Micro Pigmentation

Micro Pigmentation  Micro pigmentation, which is also called permanent makeup, is a revolutionary method of cosmetic procedure that deposits pigment into the skin’s dermal layer and enables both men and women to make better the shape of their eyebrows, hairline, lips, eyes, and more. In the treatment, an ultra-thin needle is used, and hypoallergenic mineral pigments are depositing into the dermal layer of the skin. Therefore, the shape of the eyebrows, eyes, or lips is enhanced. People having alopecia, hair loss, chemotherapy patients. And more can boost their confidence and self-esteem with this treatment. Micro pigmentation will save your money and time by giving you the look of having to make up all the time.

Who can get the Micro Pigmentation?

There are too many different reasons to get micro pigmentation. Some people like to do makeup but do not want to waste time applying it every day. Also, some might have sensitive skin that reacts to makeup. Some of them participate in activities or outdoor activities which can result in makeup to smear or bleed. Some others have vision or coordination problems that give challenges to apply to make up well. Other people have scars or abnormal pigmentation of the skin that they wish to cover up.

  • Eyebrows: Eyebrows are one of the most essential features of the face. It defines the facial expression of the person and has a great impact on the appearance. Throughout the years’ fashion of the eyebrows changed. If you feel sad because you cannot keep up with the trends because of the shape of your eyebrows there is an option for you. You can have micro pigmentation for your eyebrows. Micro pigmentation utilizes dots of pigments and these small dots allow the color to gently be built up resulting in a more desirable ombre (and natural) effect. You can get full, beautifully diffused brows as you wish after the process. It suits every skin type.
  • Eyeliner: For a couple of years eyeliner becomes one of the most used eyes make-up techniques. It defines eyes and gives a more beautiful look. If you want to wear eyeliner every day but not enable to do it in the way you wish or if you do not have time to do you can get micro pigmentation eyeliner treatment. The practitioners inject a dark-colored pigment onto the eyelid in the shape of eyeliner. The shape of the eyeliner is done by your choice. You can get a subtle liner that is only applied at the lash line or you can request a thicker line. You will have a more obvious and striking effect on your eyes after the treatment.
  • Lipliner: There is the unending wish of having plump, luscious, and beautifully colored lips in today’s world. If you have a wish like this, you can get micropigmentation lips. It is a technique that has been designed to mimic the effect of lipstick or lip liner and make the lips look constantly full and colorful. The practitioners insert a small needle gently into the lip and create a natural pink effect You can choose whatever color you want on your lips and the technician will blend different colors to get the color you want. This treatment adds definition to your lips and with the help of some techniques, it can make your lips larger. Lipliner micro pigmentation does not fade or smudge and lasts for a couple of years.
  • Scalp: Most of the men experience some form of hair loss. For some of them, this is not a big deal but for others, it is something to worry about. But there is a treatment for hair loss. Maybe it will not give you your hair back, but it can give you the look like you get your hair back. Your practitioners will use specialized pigment and needles to penetrate the skin and create tiny follicles throughout the scalp.
  • Scar Camouflage: Most people have scars that can result from accidents or surgeries. Scars have different colors, shapes from normal skin. Therefore, people may not be pleased with the mismatching of the scars and the normal skin. In that case, there is a way for covering scars. Micro pigmentation can be used for camouflaging scars. Medical micro pigmentation gives you the comfort of covering the scar without giving harm to it.

People who have the conditions listed below are not good candidates for micro pigmentation:

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  • If you have active skin disorders, such as pink eye, warts, or herpes simplex.
  • If you have AIDS, blood disorders, hepatitis B or C or lupus, diabetes, dry eye syndrome.
  • If you are allergic to red dyes D and C.
  • If you have soft-tissue fillers
  • If you have taken Accutane pills in the last six months.
  • It is better to consult your doctor if you have these conditions before micro pigmentation treatment.

After Treatment

You can experience some swelling in the area treated after the treatment. However, your practitioner will tell you how frequently to apply ice to the area and what type of ointment to use in order to help reduce the swelling. If you are going to have micro pigmentation on your eye area it is better to ask someone to drive you home because you can experience tearing afterward. Your practitioner will also provide you with an antiseptic to clean the area you get treated. Also, you should avoid sunlight after the treatment as it can give harm to the treated area. There are certain products, like peroxide, which can have a negative effect on your procedure. You should avoid using them in order to get better results from your micro pigmentation treatment.

Some patients may need two or three sessions to get the results they want. Just after the sessions the color of the treated area may have seen darker to you, but it will fade away within a few weeks and you will get the color you want. If you experience excessive swelling or burning in the area or develop a fever or rash after your procedure, you should contact your doctor immediately.

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