Fue Hair Transplant Meaning

Fue Hair Transplant Meaning Millions of people around the world experience mild or severe hair loss at a point of their lives. Regardless of the causes, we all know how embarrassing having a receding hairline or fallen hairs can become, especially if you’re still young.

However, thanks to extensive scientific research, hair loss problems have become relatively easy to overcome. With hair transplant procedures, such as Fue hair transplant, you can grow your hair back and let the hairless days become a past thing.

Fue hair transplant meaning

Fue hair transplant (Follicular Unit Extraction) is the most used technique of hair transplant, and yet, the most popular of them all. It consists of replacing lost areas of hair by implanting healthy follicles from a more hair-rich area of the head. A donor area of the scalp is selected, usually based upon the abundance of hair. This area is usually taken from the back of the scalp, where a large volume of hair grows in a natural way.

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How is it done?

FUE is a very modern technique, unlike other hair transplant procedures, it works on an individual hair basis. The one hair is extracted as a unit, supplied with the necessary glands and then transplanted to the hairless area. Although less invasive, the procedure is very detailed and sophisticated which leads to the fact that an FUE procedure takes slightly longer time than the FUT method. By taking more time, the healing period is reduced and the levels of success are high. Although no procedure is scar-free, the scarring of FUE is limited to small dots which become invisible after a short amount of hair growth. Using FUE, the follicles shouldn’t be exposed to damage, and that’s in order to give the hairs a better chance to survive.

Why opt for it?

Now that you know Fue hair transplant meaning, let’s take a look at its advantages.

No scars

Unlike with FUT, FUE does not involve stitches or scars. Although some degree of scarring is inevitable, the appearance of those scars differs significantly. In fact, the potential for noticeable scars is dramatically reduced and results are extremely natural-looking.

Modern technology

FUE hair transplants are performed with the assistance of automated devices and systems that make the process much quicker and help to yield superior results. The use of these advanced technologies allows for the most precise hair transplant procedures you can ever get.

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With FUE hair transplant surgery, people reported levels of discomfort that are significantly lower than those with FUT procedures. Usually, discomfort last no longer than a week.


One of the biggest benefits of FUE is that it offers cost-flexibility and affordability. With FUE, surgeons can extract a greater number of hair follicles in one single session and the costs are based on the number of grafts needed to reach the ultimate results.

Faster Recovery

Generally, patients can return to work and resume normal activities the following day of the surgery.

After knowing Fue hair transplant meaning, all you have to know is the most visited places for this procedure.

Turkey, the world capital of plastic surgery!

If you happened to have hair loss issues and considering a Fue hair transplant procedure, Turkey is definitely the place you should go to. These are the reasons:

Turkey puts much effort on tourism and medical services. It has been polishing its image in these fields for years now. It is actually working and we can see that from the annual statistics regarding the number of visitors every year. In fact, in 2018, 700,000 foreigners visited Turkey just to take advantage of their excellent medical treatment and care services. Overall, 32 per cent of the country’s patients are medical tourists! Almost 75000 of these people come for hair transplant procedures, which is a fairly high number of people. This reflects the reliability of the Turkish medical services.

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In addition, most Turkish medical centers provide free consultations before surgery in order for the patient to know what to expect and to enable him to ask the questions he has.

Accommodation and transportation are also covered in your medical trip, from the best hotel services to big fleets of modern and comfortable vehicles. This way, Turkey sits on top of the throne in terms of pricing. For example, a 30000 dollar Fue procedure in the USA can be done in Turkey for as cheap as 5700 dollars while maintaining the same success rate and high quality services.

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In this article, you got to know Fue hair transplant meaning, how it’s done, the proximate budget you should expect and the best place to undergo this surgery. All you have to do is get a free first consultation and start from there.

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