Hair Transplant Surgery

Hair Transplant Surgery

Hair Transplantation has become one of the helpful ways to give people their confidence back. People who have to go through low self-esteem because of their hair loss started to get hair transplant surgery. And with the results, it’s possible to say hair transplantation makes people happier and also helps them to get their wanted looks. Hair transplant surgery has affordable prices and help people to get permanent results. Not only people who have hair loss, thin hair can get it but also people who have genetic hair issues, scalp injuries also can get hair transplantation.

How Is Hair Transplantation Done?

Hair transplant surgery gets started with the surgeon cleaning the patient’s scalp. Then surgeon gives their patient’s a local anesthesia. Since there are two different hair transplantation techniques, both of them gets to be applied differently: Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). In FUT, surgeon takes horizontal strip from the scalp.

This gets taken from the back of the head. The strip is usually around 10 to 30 cm but the size can show changes due to different needs for grafts. Then surgeon closes the sampled area. This cut isn’t virtually imperceptible since it is thin and gets to be covered by long hair. However, for FUE the procedure changes a little bit.

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In FUE, like always surgeon cleans the scalp and gives local anesthesia. Then patient’s hair gets shaved from the back of the scalp. After that, hair follicles get taken one by one. And then, taken hair follicles gets transplanted one by one on the targeted area of the head.

Does Hair Transplant Surgery Work?

The short answer is mostly yes. Hair transplant surgery definitely works for most people and it has permanent results. Patients don’t have to get another hair transplantation surgery after the first one. They have successful results and it is way more effective than simple hair products. But it is also important to talk and get information from a surgeon.

Not everyone can get same results as others since every person have different bodies. Since hair transplant is being done with already existing hair from the patient’s body, the hair transplantation procedure can be different from others if patient doesn’t have any some sort of body hair.

Recovery After Hair Transplant

Recovery after the hair transplant surgery is different for every patient. The surgery can take time for several hours and even several days. The surgeon will inform patients before the surgery about how the recovery process will be like. The transported hair starts to fall out after getting surgery done and it shows that the new hair will start to grow.

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Falling out process makes way for transported hair to grow. A lot people start to show their full results after minimum 6 months while some starts to see it after 8 months. The results all depends on the patient’s body. Hair transplant surgery is a gift for the hair loss.

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