Can Scalp Massage Help Hair Growth?

Can Scalp Massage Help Hair Growth?If you have ever had a scalp massage, remember how soothing it feels. There is also speculation about scalp massages to encourage hair growth, in addition to relieving stress and tension. Is this just a theory or is this additional advantage of a scalp massage true? While research is minimal, this theory may have some potential, depending on your needs for hair development. We’ll take a closer look at the scientific evidence in this article about scalp massage and hair development. If you want other tips on hair growth, we have those for you, too.

What’s a Massage for the Scalp?

A massage of the scalp is equivalent to a massage you might receive for your neck, back, or body. A scalp massage, though, is normally performed a little more gently. Generally, it is done without oil, but if you prefer, you can have it. A traditional massage of the scalp only uses the fingertips. The choice of using a scalp massaging system that works to imitate the pressure of your fingertips is also present.

Will This Assist Hair Growth?

Researchers found, according to a small 2016 report, that daily scalp massages could lead to thicker hair. Nine men who received a 4-minute scalp massage per day for 24 weeks were interested in this research. It was discovered at the end of the analysis that the men had thicker hair than at the beginning. These results have been followed by additional studies from 2019. This research was focused on survey responses from 340 participants who had followed explicit instructions to improve hair loss by doing twice-daily scalp massages. Roughly 69 percent of participants indicated that their alopecia had improved, according to the self-reported results. The benefits of a scalp massage focus on the hair follicles for hair development. Within a follicle, situated just under the skin on your scalp, each hair on your head starts life.

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Scalp massage improves hair thickness by extending the cells of hair follicles, according to studies. In exchange, this activates the follicles to develop thicker hair. A scalp massage is also thought to help dilate blood vessels underneath the skin, thereby promoting hair growth. Even though research is restricted, some promise about scalp massages and hair growth is shown by what is known so far.

How to Give Your Scalp a Massage?

To help promote hair growth, there are many ways to give your scalp a massage. Four options are presented here.

Popular massage on the scalp

A typical scalp massage only requires the use of your fingertips. Apply light to medium pressure to your scalp using the fingertips of both hands, working in small circles. To cover all regions, work your way over your scalp.

Try using your fingertips to rub your scalp for a minimum of 5 minutes at a time, multiple times a day. A licensed massage therapist may also give you a scalp massage. Depending on the duration of the massage, the cost can vary.

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Massage During Hair Wash

If you are pressed for time, when you’re washing your hair, you can use the conventional form of scalp massage described above. Massage your shampoo or conditioner into your hair gently for 5 minutes using your fingertips. Rinse your hair as normal.

Can Scalp Massage Help Hair Growth?

Brushes and massage instruments

As with body massages, for a scalp massage, there is also special equipment you can purchase. Even though some dermatologists suggest using a massager for the scalp, others agree that a massage of the fingertip is just as successful. It’s up to you, eventually, to determine which strategy works best for you.

In the shape of brushes or light handheld rubber massagers, scalp massaging instruments come in. You can function these all over your scalp in the same way that you use your fingers.

A massage of the scalp with essential oils

In your scalp massage, you might use essential oils as well. Studies in animals have shown that both lavender and peppermint oils can help encourage the growth of hair. Combine 1 to 2 drops of peppermint or lavender oil with 1 tablespoon of carrier oil, such as jojoba or melted coconut oil. Apply directly to your scalp and then gently work the oils through your scalp using your fingertips or a scalp massager.

Be sure to do a patch test on a specific area of your skin first to make sure you’re not allergic before adding some essential oil to your scalp.

What Other Advantages are There?

So, although the gain of hair growth comes from increased circulation, the other advantages come from the act of massaging itself, a scientist notes. Here are a few that she says with your newfound massage practice you may experience:

Relieves stress hormones: Some state, “Massages can minimize stress and boost mood,” A study of female office workers found that twice-weekly scalp massage had effects on stress hormones, blood pressure, and heart rate.

Enhances immune function: Several studies link immune function with massage therapy (although not specifically tested on the scalp). The most prominent system analysis of this phenomenon has shown that, according to the researchers.

Improves the potential for natural healing: This goes back to blood flow again. The healing reaction of your wound is connected to the blood cells and nutrients that make it to the region. That’s why it can take longer to heal if the circulation in a part of the body is slower.

Lessens pain and discomfort: Daily massages can help alleviate this feeling if your scalp stress comes with pain (like headaches) in the region.

How To Regrow Thinning Hair?

Other Hair-Growth Tips

Stop shampooing and shaving excessively. Restrict the use of chemical therapies, dyes, and instruments for heated hair styling as well. These can all weaken and cause breakage of hair cuticles. Speak about checking for dietary deficiencies with our doctor. Low zinc, iron, and biotin levels may all lead to hair loss.

Consider seeking minoxidil (Rogaine) on the back of the head for inherited hair loss. This over-the-counter drug, available as liquid or foam, does not intend on the front of the scalp for receding hairlines or hair loss.

Tell our doctor for prescription hair loss drugs. All provide men’s finasteride (Propecia) and women’s spironolactone.

Contact our doctor about treatments for professional hair growth. Laser therapy, hair transplant, and corticosteroid injections are options. Tell us about your hair loss with our doctor. It could be a sign of an underlying disorder, such as hypothyroidism if you’re losing more hair than normal.

From the bottom line

The scientific evidence to date indicates that while scalp massages don’t cure hair loss, although research is limited, they show promise to promote hair development. Using your fingers, you can give yourself a scalp massage or you can use a scalp massaging device. A qualified massage therapist may also give you a scalp massage. Be sure to follow up with our doctor if your hair loss deteriorates or if you experience any signs along with hair loss.

At our business, we utilize the most developed and also the latest techniques to fix all types of conditions of hair loss. Please don’t hesitate to call us if you want to hear more about procedures and others.

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