Hair Growth Surgery

In the early 50s, hair growth surgery,   known now as the hair transplant operation, had been invented by the American dermatologist  Dr. Norman Orentreich in New York using hair plugs. Since then, numerous techniques have been developed to enhance the results and reduce the potential damage. So what is hair growth surgery? How much does it cost? Who is eligible for it? And what is the best and most effective method so far?

Hair growth surgery

commonly known as the hair transplant operation is simply the extraction and the transplantation of hair grafts which are the hair roots. First, let us delve deeper into the history of this procedure:

In 1939

A Japanese doctor whose name is Dr. Sasagawa initiated the first experience of hair transplants.

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In 1952

the first hair growth surgery was invented and performed in New York City by the American Dermatologist Dr. Norman Orentreich. Back then, the method that DR Orentreich used was called the hair plugs procedure. This method was done by punching out or removing plugs which are small round pieces that contain 20 hairs each from the donor area and then plugging them in the empty areas of the head.

In 1994

  Dr. Bobby Lobber invented the  Follicular Unit Transplantation method known as the FUT technique. This mechanism is done by removing or cutting a strip from the main donor area which is the back of the head, extracting the hair grafts from it, opening a kind of horizontal incisions or channels in the bald areas, and finally transplanting the hair grafts in these channels.

In the late 90s (1999)

The Australian Doctor, Dr. Ray Woods, after a big struggle, to prohibit the FUT method for the deleterious damage it causes in the donor area, invented a totally new hair growth surgery method known as the FUE technique: the Follicular Unit Extraction. This technique was a totally different method from its precedent, as it did not necessitate cutting a strip from the back of the head which was extremely harmful as it resulted in permanent and long-lasting scars, that is impossible to totally remove them even by performing a scar removal surgery by the best aesthetic surgeons around the world.  However, this advanced mechanism consisted of extracting individual grafts (instead of hair plugs or strips) from the donor area which does not leave any scars at all, opening incisions in the empty areas, and finally transplanting the hair follicles in these channels separately and individually.

In 2010

the Direct Hair implantation known as the DHI technique was invented. After reviewing the precedent techniques and reviewing their flaws, a group of aesthetic surgeons and professors in Turkey have developed this extremely effective method that is done by only  two simple steps that are the extraction and the transplantation of hair follicles using a medical device called the Choi implanter without opening any channels or incisions neither in the donor area nor in the recipient area.

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In 2019

the DHI PRO technique has been developed. Based on the DHI technique, the aesthetic surgeons in one of the most reputable and internationally qualified hospitals in Turkey which is Clinic Expert Hospital in Istanbul Turkey, and after years of research have developed the most advanced and efficacious hair growth surgery operation so far and they called it the DHI PRO. This method is a combination of the dhi method with new non-surgical therapies which are Platelet-Rich Plasma and Low-laser therapy. This technique consists of stimulating and strengthening the hair grafts using the Platelet-rich plasma and the Low_Laser therapy before starting the extraction process.

Success Rate

The success rate of this mechanism has surpassed the 95% with zero risks and damage. Compared to its precedents, this method has proved to be the best and the most effective in terms of the application ( as it could be done without even shaving the hair), the density, the natural result, the healing process which does not exceed three days, the side effects (it does not cause any damage at all neither in the donor area nor in the recipient zone).

So the question that could be asked here, how may I know whether I am eligible for this process or not? In case I do not live in Turkey, do I need to travel to Turkey to consult a doctor and check if I am eligible for hair growth surgery or not? In fact, it is a way simpler than you may think, by contacting Clinic Expert Hospital in Istanbul Turkey, you may get an online consultation for free in order to diagnose your case, and know if you are eligible for this operation or not.

All you need is to call them, a specialist will be in touch with you, he/she will ask you to answer few questions related to your medical file, and to send some pictures of your hair from different angles, he will check if you are a candidate for a hair growth surgery, and then he will provide you with a free detailed diagnosis

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