Too Much Vitamin A And Hair Loss

Too Much Vitamin A And Hair Loss Does your hair fall out too much? Even though you aren’t old enough, half your hair is gone? There can be a lot of reasons behind that. Is the solution? New technology, hair transplantation!

Of course, there are, many things that need to be considered to prevent hair loss. Hair loss can ocur at an early age due to reasons such as chemical shampoos, wrong care practices, unbalanced nutrition. Although very good success has been recorded with the hair transplantation method today, ‘nutrition’ is at the beginning of what needs to be done individually to prevent hair loss. Minerals and vitamins that strengthen hair should be taken adequately.

Vitamins Necessary To Prevent Hair Loss

Of course, every vitamin is useful for the body, but some vitamins are especially necessary for hair.

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  • FE: One of the biggest causes of hair loss is iron deficiency in blood. Foods containing iron should be consumed in plenty.
  • E vitamin: Vitamin E repair hair cells. It provides healthy hair growth. Almonds, nuts, avocados are rich in Vitamin E.
  • A vitamin: Extreme hair loss is observed at vitamin A deficiency. Vitamin A is important but more is also harmful. It is necessary to pay attention to balanced consumption.
  • B12 Vitamin: It is nutritious for hair follicles.
  • Folic acid: It is a very important vitamin. It helps hair grow. Folic acid deficiency creates severe damage in the hair. Problems such as hair loss, whitening occur. Green leafy vegetables contain plenty of folic acid.
  • Vitamins D and C: Vitamin D helps to form hair follicles. Vitamin C, on the other hand, helps hair grow healthy.

It is important to provide that all these vitamins are taken into the body. Even if hair transplantation is performed, it is necessary to continue taking these vitamins.

Excess Vitamin A

Of course, balance is very important. Daily vitamin a needs; 1000 mcg for men, 800 mcg for women. Some negative reactions may develop in the body when this amount is exceeded. One of these effects is hair loss. Vitamin A, also known as retinol, should not be taken more than 1000 mcg a day.

Hair transplant experts give important warnings about this issue. The for healthy of your hair, you need to consume enough and balanced of every vitamin and mineral. Keep track of the nutrients you eat daily. If you are encounter with the problem of hair loss, this problem it may be because of excessive vitamin A intake.

What To Do In Case Of Hair Loss

If you are experiencing a condition of hair loss, you should first find the cause. Taking precaution by solving the resource problem will be effective in the long term. Recently, medicine has also developed itself quite well in this issue. Hair transplantation has been a method that many people, including celebrities, resort to.

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Hair transplantation is performed using different techniques that are suitable for the person. This operation should be performed by experienced doctors. In Turkey, there are successful doctors who perform this operation.

Three different techniqueare used. FUE, FUT and DHI. Especially, the DHI method is the latest and successful method. It is a painless and guaranteed method. These operations are non-surgical methods.

Things To Be About Hair Transplantation

After deciding on hair transplantation, some criteria should be evaluated. These;

  • Hygienic environment: The area where hair transplantationis performed should be clean and hygienic. All precautions must be taken against the risk of infection.
  • Experienced doctor: It is important that the preferred doctor is experienced and professional. Doctor is must have good communication with the patient. The procedure should be described in a language that the patient can understand. The doctor should be able to determine the technique that suits the patient.
  • Affordable price: The cost should be affordable. There has to be a price that patients will be happy with.
  • Patient comfort: The operation applied should be reduced to a level that will cause the patient minimal pain. After the operation, the patient should be able to adapt easily to Daily life.

This process is successfully carried out in Turkey. Quality service is provided at an affordable price. The best hair transplantation methods are applied. Many customers at domestic and abroad say, that they are satisfied with this from operation and the care about shown. This method eliminates the problem of baldness. Your hair is protected from loss and grows stronger, but after this method, you should continue to pay attention to your nutrition and hair care. After this operation, you will have fully achieved the desired image within 6 months. The problem of hair loss greatly reduced.

Hair transplantation in Turkey is highly developed. Make your hair much more beautiful and remarkable than before, taking advantage of this great opportunity. It’s that easy to get dizzy hair!

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