How Is a Reverse Tummy Tuck Performed? 

Reverse abdominoplasty, or reverse tummy tuck, is difficult to perform alone as the recovery period might be challenging. We do not desire to perform another operation at the same time. Since there is a possibility of complications, the specialists do not fulfill these requests of the patients. It is not possible to perform both reverse and classical abdominoplasty at the same time.

Classic tummy tuck is first applied to people suffering from saggy skin. The purpose of this is to stretch the lower abdomen, which also affects the upper abdomen. This prevents a second operation. Sometimes the upper is not tightened despite the first surgery. In such situations we can consider reverse tummy tuck. However, since the second operation will affect the health of the person, surgeons perform a serious examination. All risks are discussed and if there is no obstacle to health, surgery is performed.

Why to Get a Reverse Tummy Tuck?

It is your doctor who will determine which operations you need. That’s why you should do very good research when choosing your surgeon. You can decide together which of the Abdominoplasty types should be performed on you. If only your lower abdomen is saggy and your upper abdomen is tight then the procedure is simple. Without the need for reverse tummy tuck, the mini operation will be enough for you. If both the lower and upper belly are loose then the traditional tummy tuck is done first and your body is observed.

You may have used methods such as abdominal surgery or liposuction before. Therefore, your lower abdomen is tight enough and there is nothing to disturb you aesthetically. But the problem may just be above your navel. The skin is loose and prone to sagging. Then reverse tummy tuck is recommended for you by experts. With this operation, your upper abdomen is tightened and harmonized with the lower region.

Who Is a Good Candidate for a Reverse Tummy Tuck?

Many women and men suffer from sagging abdominal skin in both the upper and lower abdomen. Reverse tummy tuck is an ideal operation for such situations. There are some situations that make this surgery necessary. The skin may lose its elastic structure. This is due to having more than 1 birth, having liposuction in a row, excessive weight loss, aging, or hormonal changes.

If the abdominal circumference is too large, horizontal correction of the abdominal wall excess alone is not sufficient. This problem cannot be corrected with a classic tummy tuck. In this case, vertical correction should also be made to reduce the abdominal circumference. This procedure is called a reverse tummy tuck. The scar creates a T-shaped image.

Reverse Tummy Tuck Reviews: Is It Effective? 

The first part of this surgery is the same as the general tummy tuck. Additionally, the plastic surgeon makes a vertical incision from the pubic bone to the breastbone and cuts a vertical wedge of skin and adipose tissue. The surgeon then reduces the waist circumference by pulling the ends from the sides towards the center, creating a new waist line. He sews the navel to its new position through a vertical incision.

The reverse tummy tuck procedure is not a common procedure. The primary cause is that most patients have loose skin above and below the belly button. Some patients do not find a t-shaped suture scar aesthetic. Therefore, it is not an operation that is applied unless it is very necessary.

How Painful Is a Reverse Tummy Tuck?

Pregnancy or weight gain can stretch the abdominal (rectus) muscles. This is a case of diastasis recti or rectus diastasis. Plication is the closure of the space or diastasis between the abdominal muscles. Or, if the previous abdominoplasty and liposuction applications were not successful enough, there may still be looseness in the upper abdomen.

For the reverse tummy tuck, the muscles are surgically stitched together and it’s just like a corset. This procedure is performed under anesthesia and no pain is felt. However, it is possible to feel pain after such surgeries. The pain of the stitched skin is felt for a while. Here, the doctor tries to reduce the patient’s pain with painkillers. To get rid of it completely, it is necessary to wait at least 1 month.

Would a Reverse Tummy Tuck Work for Me?

Reverse tummy tuck is an operation applied to get rid of excess fat on the belly. It makes loose skin firmer. In the classic tummy tuck, the lower abdomen is tightened, but other areas are not touched. Here, it is ensured that all areas starting from under the breast are tight.

Especially people who have been obese before and have lost a lot of weight have sagging in their bodies. Not only the abdomen, but also the upper belly hangs down with the effect of weight loss. Liposuction alone may not be enough for a sagging body. Removing the lower abdomen alone does not help to improve the bad image. All the sagging areas from under the breast to the abdomen should be tightened. In these situations, reverse tummy tuck is a completely effective operation

What Is Recovery Time For Reverse Tummy Tuck?

If your upper abdomen is loose then you can consider this procedure. The recovery time is almost the same as the classical tummy tuck. If you have had a similar operation before, you can adapt to the conditions immediately. However, if you are going to have your first surgery, you need to know that it is a difficult process. After surgery, some rest and no work is recommendable for a while.

Although the reverse abdominoplasty is very effective, it is not very popular. The reason is that it does not relax easily due to the structure of the upper abdomen. At the same time, when the lower abdomen is tight, the upper abdomen becomes tighter as well. Therefore, patients enter the recovery period after the classic tummy tuck. If there is still sagging in the upper section then they can consider this solution.

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