Hair Transplant Cost Per Graft

Hair Transplant Cost Per Graft Baldness, hair loss, shower paranoia, self esteem and social anxiety.. if you are in your early twenties, then you must relate to these terms, or at least know someone who struggles confronting this huge complication. One of the main reasons to struggle, is the price basket set for the solution, which is hair plug surgery, commonly known as hair transplantation.

The most related search term on Google in the United States of America, is hair transplant cost per Graft, what does graft mean ? And how does it determine the price of a hair transplant procedure?

In this article, we will learn the major solution for hair loss, how does the price come due? And eventually, where to find the best place to have this operation?

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Hair loss causes and solution

Hair loss is one of the highest concerns that most adults may face, especially for men, more than two thirds suffer from this problem.

Known as male pattern baldness, hair loss is a genetic condition, in which the cells regeneration cycle is altered, resulting in failure in generating new hair follicles. To stop this balding process, many try using various solutions such as herbal remedies and essential oils, as continues attempts to futile, many resort to the one and only solution, the hair transplant procedure.

Hair transplant process and cost

The hair transplant is a simple operation that basically consists of two main steps :

  • Hair graft extraction
  • Hair graft implantation

Graft extraction

The patient is first put into a 15 minutes of sleep with general anesthesia. While asleep local anesthesia is applied in the both donor and bald area. Using an advanced tool called the micro motor, grafts are then extracted from the donor area in a meticulous way, maintaining the area’s original state, and without harming nor altering it’s look.

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Extracted grafts are kept in hypothermosol preservative liquid. The hypothermosol solution

enables improved and extended preservation of cells, tissues and organs. It is uniquely formulated to address the molecular-biological response of cells during the hypothermic preservation process.

Graft Implantation

Depending on the technique, whether it is DHI or FUE, The preserved grafts are implanted whether with the CHOI pens in the DHI technique, or in previously opened channels in the scalp. These techniques not only differ in the implantation techniques, but also in the maximum number of possible implanted grafts, density, healing period and final results look.

How To Calculate Hair Transplant Cost Per Graft

When searching for the price of a hair transplant procedure, we notice various bill forms and quotes, as some hospitals prefer to determine the hair transplant cost per graft, or by providing a general package determined by a range of implanted grafts.

The hair transplant basket average value in most European countries and the United States of America are inconveniently high, with a ranging price from 4.000 dollars and up to 30.000 dollars, making the hair transplant cost per graft with an average of 6 dollars.

FUT Technique

Another inconvenience in these locations, is the technique used, as the most famous technique is the FUT. This old technique narrates that the graft extraction is not done using the micromotor, but by taking a long strip of the skin from the donor area, then dividing this strip into small sections to be later implanted in small wounds in the bald area. In this technique, the chance of leaving a scar in the donor area is high, as well as a long healing process.

Fortunately, and au contraire to this high numbers, Turkey has presented itself as a hair transplant and aesthetic plastic surgery leader, and with superior quality, and many numerous advantages.

The advantage that we most focus on in this article is the price and cost.

Thanks to years of experience, medical advancement and high competition, hospitals in Turkey and especially Istanbul have managed to reduce their procedures cost, thus providing a much lower price for the hair transplant operation.

DHI Technique

Not only that, this industry in Turkey has flourished to a point, where they got rid of old fashion techniques, and resorted to a much better and efficient techniques like the Direct Hair Implantation (DHI).

This technique used a micromotor to extract grafts one at a time, and the Japanese developed CHOI pens to implant the same grafts one by one, resulting in higher density and more natural look.

The hair transplant cost per graft can go as low as 1 dollar per graft. This also comes with extra free services in a prosperous hospital like ClinicExpert, that not only offers a very competitive price, but also provides services that guarantee the patient’s comfort such as airport pickup, transportation, and a 5 stars hotel accommodation covering the procedure period free of charge.

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