How Much Does a DHI Hair Transplant Cost

How Much Does a DHI Hair Transplant Cost? 

Hair transplantation is one of most active surgical field nowadays. A lot of people are curious to find the ways to change their appearances for the better. Surgical field are trying to find better techniques since there are a lot of people demanding for more solutions to their problems related to their looks. Hair transplantation is a surgical process that a lot of people are happy about. It helps to people who are dealing with their hair loss. So, people want to learn how much does a DHI hair transplant cost to get a young-looking hair. Since there are many people who deal with hair issues, medical field started to popularized hair transplantation in everywhere. A lot of people are curious about how much does a DHI hair transplant cost. It is no secret that people can find DHI for low prices and also for quite high prices.

What is DHI Hair Transplant? 

DHI is a technique for the hair transplantation process. The first technique for hair transplantation was FUT but after its many cons, surgical field created FUE and then DHI was created. DHI is latest technique for hair transplantation. A lot of men’s hair gets thinner by the age of 50. Women also starts to lose their hair as they get older. Not only older adults but also young adults deal with hair loss due to different factors such as stress, genetic issues, scalp injuries. These factors affect hair and it sometimes causes hair to fall off even at young ages. Because of this issue, scientists developed hair transplantation. FUT was the first one and it was quite popular for its time. But FUT had cons like larger scars, long recovery time period. So, FUE also known as Follicular Unit Extraction was created. Before getting into how much does a DHI hair transplant cost, it is important to learn the process of DHI.

Process of DHI Hair Transplant

DHI or Direct Hair Implantation is created by a company named DHI Global Medical Group. They have developed this technique based on FUE. Since it is a new technique, when people are curious about how much does a DHI hair transplant cost, it would be correct to say that the price is a little bit higher than other hair transplant techniques. It would be accurate to say this technique is a modification of FUE. In DHI, before putting local anesthesia surgeon shave the head. Then surgeon put the patient on local anesthesia.

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Surgeon extracts the hair follicles of patient. They use a specialized tool for extracting the hair follicles and also implanting them. Surgeon implant them into the bald area when these hair follicles load into this pen-shaped tool. DHI surgery can take 8 hours to finish but this time period also can change due to different number of hair follicles that should be transplanted. So, when it comes to the question of how much does a DHI hair transplant cost, it is not wrong to say number of the transplanted hair follicles also affect the price.

The Benefits of DHI

Before everything, the best benefit of DHI would be getting the desired look for your hair. It is no secret that a lot of people think hair is the key for looking good. DHI is faster and have more natural outlook compared to other techniques but there are more to DHI:

  • DHI allows surgeons to do more frequent planting compared to other techniques.
  • Has better and natural outlook than both of the other techniques.
  • The specialized tool that is used for DHI makes the recovery time of the roots reduce.
  • Compared to FUE, a lot people say that DHI technique gives faster results.
  • In DHI, there is no need to perform an incision on the scalp.

There are so many benefits for DHI. People who want to get a hair transplant should definitely consider DHI. Recovery time is better than any other techniques. The DHI hair transplant process is faster for the patients and also for the surgeons too. Before getting into how much does a DHI hair transplant cost, let’s get informed on the recovery process after surgery.

Recovery After DHI Hair Transplant

After getting DHI, first ten days patient might notice the scabs coming off their head. It is totally a normal process. Around three weeks after getting hair transplant surgery, patients will experience shedding. Follicular unit isn’t affected by this shed out. Patients also can experience some swelling and it’s completely normal.

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If it is needed, patients can use pain-killers under the supervision of a surgeon. At the second week some redness on the donor and implanted area can be noticed. This redness will disappear, so it is not serious. Patients should inform their doctors if they feel abnormally discomfort. How much does a DHI hair transplant cost depends on how much hair is being implanted. Prices might be up when the surgeon is very popular and also quite experienced in their field.

Results After DHI Hair Transplantation

People who got DHI hair transplant can start to see their first hair growth after 3-4 months. But it is important to take care of the scalp very well. Wrong actions might can delay the recovery time. Fully results will be after a year from the surgery but patients will start to see the difference at 5 months. All people have different hair growth speed, so even more than a year can be needed for some people. Even though process might tire some people and make them impatient, DHI really worth for the people who want to feel better about themselves. Let’s now get into how much does a DHI hair transplant cost in Turkey.

DHI Hair Transplantation Turkey Price

Turkey is an active place for hair transplantation. Medical field for hair transplant is really improved over the years. There are many available clinics in Turkey for DHI hair transplant and when it comes to how much does a DHI hair transplant cost there is a large price range. The minimum price for DHI starts at $1550 while average price is around $2000. It is possible to find more expensive clinic than that. How much does a DHI hair transplant cost is answered.

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