The Best Hair Replacement Methods

The Best Hair Replacement Methods. In addition to the best hair replacement methods, it is also extremely important that the hair replacement process results in a natural appearance. The most important factors are that there is no trace left on the scalp, the hairline appears artificial, the hair density increases to the peak, the hair is distributed with the same intensity to the sparse area, and it is not clear that the procedure has been performed.

Hair replacement methods continue to develop to achieve the best technique. The techniques are being investigated and replicated. Currently, the most preferred method among hair replacement methods and recommended by doctors is the DHI method.

This application is a technique that allows you to achieve the most effortless, easiest, and most natural results. The most important rule of the DHI procedure is that it does not include a requirement, such as shaving the entire hair.

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People who experienced hair rarity due to shaving had difficulty choosing hair replacement methods. Thanks to the innovation brought by the DHI method, the desired results are achieved with thin needles without causing bleeding and scarring.


In this procedure, sewing marks and cutting are not required, as are other hair replacement methods. The purpose of this procedure is to minimize the time that grafts taken for planting from the back of the head are located outside and to ensure that they are healthier. Without opening the hole, it is added directly to the hair follicles with special ends.

This procedure greatly increases the number of roots to be planted and allows you to perform a more intensive hair transplant. The application stage of this technique is slightly longer, but the healing process is also much faster. With this method, much more hair follicle transfer is achieved, the recovery time is 2-3 days, and with the apparatus used, there is no trace of the tissue. In this process, natural hair is not damaged in people who need tightening because the infrequent area is too much. It is also a method that women often prefer.

DHI (Direct Hair Implant) Features

  • The DHI procedure is done with a pen needle tip technique.
  • This technique is done by removing parts from the hair follicles and processing them into the skin using the anesthesia method.
  • Holes are opened and a graft is added to the holes using a needle technique.
  • Every day, 6 hours of processing is performed and the procedure is completed within 2 days.
  • Hair follicles are collected one by one and processed into rounded ones that open up the skin.
  • This technique, which is a needle method, is done without shaving the hair.
  • The channels for hair transplantation are opened one by one. But if it is not done carefully, the channels will not open evenly to each other. In this case, the efficiency may not be obtained because the hair replacement process is not equal.
  • The process is provided by taking the nape from the root and processing it into the holes after taking the rotor to the desired area.

Unshaven Hair Replacement

People who want to have unshaven hair replacement are asked to lengthen their hair a little before the operation. This is because the donor area is stored between the hair without having to be scrapped. At the first stage, the areas where hair grafts will be taken are determined. At the next stage, the grafts received are ready for transfer. In the final stage, the process is completed in the form of having a natural hair look.

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