Micro Hair 

Micro Hair  Micro hair technique is a very special hair welding technique that is added in thin tufts. The thin and light tufts added to the hair extension make the use of the hair extension extremely useful and healthy. There are types of micro-welding, bead welding, keratin welding, silicon welding. Read on if you want to learn about micro hair techniques!

Since the tufts added in the hair welding process are very thin, the resulting hair doesn’t weigh. It is comfortable and practical during use. It is also the healthiest among welding techniques. It is the most natural type of natural hair extension that doesn’t have a micro-source. After the extraction of the welds, it doesn’t cause any damage to the hair, so no maintenance or treatment is required. Micro hair extension technique; It is an application that supports the presentation of a beautiful and highly aesthetic appearance to your hair. It gives fullness and volume to the small hair, and at the same time, it gives those who prefer slow or long hair the chance to have the hair they want in a few hours. 

Also to the cost of application, the hair extension has a lifetime of months. Due to these properties, hair extension application has attracted great attention. After months of hair extension application, the different removal process is performed according to the growth rate of the hair and the material used in the hair extension application. While a special solution is used in some dismantling processes, a special tool is used in some dismantling processes. After the removal process, they can repeat the hair welding processes according to the desires of the people and use the hair with the same effect for months. The micro hair welding technique is a perfect invention for those who care about their hair beauty and hair health!

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How is Micro Hair Performed?

This process is based on the rule of fixing the hair by melting the transparent capsule granules with heat. When the small transparent capsules are added, they become the same color as your hair and hold your hair by wrapping. Thus, the bead is compressed as in welding, preventing the hair strand from being crushed, broken, and damaged. Standard keratin is not suitable for the micro-welding process, since the size of the keratin is reduced and the amount is reduced in micro hair applications using standard keratin.

The welding parts, which are the same color as your hair and the size of a small grain of rice, are not noticeable between your hair. Thus, a much more natural appearance can be obtained as it can be applied to a wider area of your mind. After welding, it isn’t necessary to cut your hair. 

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Country Hair Most Used in Micro Hair

In the world hair market, mostly Asian countries’ hair is preferred. This is also true in Europe and America. Most intensive working countries in hair production; can be listed as China, India, and Indonesia. Of course, other countries may also be included in this ranking.

European and American Hair

We can say that European and American hair is in the second class hair category for micro welding and medical welding processes. The reason for this is that the hair is very thin and not resistant to color changes. European hair is an unusable type of hair due to its lack of volume.

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Asian Hair

Since the texture of the Chinese-made hair is very flat and the color pigments are intense, the hair texture is hard and thick. For this reason, it is very rare for them to harmonize with Turkish hair.

Indian Hair

Texture harmony of Turkish hair is possible for hair produced in India. However, the fact that most of them are henna creates problems in coloring processes. The majority of Indonesian hair comes to our country from the Jakarta region and is called Jakarta hair. The hair texture is thick, dry, and rough, not resistant to color changes, needs to be blow-dried continuously, breaks quickly, and has an unhealthy dullness.

Turkish Hair

Turkish hair type has wide geography extending from Anatolia to the Turkic Republics. Turkish hair has a rare, very valuable position that is not always encountered in the world hair market. For this reason, it is not easy to reach Turkish hair in other countries. Turkish hair; They become smooth, curly textured, wavy, easy to shape, soft, and voluminous. Easy to change color and resistance to color changes are the most defining features that make this hair type valuable. The reason for this is very much not the properties of the genetic structure and is blended with Turkey’s crossbreed them to hide their long hair of Turkish women.

What We Can Do With Micro Welding Technique?

  • We can increase the length and volume of your hair.
  • We can cover your hair that is damaged as a result of wrong cutting or applications.
  • We can create balayage, highlighting, or color effects in different tones without touching your hair.
  • We can only lengthen and densify your hair in a certain part of your head.

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How Long Can Micro Resources Be Used?

The usage period of micro-welded hair can remain intact for over 12 months, depending on the structure of your hair, the growth rate, and the way of use, which determine the duration of use, it can vary between 4-7 months.

Our hair grows an average of 0.5 cm per month, and as it grows, the welding parts go down and become noticeable after a while. However, the hair strand has an average life of 5 years, and the hair strand that completes its life falls off and a new one comes out. This number can be around 100 wires per day.

Since these hair strands, which would normally fall out and fall off, are attached during the welding process, they cannot fall and remain suspended. Since the layer structure of these suspended hair strands is reversed, it confuses the bottom of the welds.

Although it is not possible to prevent this natural process in the hair, we can minimize this interference with the technique of welding. With the Micro Welding application, you can easily apply any process you wish to your hair that is grown.

  • You can collect your hair as you wish, without showing your resources.
  • It does not sink in your head and bother you, you can use it with peace of mind in environments that cannot be felt from the outside when your hair is touched.
  • You can shape it with shapers such as a straightener, blow dryer, and tongs.
  • No need for any special care.
  • You can apply processes such as dyeing, baling, ombre, highlighting.
  • You can use any shampoo, hair care products, care oils, and creams.
  • You can use it with peace of mind wherever you can think of, such as solarium, pool, sea, sauna.
  • Medical procedures such as X-ray and MR do not pose a problem in using hair extensions.
  • It can be applied to all hair types, and a natural look can be obtained even with very short hair.
  • It doesn’t cause any pain or pain during the welding process and during use, it does not cause any damage to your hair while the welds are removed.
  • You can brush your hair from the roots with a brush.
  • Unlike welding systems such as keratin and beads, there is no folded appearance, but a natural and integrity appearance.
  • Protecting your hair from external factors, enables your hair to grow faster.
  • They save you time with their ease of use, and after washing your hair, they look as natural as your hair.
  • Your hair or studs that you used before can also be welded with this technique.

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