Eyebrow Transplant Cost

Eyebrow Transplant Cost

As Marcus Cicero, who is believed to be one of the greatest orators in the late Roman republic, has once said “Ut imago est animi voltus sic indices ocul” which means “The face is a picture of the mind as the eyes are its interpreter”, Eyes are deemed to be the most prominent facial feature, and eyebrows indeed are regarded as a key role in shaping the eyes, protecting them, as well as reverberating and accentuating our inner feelings either anger, excitement, sadness, exclamation..etc.

Eyebrow Transplant

Furthermore,  eyebrows are considered one of the most fundamental pillars of non-verbal communication. In this article, we will shed light on one of the most prevalent aesthetic procedures related to eyebrows which is The Eyebrows Transplant by answering the following inquiries: What is this process? Who is eligible for it? Is it efficient? What are the motives for undergoing this procedure? And what does the Eyebrow transplant cost?

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Eyebrow Transplant price

is usually the most frequently asked question related to this procedure, but before providing you with the pricing, we need first to define it, what is this operation?

Eyebrow Transplant is a non-surgical process that is similar to hair transplant, as it is simply done by transferring the hair follicles from the donor area ( the back of the head) to the eyebrows area using the Choi Implanter or the DHI method( Direct Hair Implantation). And it is done as follows:

  • The first step is the anesthesia: this procedure is done under local anesthesia only, and it would be pain-free if you chose to undergo it in one of the best international hospitals worldwide like Clinic Expert Hospital in Istanbul Turkey
  • The second step is the extraction of the follicles from the donor area. With the DHI method, the grafts are going to be harvested using a medical device called the micro fue. The latter extracts the hair follicles one by one without damaging the donor area and without leaving scars on it.
  • The third step is about putting the extracted follicles in a solution called the Hypo thermosol which is an optimized hypothermic (2-8°C) preservation media that enables improved and extended preservation of cells, tissues, and organs, to ensure the vitality of the grafts during the whole procedure.
  • The fourth and last step is the transplantation of the harvested hair follicles in the empty areas using a highly practical and advanced medical instrument referred to as the Choi Implanter. It has a diameter of 0.5 mm only which enables the doctor to control the orientation and the dimension of the transplanted graft without opening any channels and without causing any damage like the permanent scars.

And here, it is highly important to know that the above-mentioned method is the best one so far on all sides. So if you are willing to endure this procedure in the future, be certain that if any doctor suggests for you another technique like the fue method or the Sapphire, for example, it is a red flag that proves that this doctor is not experienced and skilled enough.

What Is The Price For Eyebrow Transplant?

In most of the European countries such as France, Canada, Spain, Uk…, the eyebrow transplant cost starts from 5000 Euros and it may reach 7000 to 8000 euros, in America well the eyebrow transplant cost is so high, and it may cost you a fortune to get it done. But despite the extortionate price, the best methods in eyebrow transplant like the DHI are not applied yet in those countries, and they are still using the old methods like the fut and fue which proved to be unsuccessful and inefficient.

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ClinicExpert Eyebrow Transplant

However, if you decide to undergo this procedure in Turkey which is deemed to be the best country in the world in this field, you will be surprised by the eyebrow transplant cost there which is quite reasonable and accessible to all the social classes. The cost differs from one hospital to another depending on the method, the needs of every patient, and the experience of the medical staff as well. Hence, after deciding to endure this process in Turkey, you should select a hospital that combines professionalism, experience, skills, and a good price altogether, which is the case in-clinic expert hospital in Istanbul.

To sum up, if you are willing to undergo an eyebrow transplant operation, and you are looking for the best place in terms of experience, professionalism, skills, and pricing, be sure that Turkey is your best destination. And Unlike other countries like the US, Canada, France, The UK …, The eyebrow transplant cost in Turkey is very reasonable, attainable, and accessible to everyone no matter what social class he/she belongs to. Eyebrow Transplant Cost

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