Multiple Hair Transplant 

Multiple Hair Transplant For different cases and various types of hair loss such as the hereditary hair shedding and the Androgenetic alopecia, the only possible solution to get rid of this problem and cover the bald areas is the hair transplant. This procedure is done using multiple methods which makes it confusing and difficult for a lot of people to know what is the best method so far to get a perfect result as expected.  If you want to know more about multiple hair transplant methods, read the following article as it will illustrate the existing techniques, the difference between them and the best existing method so far. 

Before delving deeper into the multiple hair transplant techniques that exist nowadays, do you know what hair transplant is in the first place? Do you have any idea how this procedure is done? In fact, the operation is quite simple and not complicated at all as a lot of you may think. It is a non- surgical process that is done between four to eight hours, depending on the number of follicles that every patient needs  and depending on the density and the strength of the donor area.  Its application differs from one technique to the other, but basically thile process is done by harvesting hair roots from the donor area and transplanting them in the bald empty areas in the scalp.

After clarifying the concept of the procedure  we can now shed light on the multiple hair transplant techniques and the best one of them. 

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The hair plug technique: it is the first method that was invented in the mid of the twentieth century, and more specifically in 1952. But it was a total failure that’s why it is no longer used. 

The Follicular Unit Transplantation

it is known as the FUT technique, and it was invented after the hair plug method in 1999. It is done by cutting a strip from the back of the head, extracting hair grafts from it, opening incisions and channels in the bald areas, and transplanting the hair roots one by one in the bald areas, and finally stitching back the cut strip in its place. Even though, the FUT technique was regarded better than  the hair plug technique, but still it had a lot of disappointing and damaging drawbacks such as the permanent scars in the donor area, the low density of the newly transplanted hair grafts, as well as the artificial and unnatural result due to the transplantation method. Sometimes, this technique also causes skin problems and infections. 

The Follicular Unit Extraction

based on the cons of its precedents, the follicular unit extraction known as the FUE method that was invented in 2020 cut with all the old techniques that permanently damage the donor area, and was totally different as far as the hair grafts extraction is concerned. Unlike The FUT technique, using  the FUE method, the doctor does not cut a whole strip from the  donor area, but he rather individually harvests hair roots from the donor area of the head using a machine called the FUE machine.

The latter has a diameter of 0.7 mm which does not cause any scars at all in the donor area. For the transplantation, it is done in the same way as the Follicular Unit Transplantation by opening incisions or channels in the empty areas and then transplanting the grafts within those incisions. Obviously the pros of this method are related to the extraction technique, but as the transplantation method is concerned, it is the same as the FUT technique. Hence, the cons of this technique are related to the Transplantation method which results in low density and artificial hair. 

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The Direct Hair Implantation technique

the DHI method was invented in 2014, and it proved to be highly efficient and successful as it is done in two simple steps that are the extraction of hair grafts from the donor area similarly as the FUE technique but the hair transplantation with this method is totally different. It does not necessitate the opening of  any incisions or channels in the bald zone, that’s why it is called the Direct Hair Implantation method. However, after extracting the hair roots from the donor area,  the doctor directly transplants them individually using a medical device called the choi pen or the choi implanter. While the FUE technique allows the doctor to transplant between 60 to 70 hair follicles in 1cm², using the DHI method, the doctor can transplant up to 120 hair follicles in 1 cm², which gives the patient a high density and a very natural result. 

The Direct Hair Implantation Pro

after inventing the multiple hair transplant methods that we already mentioned, in 2018 one of the most reputable aesthetic hospitals in Turkey and in the world which is called Clinic Expert Hospital in Istanbul, has developed the best technique so far known as the DHI PRO. It is actually a developed and more effective  version of the dhi technique. With this method, the transplantation and the extraction are similar to the DHI technique, but before starting the process, using the DHI PRO, the doctor injects the Platelet-Rich plasma in the scalp and applies the LLT (Low Laser Therapy) on the head in order to strengthen the hair grafts and stimulate the blood circulation in the area to make it ready for an efficient and successful transplantation.

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