Natural Hair Transplant In India

When anyone intends to undergo a hair transplant procedure, the first question that leaps to his mind is: what is the best destination where I can get a successful operation with a reasonable price? A lot of countries around the world such as Turkey and India are performing this process, but how may I know which one is the best? In this article, we will illustrate the characteristics of a natural hair transplant in India as an example, and we will provide you with all the necessary facts that you need to know about the best country worldwide where you can perform a safe, and efficient operation. 

Before we highlight the main features of natural hair transplant in India, what is this process in the first place? 

Is Hair Transplant A Complicated Operation?

Do you think that hair transplant is a complicated operation that necessitates a surgical intervention and thousands of dollars? You are totally wrong, hair transplant is a quite simple and easy process. Depending on the method, the procedure is performed differently, but basically it is done by harvesting hair grafts which are the hair roots from the donor area of the head and transplanting them in the bald and empty areas. This process is done through multiple methods such as the Follicular Unit transplant (FUT), The Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), the Sapphire method, the Direct Hair Implantation Technique (DHI), and the most recent technique known as the DHI PRO technique. 

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As a lot of people have been travelling on the purpose of undergoing a natural hair transplant procedure in India, let us dig deep into the characteristics of this process in this country in order to know whether it is the best place worldwide or not. 

In terms of the method

Concerning the technique, the best method so far is the one that has been developed recently by Clinic Expert Hospital in Istanbul Turkey in 2018 which is called the Direct Hair Implantation Pro (the DHI PRO method). However, the worst method so far is the hair plugs method as well as the Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT). In India, on one hand, the best and most recent  technique (DHI PRO) is not applied yet. On the other hand, the worst technique, which is the Follicular Unit Transplantation, that has a lot of drawbacks  like the permanent scars on the donor area, the artificial result…etc is still applied there. Thus, in terms of the techniques and the medical advancement, looking for a natural hair transplant in India is not the right option. 

In terms of the cost

in India, the hair transplant procedure is so cheap and affordable , it is possible to perform it for 500 usd only. Thus, you may actually think that this is an advantage but unfortunately it is not, this is a dangerous trap that thousands of people fall into every year. In fact, the success rate of hair transplant in India is quite low, because as we already mentioned, the FUT method which is no longer used for the permanent damage it causes on the donor area as well as the recipient area, is still applied in India. And even a lot of highly effective and successful techniques like the Direct Hair Implantation (DHI) and the Direct Hair Implantation Pro (DHI PRO) have been developed: they do not exist in India yet.

Going India

Therefore, if you are intending to go to  india hoping to get a natural hair transplant done, be sure that you are making the wrong decision. Even though it is regarded as a very simple process, the hair transplant procedure is a very delicate operation that should be done by a highly competent, professional and experienced doctor, otherwise, a lot of side effects may occur. So what is the best country in the world where you can guarantee a good result with an affordable price?

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Starting from the late twentieth century, Turkey has ranked first in the aesthetic field worldwide. In fact in this country, there are the best aesthetic surgeons who are internationally reputable and qualified. Moreover, there are a lot of international hospitals like Clinic Expert Hospital in Istanbul where you can safely undergo your procedure and get a successful result as you are expecting with the best existing methods like the dhi pro. Furthermore, the total cost of hair transplant in Istanbul is not as cheap as India,  but it is still affordable and reasonable when compared to America and the european countries. 

To wrap up, before choosing your destination in order to get a successful hair transplant done, you need to be careful and aware that Turkey is the best country worldwide. But even in Turkey itself, you have to carefully choose the hospital and the medical staff, because this is the most important step that would determine if you will get a good or bad result. So if you are one of the people who are intending to get a natural hair transplant in India or in any other country, change your destination because you will definitely regret it. 

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