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Micropigmentation Definitoin Micropigmentation is a procedure for applying permanent makeup. This procedure is especially helpful if you want to look your best and avoid the physical challenges of applying makeup every time you go out for work or fun. This procedure is usually applied to the facial area and eyebrows, eyelashes, eyelids lips are the most common areas for application. But merits of micro -pigmentation treatment does not end with these.

Micropigmentation also helps people to get rid of scars after physical injuries or medical operations. Micropigmentation can also be used after hair transplant surgeries since primitive methods of hair transplant can leave scars (especially those that include cutting of the scalp like with the FUT technique). These scars can be easily covered up with micro-pigmentation treatment.

What is micropigmentation?

Micropigmentation has many other, more explanatory names such as permanent makeup, permanent cosmetics, or cosmetic tattooing. It is a purely cosmetic procedure that can be used to improve or replace lost color on your skin. The most common area of usage is your face. Effects of the most commonly used cosmetics such as eyeliners, blushes, etc. Can be imitated via this permanent solution! It is a perfect choice for people who are tired of applying and removing makeup constantly. Micropigmentation techniques, if applied by qualified personnel who uses top – of – line products, cannot be easily distinguished from the natural look of the area, just with a different color.

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Micropigmentation can be used to camouflage or improve scars, burn marks and you can even out the color of the skin in especially areas that have lost its color. With micropigmentation, even the slightest deformation that may occur after a hair transplant operation can easily be fixed. Micro-pigmentation used as a supporting procedure to the best hair transplant techniques available makes hair transplant techniques an even more of a smart choice.

Can anyone go through micropigmentation?

Anyone can go through this procedure. Contrary to popular belief both men and women can and do go through micropigmentation not just for restoring their looks after an injury but for looking as good as they want. If you want to look your best and don’t want the hassle of applying makeup every day, micropigmentation is the best option. Also, there are lots of people who can’t apply make up on their own for many different reasons. These people are also prime candidates for a micropigmentation treatment. People that went through hair transplant operations usually want to take advantage of this completely safe and non-invasive procedure to make themselves look even more like their ideal self-image.

Are there any complications?

Micropigmentation is a cosmetic-only surgery therefore there are no complications under normal conditions. If you have specific allergies to equipment used during this procedure, you might experience some complications to varying degrees. Therefore before going through this procedure (or any procedure) consulting a medical expert is highly advisable. Every change that occurs due to this treatment is reversible therefore micropigmentation is nothing to be feared of. But you would want the people with great experience to perform this procedure like with any other. Like with hair transplants, our clinic has a great deal of experience in micropigmentation treatments.

What are the reasons to go through micropigmentation?

There are many reasons to undergo this easy procedure. The main reason is of course wanting to look your best. These reasons may also cause you to want a micropigmentation treatment. Aside from purely personal reasons such as wanting better-defined eyebrows or eyelashes, better defined or more colorful lips, not wanting to apply to make- up each day, etc! There are other reasons which nearly make micropigmentation a must-have operation to go through. These are,

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Some medical conditions that make applying makeup a bigger hurdle than it already is:

  • Severe arthritis, multiple sclerosis, or Parkinson’s disease. These conditions cause unsteady hands
  • Conditions such as cataracts or macular degeneration. These conditions affect eyesight therefore make applying make up a harsh challenge to be faced.

Micropigmentation may also be a solution for these medical conditions:

  • Covering up any kind of scar on your skin
  • After a reconstructive surgery to the face.
  • Recovering the look that is lost because of eyebrows that are thinning.
  • Camouflaging the effects of vitiligo.
  • After breast surgery, creating an areola around the nipples.
  • If you have allergies to traditional makeup, micropigmentation may be used to circumvent your condition.
  • After a hair transplant surgery if any scarring or loss of color occurs on the scalp.

Where can I get this treatment?

Our clinic which employs the best hair transplant techniques in Turkey also offers micropigmentation. Micropigmentation is a treatment that must be done right if you want to reach your best look. Our experienced staff and surgeons offer this treatment at competitive prices. Having the best look you can and the boost of confidence one may gather from reaching their own ideal self-image will change your life completely. Each micropigmentation is tailored for your specific wants and needs. We will consult you to determine your exact situation and offer a satisfying treatment suited for you. Micropigmentation Definitoin

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