Do Women Go Bald?

Do Women Go Bald? Baldness is a major phenomena that is hitting the majority of our population. Humanity has been developing remedies and solutions to fight this unbeatable matter. While almost more than two thirds of men suffer from male pattern baldness, a question remains unanswered for some people searching for answers on the online search engines.. Do women go bald ?

Well of course they do, women can go bald on a similar average as men. Hair loss causes may be different for women compared to men, but those different factors are as much as the ones affecting men in numbers.

So why do women go bald ? and how do female pattern baldness differ from male one ? and eventually what are the solutions that every woman can adopt to put an end to it.

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Hair loss, baldness and hair thinning causes

One of the greatest fears in women’s life is losing their hair. “A good stylist is cheaper than a good therapist” is a famous saying back in the 90s, showing the importance of hair for women, and how it can affect their psychological health. Females tend to take good care of their hair. For them, and for the society. Hair is a major element that can affect their general appearance and eventually their daily life, socially and professionally.

Unfortunately, many hormonal changes can cause a woman to go bald. What is worst than that, hormonal changes are very common in a normal female life cycle, among these we mention :

  • Puberty : It is a time where a girl becomes sexutally mature. This leads to hormone changes but still has less chance of causing a woman to go bald.
  • Depression and Stress : Mental state can severely affect the female’s hormones, this is considered one of the major causes of hair loss in women.
  • Childbirth : Giving birth and breastfeeding leads to several hormonal changes. After childbirth, most women experience temporary hair loss which the severity can differ from one woman to another.
  • Menopause : It is when women reach a certain age, most often between the ages of 40 and 45, when the female period stops. This happens due to the ovaries stopping to produce the hormones estrogen and progesterone. Menopause is also one of the major causes of why do women go bald.

Even though hormonal changes are most common in women, this is of course not the only reason that leads women to go bald. The same factors that cause male pattern baldness are be noticed in women to, most relevant factors that we can mention are the following :

  • Iron deficiency : A simple blood test can show whether iron deficiency is experienced. Iron is a main element in the birth of new hair cells.
  • Vitamin B12 deficiency : The lack of this vitamin leads to the lack of energy, thus the blood cells fail to transfer oxygen to the all body cells and focus on most vital ones.
  • Extreme weight loss : This can never be achieved without exhausting the body, nor without manipulating the nutrition income. Leading to similar consequences are the vitamin B12 deficiency.
  • Bad hair styling habits : Excess “coiffuring” and hairstyling can harm the scalp and lead to speeding up the normal daily hair loss cycle. The cell regeneration cycle will end up failing to recover the fallen hair intime.

Knowing that there is no escape from experiencing hair loss, it is worth mentioning that there is a cure, or at least a patch for this problem. Thanks to medical advancement and the 21st technology, fighting baldness for both women and men has become reachable for almost everyone.

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The remedies and Resolution

Now that we highlighted all the main factors that lie behind the hair loss causes, we will spot the light on the ways to counter the effects.

While searching the web, you will notice that search results are rich with different branded products like shampoos, serums, oils and many products that promise hair restoration.

Understanding that hair loss is caused by dead hair cells that generate the hair follicles, and unless science has managed to revive dead bodies, reviving dead cells stands impossible to achieve. Women who do go bald have the option to do a hair transplant operation to relocate live and healthy hair follicles from the back of their head to the bald areas.

Thanks to the latest hair transplant techniques, the DHI PRO, when women can have this operation without having to shave their hair, while maintaining the original state of their donor area and without losing its density. This technique is developed and used exclusively at ClinicExpert Hospital in Istanbul Turkey.

So do women who go bald have hope of restoring their hair ? Yes, all that is required is to contact a doctor specializing in hair care for a free online diagnosis.

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