Scalp Stimulating Hair Brush

Scalp Stimulating Hair Brush Hair brushes can be seen as a care product used to style and achieve the perfect look. However, the only thing these brushes do is not to beautify us. The first step to having healthy hair is to use the right hair brush. A wood, bamboo or scalp stimulating hair brush can be highly recommended. It is your hair that will decide which one to choose.

The best investment in beautiful and healthy hair is therefore a good hairbrush! But which one is the right one? Because whether you have curly, straight, brittle or dry hair plays an important role in choosing the right hairbrush.

Why Is The Hair Brush Important?

Brushing not only turns a morning tangled head back into a passable hairstyle, it’s also important for keeping hair and scalp healthy. The brushing strokes stimulate the blood circulation of the scalp and thus promote the supply of nutrients to the hair roots. Dead skin cells are removed and cornifications are loosened.

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Gentle tip brushes are always recommended to patients after hair transplant. Hairbrushes simultaneously transport the natural skin fat (sebum) of the scalp into the hair lengths. Our hair needs a protective greasy film to “ward off” the harmful influences from the outside. However, if you start with the wrong tool, you can also break a lot by brushing.

Which Hair Brush Must Choose?

Invest in quality hair brushes, even if they are a little more expensive. Brushes of inferior quality may have bristles that look like small saw blades under the microscope. You can imagine that such bristles maltreat the hair more than care for. Natural bristles are gentle on the hair. They have the same surface structure as human hair and are therefore particularly gentle on the small flakes that surround the hair shaft.

For gentle combing, the best hair transplant experts recommend hair brushes that combine longer, high-quality plastic bristles with slightly shorter natural hair bristles. The slightly longer bristles massage the scalp, while the natural bristles distribute the sebum in the hair and smooth its surface.

How Does Hair Brushes Clean?

Whether skeleton or round brush, every hairbrush needs cleaning every two weeks. To do this, remove all the hair with a coarse-toothed comb. Then lather the brush head with a little shampoo and lukewarm water and rinse thoroughly. If not cleaned, bacteria will start to reproduce. This causes various diseases and hair loss by penetrating the scalp. Hair transplant Turkey doctors emphasize that one should be careful in this regard.

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What Are Hair Loss Causes?

In fact, many factors are the cause of hair loss. Unhealthy diet, smoking, alcohol, excessive stress and wrong hair care products, such as genetics and disease. In particular, hormone imbalance is not only the cause of hair loss but also baldness.

Dihydrotestosterone, also known as DHT, is the main source of hair loss and baldness problems. Except for the best hair transplant technique, it is not possible to permanently treat this problem. DHT is one of the essential hormones for man. It is found in very small amounts in women. As the level of this hormone increases in women, problems seen in men occur: excessive hair growth and male pattern hair loss ..

What Is DHT?

Organisms called papillae live in the hair follicles that enable hair to grow. DHT hormones attach to the papillae, preventing it from growing and taking essential minerals. The shed hair cannot find the necessary force to grow again. That’s why DHT problem cause baldness. It makes it mandatory to undergo hair prosthesis or hair transplant in Turkey treatment at an early age.

Increased DHT is a concern for hair. Genetic conditions decide whether to increase this hormone or not. Therefore, subsequent interventions are not very effective. As the DHT ratio in the scalp increases, the hair strand begins to weaken from the root. No matter how strong the body is, the roots cannot receive the necessary vitamins. It starts to lose weight and fall day by day. In this case, one of the things to do is to have hormone therapy.

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Many people are dissatisfied and hopeless with the person they meet in the mirror. Hair loss is the most effective solution for people who experience heavy hair loss and therefore baldness. It is possible to treat your baldness with a specialist doctor without realizing hormonal or genetic reasons. If you are trying to fill deep spaces in your head with scalp stimulating hair brush, you can find a solution with this permanent method.

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