Do Hair Transplants Last?

Time is the most valuable commodity for everyone, over time people lose hair, over time people start trying many solutions, and over time, they realize that nothing can stop hair loss, eventually, everyone who experienced  hair loss will come across hair transplant as a definitive solution, and most likely, end up with the decision to go for a hair transplant, to restore the hair they lost.

But what stops the new transplanted hair from falling again ? This is one of the main concerns that everyone has before going through the operation: how long do hair transplants last ? and will newly transplanted follicles hold on forever ?

In this artiles we will debunk the most common myths about hair transplant, and answer questions that most people are concerned about.

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Hair loss, the causes and possible solutions

To answer the question “ do hair transplants last ? “ We need first to understand what causes the hair loss, and how a hair transplant end result is expected to last.

Hair loss can be caused by many reasons, and there are several types of hair loss, the most common one is male and female pattern baldness, attacking the scalp area and leaving the sides of the head intact. It can be caused due to hormone changes, aging cells or family genetic history.

The following Statistics can help us better understand the pattern baldness :

  • More than 90% of hair loss cases are pattern baldness.
  • Almost two thirds of men suffer from it .
  • Women on the other hand, have a 50% chance of experiencing this dilemma.

Less than 10% of registered hair loss cases are related to medical conditions, Alopecia and external environmental factors.

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Day by day it becomes a nightmare for everyone, resulting in a stressful life, low self esteem and self confidence problems, this can really affect one’s social life dramatically. The good news is that, if you are diagnosed with male pattern, which as we cleared, is the most probable, the chances of the success of hair transplant are high.

What is hair transplant?

Hair restoration methods have grown numerous over the years, had its first appearance in the 1950s and pioneered in the early 1990s, hair transplant has definitely proved its efficiency, with so many satisfied patients around the globe.

A hair transplant is a surgical procedure, with all its different techniques, it dictates and follows the same main steps.

  • Hair graft extraction: hair follicles are extracted from the donor area, which is the back of the head and the sides. The reason for these sections to be considered as a donor area, is the genetical composition, making hair follicles from these areas unaffected by pattern baldness, which produces strong and healthy follicles.
  • Hair implant: extracted hair follicles are transplanted in the bald area. Depending on which technique was performed, after the healing process, the newly implanted follicles starting promoting new hair growth, that is expected to last.

Many techniques are used in hair transplant, most common ones are FUE, DHI, and DHI PRO developed by ClinicExpert Hospital in Turkey. For these, leave the choice of the best fit technique for your doctor to decide.

Do hair transplants last forever?

Starting to consider having a operation, triggers the several related questions, especially when people notice recent patients experience hair loss, they tend to ask our recurring query : “do hair transplants last”.

If you expect your hair transplant to last, you should make sure you choose the right place, the right doctor, and the right technique for you. Consider taking as long as it takes doing your search.

After your  operation, you will go through a few stages before you start seeing your end result.

First stage is the healing period, with your care, and religiously sticking to the doctor’s instructions, your skin will heal itself, and shortly after, you will notice enhancement in your bald area, new hair starts to grow. However,  patients’ concerns rise highly when they start noticing hair loss during the first month.

You should have no worries, as this is a normal phenomena called shock hair loss, as your hair grafts are in a resting phase and your hair starts to shed. Follow postoperative instructions religiously, use the right hair care products, such as ClinicExpert Labs efficient set of shampoos and serums. Subsequently, your newly implanted hair will start growing to a promising new look.

So to comfort all seekers,  lasts for a lifetime, if correctly performed by an experienced doctor, and if the patient follows the instructions accordingly.

All you have to do is to pick the right place, and choose doctors with the highest reputation who can help you determine whether you are suitable for a procedure, pick the adequate technique, and foresee a long lasting hair transplant result.

What Is Hair Transplant?

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