How Can I Prevent Hair Loss?

How Can I Prevent Hair Loss? As hair loss has become a highly common issue that affects millions of people worldwide: males and females, youth and adults, one of the most repeatedly and often asked questions is the following: how can I prevent hair loss? . So what is hair loss in the first place? How can I tell that I am experiencing this issue and differentiate between the natural cyclic hair loss and the unnatural one? Is it curable? And if it is possible to prevent it from occurring, how can I prevent hair loss? Keep reading this article, and you will get the answers.

Naturally, every human being whether male or female will experience hair loss periodically. Because the natural hair  growth cycle goes through four different  steps which are : the Anagen phase, the catagen phase, the Telogen phase  and finally the exogen phase. During the last phase which is also known as the shedding phase, between 50 to 100 of our hair will fall on a daily basis.

So in case, you lose between 100 to 150 hairs for maximum every day, this is natural and normal, but in case you have extreme and severe hair shedding, there is  a problem that should be treated as soon as possible. But instead of looking for possible treatments, and instead of  unnecessarily paying large amounts of money, how can I prevent hair loss? And is it possible to avoid it?

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An ounce of prevention is always worth a pound of cure, and as the proverb says “a stitch in time saves nine”. So avoiding hair loss is always better than treating it. And here, we can inform you that hair loss prevention is possible in certain cases and impossible in others. So before knowing how I can  prevent hair loss, we need to know in the first place how to differentiate between the preventable and the non-preventable hair loss.

The non-preventable hair loss

Unfortunately, no matter how careful we could be, and how cautious we are about our  hair, some types of hair loss are inevitable and inescapable. For instance, Androgenetic Alopecia either the male pattern baldness or the female pattern baldness is mainly caused by hereditary and genetic factors, hence, it is unavoidable. Furthermore, in addition to the hereditary hair loss, the latter may also occur due to numerous chronic diseases such as: blood pressure, anemia, cholesterol, diabetes either type one or two, chronic heart diseases, incurable autoimmune illnesses or disorders, cancer, chronic hepatic viruses like the hepatitis C,the different types of Alopecia, the hormonal disorders that are impossibly  inescapable which take place during pregnancy, menopause and period as well. If you suffer from one of the above-mentioned illnesses, you are likely to experience hair loss and unfortunately you can not prevent it, unless you treat the underlying chronic diseases.

Preventable hair loss

Unlike the first category, all the other types of hair loss could be avoided. How may I do it? How can I prevent hair loss? And what are the tips and instructions that I need to stick to in order to permanently protect my hair from Thinning,  hair loss and baldness.

  • The first necessary thing that you need to do is to follow an extremely healthy diet that contains all the necessary constituents our body and our hair needs including: the  proteins,  the necessary vitamins (A,B,C,D,H), the minerals … on a regular basis. Because nutritious  deficiencies negatively impact our health and our hair as well as it may cause multiple hair problems like the hair loss.
  • Second, you have to cautiously and carefully check and double-check the constituents of every hair product you are going to apply on your hair, and you have to make sure that none of them constitutes a chemical substance like silicon, sulfate parabens…etc.
  • Moreover, in order to prevent hair loss, you should avoid the psychological pressure. In fact, a lot of us do not value and do not take care of our mental health forgetting the fact that psychological disorders and diseases such as post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, severe depression, acute stress, trichotillomania, obsessive compulsive disorders (OCDs) are intertwined with our physical health and reflected into  our bodies, our skin, our hair and our total verdure.
  • Another necessary, quite crucial and beneficial habit that could help you to efficiently avoid hair loss is the healthy hair routine. In fact, our hair follicles which are the hair roots are blood cells that need to be properly and regularly fed and nutrified. So, we have to use totally pure natural hair products that we need to apply at least twice per week like the natural serums and natural oils.

To wrap up, by answering the recurrent query: how can I prevent hair loss, we conclude that in some cases hair loss is inevitable, and in other cases, it is up to us to avoid this irritating issue from occurring.

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