Eyebrow Transplant

An Eyebrow Transplant A thick and well-kempt eyebrow provides proper definition to your face. It provides your face with a neat and clean look and even enhances your features. No wonder that women (and even men) pay a lot of attention to their eyebrows!

Till a few years back, makeup products like eyebrow pencils were used to provide a fuller look to the eyebrows. It also helps to make-good all imperfections, and clearly define the eyebrow. But the major drawback of makeup products is that they are not permanent. These products stay on  your face until the next wash. A solution to this is an eyebrow transplant.

What Is An Eyebrow Transplant?

Eyebrow transplant is a cosmetic procedure in which hair grafts are taken from a donor area and transplanted in your eyebrows. This way, new hair can grow in your eyebrow, thus providing a full and natural look to the brows.

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Direct Hair Implantation (DHI) is the technique that is widely used for an eyebrow transplant. In this technique, a specialized pen-shaped tool is used that can cut and extract hair follicles. Thus, it is more effective and consumes less time. The procedure can be done as an outpatient in a clinic or medical spa.

What Are the Advantages of Eyebrow Transplant?

Proper definition to face

Through eyebrow transplant, natural hair grows in your eyebrow, thus making it thick and full. This provides a proper definition to your eyes and face. This naturally boosts your self-confidence and self-esteem. Facial expressions become more profound when eyebrows are thick and well-defined.

Improve appearance

If you check eyebrow transplant before and after pictures, you will notice a huge change in the overall appearance. Your face becomes more appealing and beautiful which will naturally reflect on your personality.

Hassle free

Doing up the eyebrow every time you step out of the house is a time consuming job. Once the eyebrow transplant is done, you need not worry about eyebrow make up. The transplant is permanent and require no extra touch up.

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Hide imperfections

Sometimes the eyebrow may not grow properly because of scars and burn marks. Eyebrow transplant helps to cover up the marks and provide a good shape to the eyebrow.

If you have thin eyebrows naturally or as a result of medical condition or aging process, then eyebrow transplant is for you. Similarly, if you have over plucked the eyebrows or has a scar or burn mark which prevents the brows from growing properly, the eyebrow transplant is for you. But if you have alopecia areata or a history of complication as a result of undergoing cosmetic surgery, then it is best to stay away from eyebrow transplantation.

The eyebrow transplant cost is relatively high as it is a cosmetic procedure requiring expert hands. The cost varies depending on your individual needs and the provider. But the good news is that eyebrow transplant Turkey is less costly when compared to the rest of the world. In addition to this, the state of the art equipment and the best eyebrow transplant surgeon available in the country, makes Turkey a sought after destination for beauty connoisseurs.

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