Corridor Hair Restoration 

Corridor Hair Restoration The hair transplant process has become one of the very simplest and easiest operations that is performed by thousands of people worldwide, but finding the right place where to undergo a successful and safe process is not easy at all; you will actually find hundreds of clinics, hospitals or medical centres that are all using the same arguments to attract patients and gain their trust which makes it even more complicated and more difficult to choose the best destination. If you are one of the people who do not know where they can perform  this process, this article will absolutely  guide you and answer all the questions that are twirling in your mind by taking Corridor hair restoration as an example. 

Let us begin first with the best method that exists nowadays in the hair transplant field before moving to the main features of Corridor hair restoration and before underscoring the best hospitals where you can get a successful operation. 

Corridor Hair Restoration

Since 1952, the first hair transplant operation had been performed in the United States of America using a method called the hair plugs technique, and it was  a total failure. But even though it was a complete fiasco, the idea and the invention of a new procedure that may totally get rid of baldness and give hope to thousands and millions of people around the world who suffer from this vexatious and annoying matter, had paved the way to researchers and doctors to develop more efficient and effective methods.

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Since then, a lot of methods have been developed such as : the Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT), The Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), the Sapphire technique, the direct hair Implantation (DHI)…etc. But the best method that exists nowadays is known as the DHI PRO technique, and it has been developed two years ago by one of the most  reputable well known hospitals in Turkey which is called Clinic Expert Hospital in Istanbul. If you are wondering how this method works, here is the answer: 

DHI Method

The Direct Hair implantation Pro is a non-surgical process that is done under local anesthesia through four different steps which are first the injection of the Platelet-rich plasma in the scalp, the application of the LLT (low laser therapy) for thirty minutes, the individual extraction of hair roots from the donor area of the head, and finally the direct Transplantation of these hair follicles in the bald and damaged area. Since its application, the success rate of this technique has surpassed the 90%. It literally has no cons once it is done by a highly competent and skillful doctor. So is Corridor hair restoration done with this technique? Unfortunately not, the only hospital that is applying the DHI PRO technique is the same hospital that has developed it in 2018 : Clinic Expert Hospital in Istanbul.

However till today, Corridor hair restoration is performed using the old methods, actually the very old methods like the FUT which is supposedly not used any longer. What about the cost? you may think that since the hair restoration in Corridor is done using old techniques, it is definitely cheap. But paradoxically not,  Corridor hair restoration is not done by the best existing techniques, and still, it is highly costly and expensive. You will need more than 8000 US Dollars at least to get it done.

However, the cost in the country where you can perform a hair Transplantation process with the best technique which is the DHI PRO, and here we obviously refer to Turkey, is unexpectedly quite reasonable and acceptable  that makes the process eligible to everyone. So after this illustration, you can easily deduce and perceive  that Turkey is undoubtedly the best destination so far in terms of competence, techniques, skills and price.

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Corridor Hair Restoration Turkey

From the late 20th century, Turkey has been categorized as the best country in the whole world in the aesthetic domain, not only the hair transplant operation, but also the plastic surgeries of all kinds (liposuction, body contouring, surgical and non surgical lifting, fat injection, blepharoplasty, labiaplasty, rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, Brazilian butt lift known as the BBL, all kind of weight loss operations like the Gastric sleeve, gastric botox….etc), and also the different dental treatments. Therefore, this allowed this country to become the destination of thousands of tourists every month to perform these procedures, which eventually made medical tourism one of the basic pillars of the Turkish economy.

To wrap up, if you are confused and you do not know where to go to get a successful hair transplant procedure done, we made it clear in this article that Corridor hair restoration has never been the best option. However,  Turkey is where you can safely perform a hair transplant procedure by the most reputable and skillful doctors around the world using the best existing techniques with a very good price. 

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