Hats And Hair Loss

Hats And Hair Loss Losing hair has psychological costs on you. For some people, it diminishes their confidence in who they are and changes the way they feel about themselves. While this reaction may be perfectly natural, the truth is that millions of men and women suffer from hair loss. However, some people blame it on the hat, not knowing the true reasons behind their hair loss.

Do Hats cause baldness?

Many people adopt the idea suggesting that hair loss can be caused by wearing hats. It is hard to agree or disagree with this idea because the cases differ. For instance, we can take a look at examples of people who wear hats all day long, but their hair is still intact. The point is, you can’t really relate the problem to your hat until you actually have true evidence that proves it.

What do scientists think?

None of what hair studies have shown us proves that hats cause baldness. Surprisingly, many studies proved that those who wear hats experience less hair loss in the area above the forehead than those who didn’t wear a hat.

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For scientist who did their research on the matter, the idea saying that hats may cause hair loss is not certain. However, it is advised to avoid wearing tight hats, and this is why:

If you wear a tight hat, it will certainly create pressure on your head. Hence, a pressure on the hair follicles. Consequently, this will cause irritation or even inflammation and eventually contribute in the hair loss process. You should bear in mind that wearing a hat could be a catalyst for hair loss but it certainly isn’t the main reason behind it. In other words, if a hat causes an allergic reaction in the scalp, that could cause the hair to shed due to inflammation. If someone were already going bald due to other factors, like a genetic predisposition, this inflammation-induced shedding could speed up the process of hair loss.

Now that you wrapped your head around the fact that “hats cause baldness” is a misleading idea, let’s take a look at the true reasons behind hair loss.

The true reasons behind hair loss:

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The reasons may vary depending on the situation.

  • Genetics it is one of the most common reasons behind hair loss. In fact, hair loss can be hereditary. It will start showing over time until you reach adulthood.
  • Hormonal changes Pregnancy, childbirth, menopause etc. can affect the levels of hormones in the human body, and affect hair growth.
  • Medical conditions various types of skin infections can cause hair loss. Diabetes, lupus, and significant weight loss can also lead to hair loss.

Medications and supplements Some people experience hair loss as a side effect of taking certain kinds of medications, including drugs for treating:

  • Cancer.
  • Arthritis.
  • Heart disease.
  • High blood pressure.
  • Radiation therapy.

*Stress: High stress levels can be associated with several hair loss conditions. For example, alopecia areata. It can be triggered by stress and causes hair loss. Experiencing a stressful event such as physical or emotional shock may result in a general thinning of hair and it’s usually temporary.

*Hairstyling in an excessive way: Over-styling your hair can also cause hair loss. Styles such as very tight pigtails or cornrows can cause traction alopecia, a kind of gradual hair loss caused by a continuous pulling force applied to the hair. Hot oil hair treatments and permanents may as well harm the hair follicles on top of the head, causing them to become inflamed. If the hair follicles begin to scar, the hair might be lost permanently.

So, do hats cause baldness? The answer is not very likely! However if you start noticing excessive hair loss, you probably should visit a doctor to know the reasons behind it. With a first consultation, the diagnosis will determine the type of hair loss you’re having and the appropriate solutions for it.

The possible treatments in cases of severe hair loss:

There are many ways hair loss is treated.

1/Over-the-counter Medication:

Although the results are not guaranteed, some medications proved high efficiency for some patients. From these clinical treatments we mention minoxidil, also known as Rogaine. If it doesn’t help you regrow hair, it will certainly help you stop hair loss. We should also mention Dutasteride, another positively reviewed medicine for hair loss.

2/ hair transplantation:

It’s probably the best solution for hair loss, baldness, hair thinning and receding hairline. While it has many types (Follicular unit extraction/Follicular unit transplantation etc…), the results are very promising and success rates are at an all-time-high thanks the scientific and technological advancements.

Turkey is a leading innovator in the field. We recommend hair transplant in Turkey as a solution in case the medication we mentioned above didn’t work. Diving deeper in the map, Clinic expert is a great medical center that has been receiving very positive patient reviews. It has 10+ years of experience and is considered as a safe choice and the results are pretty much guaranteed.

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