Eyebrow Restoration

Eyebrow Restoration Our eyebrows are one of the most significant facial characteristics. They are critical to speech and facial expression, as well as keeping debris, dirt, and sweat out of your eyes. Since eyebrows frame the eye and improve the esthetic attractiveness of the face, it is very common to change the form of the eyebrow to attain the desired form, volume, or density. Many temporary, cosmetic efforts to achieve this – such as plucking, waxing, threading, eyebrow pencils and brushes, and the like – are time-consuming, costly, and may even be part of the problem. If your eyebrows are weak or non-existent, consider getting an eyebrow transplant to obtain the perfect, attractive, healthy brows you’re looking for.

Eyebrow Hair Transplant

In the last few years, eyebrow hair transplant has become an exceedingly common treatment that our team practices daily. While there could be a variety of medical problems that contribute to eyebrow loss, such as a low thyroid disorder (hypothyroidism), one of the more important causes for eyebrow loss (in addition to being born that way) is overcrowding. Once the hair has been repeatedly plucked from the eyebrow, these removed hairs maybe forever gone and may require surgical hair transplantation. This is normally a simple technique to conduct, but it demands the full artistry of the surgeon and the most highly accurate work of the assistant staff. We advise his students to use eyebrow transplantation as the very last technique they train to master for it demands the most creative and scientific mastery to produce outstanding results. Anything less than that would lead to bad and challenging findings to fix.

Female eyebrow hair transplant

The female eyebrow is uniquely different from the male eyebrow in shape and location. The arc is often more prominent, and the eyebrow is generally higher above the eyes of the female than the male eyebrow. In addition to these general features, female eyebrows are very special and distinct for any woman. Studying beautiful models, one can see that the designs of the eyebrows are incredibly varied and yet make the face more feminine and beautiful. Discussing just how to build a great eyebrow for a patient is a matter of creative interpretation and open discussion with a prospective patient. A woman would feel more feminine and desirable after she has recovered her eyebrow hair, which should be an ever-mindful objective to achieve.

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Male eyebrow hair transplant

Men are gradually realizing the value of eyebrows to improve their masculine appeal. A male eyebrow is usually lower set, thicker, flatter, and longer than many females. These strikingly masculine, though common, characteristics do differ considerably in each person based on gender, ethnicity, and specific facial features. If the eyebrow meets the general masculine guidelines and is then customized to that person, the effect may be a major improvement in one’s masculine features and beauty. Because one’s eyes are at the heart of socio-professional interaction, the implicit effect on the audience can be both subtle and profound when man’s eyebrows are repaired.

What to Expect with Eyebrow Transplant

You will address the outcomes you want to achieve during your meeting with our company. A lot of patients take photographs of thoughts. It’s a custom style for you. The location, symmetry, and fullness of the eyebrows are all adapted to your face and you prefer aesthetics. When you get in for the operation, our doctors will trace the ideal shape of the eyebrow with a surgical marker. You will make adjustments to the outline and give your consent before the surgery starts. Our surgeon needs to make sure you’re excited about your eyebrows. As in our other hair transplant surgeries, we will prescribe local anesthetics to numb the region and ensure your health and wellbeing. Our doctor then extracts the hair follicles from the donor site and grafts them carefully to the indicated location.

The treatment will take about 3-4 hours. If the desired result is comprehensive, you may need to go back to the second procedure. Precision is the secret to a successful adjustment of the eyebrow. Our doctor is very proud of the careful positioning of each follicular graft. It ensures that any single hair has the right angle and orientation, resulting in the shape and thickness of the eyebrow you like.

Am I a candidate?

Most patients are ideal candidates for eyebrow reconstruction surgery and, as in most elective surgical operations, should be relatively safe to avoid possible risks. Patients who have lost their eyebrow hair because of genetics, overcrowding, or injuries are decent candidates for an eyebrow transplant. If you have a medical disorder such as alopecia areata, frontal fibrosing alopecia, or other metabolic disorders that result in loss of eyebrow hair, you will need more medical advice to ensure that your hair develops after the operation.

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Phase 1

We’ll plan your brows before we launch your procedure. This is a careful, collaborative method that combines your tastes with the talented eye of our doctor to create perfect and natural-looking brows.

Phase 2

The actual reconstruction of the eyebrow is very simple and requires transplants of between 50 and 400 grafts per eyebrow. The number of grafts will depend on whether you have a touch-up or a partial or complete reconstruction. We will begin by prescribing oral sedation. From there, we will remove the donor hair from the back of the head and transplant it to the brow region one at a time. We will continue this step until we have reached the ideal form and density of your brow. If the operation has been performed, some pain in the donor region and slight brow redness that lasts for around five days is common. Quite occasionally, patients can suffer serious bruising and swelling.

Phase 3

Your transplanted hair will continue to fall out about two to three weeks after regeneration, and you should note a major recurrence in about four months. Your brows will steadily rise in density over the next six months as the hair transplant begins to expand. In most cases, maximum hair development can occur about 12 to 18 months after the treatment. If the hair has grown, the effects can last forever.

What is the Recovery Period?

The healing time for this treatment is approximately one week. After the treatment, thin crusts emerge around each transplanted scalp. They should be rinsed gently before taking a shower. Approximately 5-7 days old, the crusts slough away, leaving small pink spots. The pink skin covering the grafts normally disappears after a few weeks and leaves the region looking normal with no scarring.

How Soon will I get an exercise? Work?

Patients typically feel little to no pain after an eyebrow rehabilitation treatment. You should be able to go back to work and your everyday routines the next day, but you should stop strenuous activity for a few days to alleviate the swelling.

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