Fue Cost Per Graft 

Fue Cost Per Graft It is certain that, if you do not have hair loss problems, you must know a friend or a relative who does. It is a widespread problem that has its disadvantages, but nevertheless has solutions. The reasons behind hair loss are several, so are its treatments.

However, people keep asking questions regarding prices, especially the Fue cost per graft. So, what does ‘’Fue” stand for? And what is the fue hair transplant cost per graft

Follicular unit extraction (FUE)

It is the most innovative and advanced hair transplant method offered today. With proven results, follicular unit extraction works by excising individual hair follicles and immediately transferring them into the areas having less hair. One of the reasons for its popularity is the advanced and medical equipment like the NeoGraft and SmartGraft devices, which can quickly and safely transplant hair follicles, unlike other hair loss treatments which are often unreliable.

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Why go for FUE and how is it done?

Before engaging in the “Fue cost per graft” topic, let’s see how a follicular unit extraction works, and why people tend to choose it over other hair loss treatments.

Most patients who’ve undergone FUE admit that the prices were good when compared to the final results. Having an FUE hair transplant will give you many long term benefits, such as:

  • A comfortable procedure: Patients who choose FUE don’t typically experience much discomfort during surgery. That’s because the FUE device can effortlessly remove hair follicles and re-insert them. A local anesthetic will be used to make patients feel more relaxed.
  • Fast recovery: FUE is usually performed as a day surgery. Although you should take it easy the night of the hair transplant, you’ll generally be able to resume your routine the next day.
  • No scars: For FUE hair transplants, the surgeon determines exactly where to insert each graft to ensure the best results. For example, grafts containing 1 hair will be placed near the hairline, while grafts containing 4 strands can be inserted in the back. The NeoGraft t creates circular scars that will disappear with proper care and are then entirely hidden by the surrounding hair that is re-growing.
  • A flexible choice: With FUE, you can style your hair however you want. When the hair grows in, you can make it short, long, or style it the way that suits you. There’s no worry about treating the new hair delicately or fearing that it will fall out.

Now that you have a clear vision about fue, it’s about time to talk budget wise.

Fue cost per graft: each graft is priced individually.

For those who keep wondering about fue hair transplant cost per graft, we will help you find the most suitable prices and the high quality services you’ve been looking for. Before that, you should know that fue cost is calculated per graft. In other words, the total cost of the procedure will be determined by the number of grafts.

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The ultimate cost of a FUE hair transplant depends on:

  • How much hair is extracted and transplanted.
  • many surgeons are available to do this procedure.
  • frequently your surgeon can perform FUE hair transplants.
  • experienced or in-demand your surgeon is.

Turkey, the best place for Follicular unit extraction (FUE)!

Usually, fue hair transplant cost per graft is between 4 and 12 dollars in all of Europe and the United States of America. That is the equivalent of up to 12000 dollars if you are having 2000 grafts, and 30000 dollars if you’re having 5000 grafts. However, these prices can be considered as shockingly expensive when compared to Turkey. As a matter of fact, while in other countries the Fue cost per graft settles between 4 and 12 dollars, it is between 1.14 and 3 dollars in Turkey. To be more precise, you can have a Follicular unit extraction in turkey for 2280 dollars (2000 grafts) or for 5700 dollars (5000 grafts), while in other countries like the UK and the United States, the same procedure will cost you 12000 dollars (2000 grafts), or 30000 dollars (5000 grafts)

In addition to the huge price gap between Turkey and other countries, the services are nothing to ignore too. Turkey is arguably one of the best places for plastic surgery in general. We suggest Clinic Expert as living-proof of the high standards Turkey holds for all kinds of patients that come in millions every single year.

If you are considering having a hair transplant, Clinic Expert would be an excellent choice. The medical staff is great and the results are more than satisfying, and that’s based on patient reviews. fue hair transplant cost per graft is way cheaper than most countries around the world, not to mention the high success rate thanks to the certified and talented team and sophisticated tools that are used there. Get your hair back in a matter of hours!

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