Permanent Hair Restoration Cost

Permanent Hair Restoration Cost It has been studied that some people, whether males or females, may have a 25 percent chance of showing some hair balding patches by the age of 50, and 50 percent of males may experience visible hair loss and about two-thirds of them are either bald or have a balding tendency by the time they turn 60. 

Hair issues are normal for people who have it in their genes or even those who have reached a certain age, but this leads to problems with unstable personality, the lack of trust in people who experience hair loss during their youthful lifespan. It is also not appropriate to grapple with this problem and do nothing about it for those who have passed a certain age. Technology and trends have impacted every field, and hair transplantation is one of them.

Usually, individuals tend to go to a great doctor and consider living and adjusting to recover their beloved locks with oral medication methods, various creams, and serum applications on their heads. Luckily, some methods work and it’s upsetting to note that some don’t. Their greatest hope is to opt for hair transplant surgery and treatment. These people who spend a lot of money on good hair growth do not leave a stone unturned, they go to get their priceless hair back for any possible treatment in their budget. 

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Have you ever wondered what factors could impact hair transplant costs? We will try to help you understand what variables are important to the cost of a hair transplant.

Initially, you need to be well aware of what a permanent hair restoration is and how it is carried out before addressing the factors that affect the cost of hair transplant surgery. The balding regions are supplied with natural hair roots during surgical hair restoration. These natural hair grafts come from the region of the donor, i.e. the back and sides of the head, where thick and dense hair strands fill the region. These are placed individually in the bald parts of the scalp of the client after extracting the roots from the appropriate donor area.

Major Factors Influencing the Cost of Hair Transplant

Permanent Hair Restoration Cost Any causes of hair loss, such as hormonal irregularities or the errors you make during your daily hair care, may be present. A hair transplant is the safest hair loss remedy. Many patients undergo this procedure each day and get incredible results. In preparation for hair transplantation, we recognize that the cost is the primary concern for many of the patients. A broad range of factors influences the cost of this surgery. 

Here we will identify the top 10 factors affecting the cost of treatment for hair restoration:

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The Reputation of the Clinic

The credibility of the clinic also matters, to the location. Clinics that are more reputable and effective often impact the cost of the surgery. The top hair transplant clinics should charge a little more, as they provide their patients with an outstanding standard of treatment.

Number of Sessions Needed

Many hair transplant procedures, in about 8 hours, are usually done in a single session. Few cases in which patients have a high degree of baldness are also present and thus need a greater amount of grafting. In a single session, the total percentage of implanted grafts is about 3000 to 4000 grafts. If this rate goes to 5000 or more grafts, then on the next day, the person will still need to come to the clinic for one more procedure.

The Location of the Clinic

You should be aware of the fact that in various parts of the world the cost of living varies. Similarly, another cost-affecting factor in hair transplant surgery is the location of the clinic. Therefore, it is very common to see hair transplant clinics located in various parts of the nation requesting a different amount for the hair transplant procedure.

Your Baldness’s Grade

The total cost of surgery for hair transplants is directly impacted by the degree or amount of baldness you have. To verify which degree of baldness you suffer from, you can refer to the Norwood Classification.

Grafts Necessary for You

The number of grafts needed to achieve the transplantation objective of the procedure would be increased by a large degree of baldness. The quantity of grafts required depends on the current grade of baldness, the density needed to cover the baldness, the availability, and the hair characteristics of the donor.

The Process for Hair Transplant

At our company, we have three main forms, FUE, DHI, and DHI Pro, to perform hair transplant surgery.

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In our business, the FUE method is applied by shingling and implanting the hair into the channels in the hirtellous region or bald patch under local anesthesia. Thanks to its openness to change, it was launched in 2004 and is still being developed. The individual follicular units consisting of 2 to 3 hairs (called grafts) are collected from the donor site by tiny punches of very small micro blades or fine needles between 0.7mm and 1.0mm in diameter with FUE extraction and our trained surgeon. In the places expected, grafts will be inserted. During the examination before the procedure, our doctor decides how many grafts the patient can need.


This combination is sufficient to smooth the way for better outcomes, helped by low-level laser and PRP therapy, setting the stage for the classical DHI process. It all begins with the doctor evaluating the donor region to decide the possible quantity of grafts to be taken and to ensure complete security of the bald region. The patient goes through the PRP scalp injections until all is set and pre-procedural checks are tested, complemented by the LLLT Photo-therapy, which paves the way for the next step. Local anesthesia is administered before the graft extraction process to avoid any kind of pain during the operation. The grafts are carefully protected in Hypothermosol solution using the micro-motor for graft harvesting, holding the graft cells alive and healthy, then the classical DHI begins by using CHOI pens to cautiously insert the grafts into the selected region one by one.


DHI is the newest type of hair transplant used in our firm. It is quicker than the FUE process and promises both faster recovery and stunning long-term performance. The extraction and the implantation are combined during DHI. Without the previous need to make incisions, hair follicles are removed and then embedded directly into the target areas. This is done using a transplanting system (the Choi pen). We use anesthesia, as in all of our hair transplant operations, so you can relax and enjoy a pain-free operation. If you want to, you will opt out of sedation.

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Donor Supply Grafts

If the patient is not present with sufficient healthy follicles on the back of the head, other acceptable areas of the body, such as the beard and the chest, must be used. Because other body hair is more prone to extraction, more expertise and experience is required. Total treatment will also affect the cost of the service.

The Degree of the Surgeon

There are multiple costs for highly trained and licensed physicians relative to surgeons with average training. For example, you may have found that you have to pay more than the usual cost when you visit a physician with more qualifications or some special qualification. In the event of hair transplants, the same happens.

The Skill of the Surgeon

Hair transplant doctors must have a great deal of expertise and a high degree of competence in the process of the operations, with great experience. You may have seen that, along with high appointment costs, well-known physicians usually have elevated rates. Consequently, they would charge an extra amount for their experience and expertise to produce guaranteed results with a high success rate.


Free consultation for clients is provided by several hair transplant clinics, while other clinics charge a certain amount of money for the consultation. You can learn about the different aspects of hair transplant surgery during the consultation meeting. The degree can also be negotiated with our doctor.

At our business, we use the most advanced and also the latest methods to repair all forms of hair loss conditions. If you are interested in hearing more about procedures and others, please don’t hesitate to call us. Permanent Hair Restoration Cost

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