BBL Surgery Before and After

BBL Surgery Before and After

Brazilian Butt Lift is an ideal aesthetic operation. It is aimed to spread wide hips to the world, as Brazilian women have. Big hips have been admired by both men and women since the concept of beauty changed. It is the most used method in the aesthetic industry. It is frequently preferred by women and men with its ability to get rid of unwanted fat. In comparisons of BBL before and after surgery, you can see how people have an hourglass figure.

Bbl removes unwanted fat from your body and allows you to have tight, lively and attractive hips. Brazilian butt lift surgery allows you to have an impressive body without too much scars or silicone. Recently, many plastic surgeons have said that the number of people who have this surgery has increased. They change the way people look by taking hundreds of BBL surgery before and after pictures every year.

Does a BBL Stay Forever?

Loving our body is very important for our self-confidence. It is a personal desire for a larger or differently shaped butt that often leads to dissatisfaction with low self-esteem, which better corresponds to personal ideals of beauty. This is why BBL surgery before and after pictures are popular. Hip augmentation is the surgical increase in hip volume through hyaluronic acid, autologous fat or implants.

The shape of the hips is genetically determined, but an underdeveloped gluteal muscle can barely grow even with intense training. Weak connective tissue, natural aging processes, and massive weight loss with excess skin left behind also cause the lower part to appear loose and optically drooping. Accidents such as illnesses, previous treatments and surgeries can also give the hips an unsightly shape. With this operation, saggy hips are tightened and small ones are enlarged. The liposuction method is a good helper for BBL surgery before and after. It provides rapid removal of quality fat grafts in the body.

BBL Price 

How Much Do Brazilian Butt Lifts Cost?

Brazilian butt lift can help anyone who suffers from hip shape feel good again in their body. Your weak hips may be preventing your dress or pants from looking good. The formula is to magnify it and lift it. This in turn has a positive effect on their charisma and self-confidence. Such interventions are not aimed only at women or youth. Many men and women around the age of 40 decide to enlarge their hips. But now 20-year-old people are also interested in this surgery.

Buttock augmentation is in the professional hands of an aesthetic and plastic surgery specialist. Initially, he will offer a consultation where you can explain your wishes and ideas, ask your questions, and answer them in detail. Meanwhile, your doctor will take pictures of BBL surgery before and after so you can see the difference.

BBL Before and After 6 Months

Butt augmentation with autologous fat, also known as Brazilian butt lift, is an outpatient procedure. A liposuction is required for this, usually on the abdomen, legs or back. Thus, the slim body appearance in BBL surgery before and after pictures is also provided. With a swelling solution, a mixture of water, table salt, and anesthetic, the oil swells and can be absorbed more easily. The fat cells are then separated from the water and concentrated before the doctor injects them into the buttocks.

When you decide on an operation, your doctor will refer you to another doctor, depending on your individual situation and previous illnesses such as allergies, to request further findings. You must be sober on the day of surgery. The procedure is performed under general anesthesia and takes up to three hours. After BBL surgery before and after, you lie on your face during the surgery and are first washed sterile and then covered. The doctor injects a saline solution with adrenaline and local anesthesia into the coccyx area. This separates the tissue more easily, stops bleeding more quickly, and provides additional pain relief.

How Long After BBL Can I See Results?

Resting is essential after a Brazilian butt lift. Compression garments promote uncomplicated healing and a beautiful outcome. Your doctor will want you to wear this for a few weeks. You have to wait yet for BBL surgery before and after. You should also stay away from sedentary activities such as sports, sunbathing, solarium and sauna for a long time.

You can return to your social life after the BBL procedure with hyaluronic acid. But it takes a few weeks for this to happen. Because the pain you will experience for a while will limit your activities and make your day difficult. Autologous fat injection requires a longer rest period as fat cells are pressure sensitive.

After Your BBL

You should do your best for the results of BBL surgery before and after to be successful. If you put too much pressure on your butt, the fat cells will get worse. So don’t sit for one to two weeks and just lie face down. During these two weeks, your butt is supported by a tape bandage, followed by four to six weeks of compression garments.

Aching muscle-like pains after liposuction are normal and go away in a few days. Sitting up for a few weeks after treatment is somewhat painful, but the pain subsides as the fat grows. It is normal to feel pain and tension after surgery. BBL surgery before and after usually makes it necessary to take painkillers, but they pass after a few days.

Brazilian Butt Lift Explained

Like any procedure, Brazilian Butt Lift has some risks. However, how much of these risks will occur depends on the surgeons. Swelling, redness and bruising are harmless and normal side effects of the procedure that will pass after a few days. There is always the possibility of dissatisfaction with the result and having another procedure done.

Hyaluronic acid is generally well tolerated, allergies or rejection reactions are very rare. The recovery process for BBL surgery before and after is usually not complicated if you wear a corset all the time. The body can break down hyaluronic acid over time, causing visible nodules and encapsulation. These are harmless in themselves.

Brazilian Butt Lift Turkey

Even if the hips are augmented with autologous fat, no defensive reactions should be expected. Temporary numbness or tenderness may occur after liposuction and may last for several weeks. Hyaluronic acid injection shows an immediate visible effect and no downtime. Because the body naturally breaks down the substance, the result only lasts for about two to five years, after which it must be replenished.

BBL surgery before and after results usually only appear three to five months after the fat cells have grown. Not all of the fat cells used are able to settle in the tissue permanently, 20 to 30 percent of them are broken down. If the result is not satisfactory, another operation can be performed after six months without any problems. Unlike hyaluronic acid, enlargement with autologous fat is permanent. However, they do not break down like all other fat cells when you reduce your weight.

BBL Results

The Brazilian butt lift helps people of all ages gain self-confidence. But what you need to know is that the effect of the surgery is not seen immediately. This may sound like a tiring process for you. Experts say that at least 3 months should pass. After 3 months, the true shape of your butt will emerge.

Do you want to proudly show your BBL surgery before and after pictures to your friends? You need to be very careful about your behavior after the surgery. Ask your doctor to inform you about the risk factors of all surgeries. Thus, you do not endanger the future of your operation with wrong behavior.

BBL Before and After Pictures

There are many people who are happy with their buttocks when looking at their BBL before and after pictures. You can be among these people too. Thanks to the Brazilian butt lift, you don’t just have full and tight hips. You will also recover from the effects of pregnancy or excessive weight loss. With BBL, your stretch marks and cellulite appearances are also reduced. Of course, this depends on your plastic surgeon performing the operation correctly.

If you want to maintain the permanence of BBL over the years, you should not neglect doing sports.

Unconsciously doing sports can harm your body. That’s why you might consider signing up for a good gym. If you don’t like going out, you can also try sports that you can do at home. Use lots of stairs and limit the use of elevators. Stairs are a great way to sculpt hips. It makes you look flawless in your BBL before and after pictures. It is also important that you take a break from smoking and alcohol if you are using it. Doctors prohibit smoking for 6 months after surgeries. Do not neglect to follow these rules for your health.

BBL surgery before and after pictures show the big changes.

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