Eyebrow Restoration Procedure

Eyebrow Restoration Procedure

Eyebrows are regarded as a fundamental element of facial features that have multiple technical and aesthetic functions; Technically: the eyebrows protect our eyes from dirt, microbes, rain, sweat …etc, and makes our vision clear, and aesthetically, the eyebrows shape our eyes and play a key role in the body language and non-verbal communication, but sometimes multiple issues occur in this area which obstructs the eyebrows from functioning properly and makes people eventually go for some aesthetic operations which have a very high success rate such as the Eyebrow restoration.

What Is Eyebrow Restoration?

This article will shed light on this procedure by meticulously answering those questions: What is eyebrow restoration? Is it a surgical or non-surgical procedure? Why and how is it applied? What are the conditions to be a candidate for this operation? Is it effective? How much does it cost? And what is the best hospital where you can undergo an eyebrow restoration safely with a reasonable price and where you can guarantee a perfect satisfying and permanent result?

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Eyebrow restoration is actually a variety of procedures that are used for multiple purposes depending on the case and expectation of every patient, and it could be classified into two different categories as following:

Eyebrow Restoration

  • The surgical operation: this category includes eyebrow lift surgery. This process is also known as the forehead lift and it could be done in three different ways which are:
  • The hairline or Trichophytic brow lift: in this procedure, the aesthetic surgeon opens a small incision exactly in the frontline in order to hide it, and then he elevates the brows without elevating or repositioning the hairline. It is preferably done to people especially women who are less likely to witness a receding hairline or Male- pattern baldness.
  • The coronal brow lift is the oldest type of eyebrow restoration and lifting. It is performed by opening an incision behind the hairline to make it hidden, some skin and tissues are removed from the front, and finally the hairline and  brows are elevated.
  • The endoscopic brow lift: This procedure is applied by opening multiple small incisions behind the frontline, elevating and repositioning the brows using the endoscope and other medical devices without removing the skin.

Those three procedures are sometimes applied along with blepharoplasty which is a cosmetic procedure done by removing the eyelids ( the upper or the lower).

The Non-surgical operation

This category of eyebrow restoration includes the non-surgical brow lift and eyebrow Transplantation. The non-surgical eyebrow lift known also as the chemical brow lift is a procedure that is done by elevating the brows using injections such as the botox. This product helps in elevating the eyebrows, but it gives a temporary result As it lasts only for 3 to 4 months. Nevertheless, a lot of people prefer this process because it does not necessitate surgical intervention.

The second type of the non-surgical eyebrow restoration process is the eyebrow transplant

Previously it used to be done surgically using the Follicular Unit Transplantation ( The Fut method ) which is applied by cutting a strip from the donor area of the head which leaves a permanent scar, harvesting hair grafts from it, opening incisions in the eyebrows, and finally, the Transplanting the follicles in the empty areas of the eyebrows depending on the case and the patient’s preferences. However, nowadays, aesthetic surgeons in Turkey like the doctors in Clinic Expert Hospital in Istanbul,  have developed new efficient non-surgical methods such as the dhi technique and the dhi pro. Those techniques are done under local anesthesia and applied without surgical intervention.

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Concerning the result, the eyebrow restoration using the eyebrow transplant process gives permanent and long-lasting results. So if you carefully  follow all the instructions of the doctor on a regular basis, the transplanted grafts will stay for life.

Who is eligible for this procedure?

In order to undergo an eyebrow restoration procedure, some conditions should occur, concerning

  • The age: you should be at least 18 years old or more.
  • The health situation: you should be totally healthy without suffering from any chronic disease or allergy that could prevent you from doing it like; cancer, chronic heart diseases, severe blood pressure diseases …etc.
  • The expectations: you should not be utopian, you should be rather realistic by expecting realistic results. ( you should illustrate your expectations to the doctor in order not to get disappointed in the future ).
  • The responsibility: this condition is highly important. Who intends to do eyebrow restoration or any other type of cosmetic surgery should be responsible, and ready to apply all the instructions of the doctor to prevent any accidents from occurring either during or after the process.

To end up, eyebrow restoration is a variety of surgical and non-surgical operations that are performed to rejuvenate and refine the brow area for either aesthetic or functional motives.

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