that the importance of hair transplantation lies in providing the appropriate technology to the patient. Here are Hair Transplant Before and After results 

Hair Transplant Before and After

Hair Transplant Before and After is a multi-stage process where it doesn’t depend fully on the operation itself. First, to ensure successful hair transplant results, a preparation should take place to ensure the well-being of the donor area and the grafts to be implemented in the recessive area. Then, an after-care process should be present at least for the first 6 months to ensure good results.

In Clinicexpert, we present a before and after plan where the medical consultant presents a guideline to ensure before and after results such as our previous patient did.

Get the best hair transplant before and after results in Istanbul

There are a lot of criteria to ensure the best before and after the experience

Hair Status

The more you have a healthy donor area the more your results will be satisfying. Naturally, Hair density plays a huge factor in getting successful before and after results. Of course, It gives a variety of choices to the surgeon to create the natural hairline and fill up the recessive area for more coverage with a large number of hair grafts


Choosing the right technique is the most important factor for the best hair transplant before and after results.  Therefore depending on your hair situation, our doctor will propose the technique the most suitable for you.

In Clincexpert, we provide the latest technique, DHI pro, where we are offering PRP injection and laser sessions to prepare the follicular unit and stimulate blood circulation for better adjustment to the new environment while transplanting.


During the consultation, it is mandatory to prepare mentally and physically for the operation by setting the expectations, drawing a hairline and defining the hair transplant operation process, even sharing tips and advice for the after-care process, etc…


Hair transplant results depend mostly on the doctor’s experience and expertise in delivering a good results for the patients.


There is a certain guideline you should consider in order to get an excellent hair transplant before and after results such as:

Hair Washing method

Hair transplant product: Shampoo, lotion, Vitamins, and serum

Minimize outside activities and sun exposure

And mostly be patient and take your time to heal and to recover

When do you expect Hair transplant before and after results

Transplanted follicles will fall out for new follicles to grow. Accordingly, the shading phase will take place between 2 weeks and 8 weeks

It is normal to get thinning hair up to the 3rd month.

The primary result of 50% of growing hair between 6 to 9 months

The final results after 12 months

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