BBL Recovery Time

BBL Recovery Time

BBL Recovery Time

Modern times come with many advantages to us who live in them. Then again there are also many disadvantages that come with ease of technology. Due to our ability to access information almost instantly, we are bombarded with images of people who look much more like our dream selves than us. And our sense of beauty requires us to catch up with that.

There are many different techniques and procedures, both invasive and non-invasive to give us the looks we dream about. And our self-worth, confidence is usually determined by how we look. Since society itself requires us to look the best that we can. People with good looks get paid more, they can find partners easier than others and as a result, they are usually happier with their own lives.


With many pressures that we endure on a daily basis if improving our looks or shapes of our body can alleviate some of our worries, why not go under simple procedures that make us much happier? The science of plastic surgery offers just that. Procedures tailored for our wishes and specific body conditions can improve our lives a great deal. One such procedure is the Brazilian Butt Lift (natural BBL). It is a simple procedure and BBL recovery time is relatively short for such a complicated surgery altering your body shape, so many people decide to get this procedure.

What is BBL?

Brazilian Butt Lift (or simply known as natural BBL) is a procedure to give your lower body a more curvaceous look.  It is a simple procedure that removes the excess fat from other parts of your body to inject them into your butt to enhance its look. Brazilian Butt Lift is a natural alternative to implants using silicone or other harmful chemicals which always carry the risk of rupturing or causing other adverse effects on your body. It is a great alternative for people allergic to chemicals used in implants. With natural BBL, anyone can have the body they want after the BBL recovery process.

Why should I undergo BBL?

You might ask this question when considering such an operation. Of course, there is no need to get such a procedure if you are happy about the look of your lower body, but if you even think a bit that this procedure might improve your life, you should not hesitate. Though people don’t usually talk about it, how your lower body looks is an important factor for the level of your overall charm.

Many people look at the butts of the people to who they are sexually attracted (or it might even be a criterion for becoming attracted to someone in the first place) in so it is a point of attraction. So getting a natural BBL operation is the wise choice for people who aren’t confident in their own lower body or people who simply wish to feel better with a better-looking butt. As long as the BBL recovery process is completed as advised by your surgeon, it is not a dream to charm anyone who sees your lower body.

How much time is needed for BBL?

The operation itself for Brazilian Butt Lift (natural BBL) takes a very short amount of time. But the key to this procedure is BBL recovery time. Though it depends on any kind of tests that must be administered specifically for you, if you don’t have any pre-existing medical conditions, or if you aren’t old enough to warrant caution for any kind of medical treatment advised by your medical professional, consultation for the process may take as little time as one hour.

The time required for the operation itself depends on the skill of your surgeon and/or the amount of care that your body specifically needs but with the skills of an expert it only takes as much as two to three hours. If you want the procedure to hold and give you the body you have always wished for, you need to undergo the BBL recovery time while practicing any advice your medical professional offers.

How long does recovery after the operation take?

BBL recovery takes three to four weeks including post-operative consultation. After the surgery, you also need to be careful not to exert yourself for a while. This might depend on your body type and the suggestions of your medical practitioner but it usually takes eight weeks to return to exercising after the surgery. So full recovery after a natural BBL operation takes eight weeks for many people. This is quite a short time for the body of your dreams.

Can I sit down after the procedure?

No, this is usually the only catch that makes people hesitant to get a natural BBL treatment. During the BBL recovery process, you cannot sit directly on your buttocks for at least three weeks.

Should I be afraid of complications?

This procedure itself takes a very short amount of time and the risk of complications is nearly non-existent. Unless your body has a pre-existing condition that renders the procedure risky or you choose an inexperienced operator or clinic to perform the operation, you will most likely not see any adverse effects resulting from the procedure. BBL recovery procedures are tailored specifically for each patient and with expert post-operative consultation, as long as you adhere to the warnings of your physician, you won’t see any adverse effects during the recovery process.

Are there any differences between clinics offering BBL?

There are many differences between any two clinics offering the same medical procedure. This also applies to natural BBL. Choosing the right clinic with enough experience, good medical staff and patient care is a must with any such procedure. You don’t have a greater treasure than your body would you be willing to leave it in the care of amateurs? Having an accomplished clinic perform the BBL will result in much less risk or even a shorter amount of time spent during the BBL recovery process.

What should I do in case of complications?

First of all, don’t panic. Many complications that might result from a natural BBL can be fixed by an experienced surgeon. As it is unlikely to get any complications while BBL recovery, you should consult your surgeon if you feel anything wrong.

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