Is DHI Hair Transplant Painful

Is DHI Hair Transplant Painful?

A lot of people are suffering because of their hair loss issues. Hair loss is a common problem for a lot people. Half of the women lose their hair through their lifetime and more than 50 percent of men also lose their hair by the age of 50. Not only aging affects hair loss but also there are a lot of factors for losing hair. Stress is the common factor for losing hair.

Pellagra is also another reason why people can lose hair. Not only medical conditions but also genetics can make people have thin hair too. Since there are a lot of people who deal with hair loss, medical field has been developed several types of hair transplantation. And people are curious with “Is DHI hair transplant painful?” questions since DHI is the way to get a healthy hair. There are 2 popular techniques: Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). Thus DHI is a new technique for hair transplantation.

DHI Global Medical Group created DHI based on FUE. DHI has more pros than both of the hair transplantation technique. People who deal with hair loss are curious to get hair transplantation and they have so many questions such as “Is DHI hair transplant painful?” and the cost of the surgery etc. In this article, there will be answer to these questions.

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DHI Hair Transplant

DHI is the newest technique for hair transplantation. FUT was the first technique that was quite popular around the time it was created. But due to its cons, surgical field decided to find better technique for hair implanting. FUT or Follicular Unit Transplantation is a surgical process where they cut a strip of the hair.

People might ask “Is DHI hair transplant painful like FUT?”. In DHI, they don’t cut a strip of the hair like FUT So, there will be no issue. The area where they cut a strip is called donor area. Donor area can be multiple areas on the body depending on the thickness of the hair. The most used donor area is back of the scalp. Chest, arms and beard are also used for donating the hair to the targeted area. Targeted area is where the patient wants the hair to be transplanted. Different than FUT, surgeon removes the follicles of hair one by one in FUE.

That creates a more natural look with FUE. Then these removed follicles gets to be implanted into the targeted area. In both of the hair transplantation surgeries, surgeon implants the removed hair follicles into the targeted area. But in FUT, surgeon cuts the strip of hair and then extracts it into individual hair follicles. Process of hair transplantation might make some questions such as “Is DHI hair transplant painful?” but it is important not to forget that they give local anesthesia to patients for surgery.

DHI Hair Transplant Turkey

Turkey has been one of the most visited countries for surgeries. People who are from outside of Turkey find Turkey as a perfect place to get their surgeries done. It is no secret that medical field in Turkey is really active. Hair transplantation is also really active in Turkey. People who are curious about “Is DHI hair transplant painful?” will have no reason to be scared of since clinics will do their best.

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It is possible to find three techniques of hair transplantation in Turkey. There are so many hair clinics that do hair transplantation for DHI and FUE. FUT isn’t popular as much as FUE and DHI since FUT is an old technique. DHI is a new technique and the benefits of DHI shows that it is the best option to get DHI.

There are a lot of demands for DHI since it is faster than other techniques and the recovery time is faster for DHI than the both of the techniques. Even if it is a new and better than other hair transplantation techniques it is no secret that people are curious about “IsDHI hair transplant painful?”. The process of DHI is quite similar to the other hair transplant techniques.

Process of DHI Hair Transplant

DHI, Direct Hair Implant is a hair transplantation process for people who want to get a healthy hair. In DHI, it isn’t a necessary to shave the whole head for hair transplantation. Only targeted area and donor area can be shaved. Surgeon gives local anesthesia or general anesthesia to patient after cleaning the scalp. DHI transplant is all about harvesting the grafts.

These grafts or also called as hair follicles are harvested from the donor area. It is also same for other two of the hair transplant method. These grafts are harvested with a specialized tool different than FUE and FUT. This medical device helps the process to be faster. Grafts are transferred directly to the targeted area. With the help of this specialized medical device, there is no need for opening canals before transferring grafts.

This medical device used for DHI already opens canals and then place the graft within a few weeks. So, follicles are transferred and also the canals are opened at once in DHI. Patients who are curious about “Is DHI hair transplant painful?” have to know that during this process, no patient feels anything due to anesthesia.

Recovery After DHI Hair Transplant

The first few days after the surgery is the recovery time for the targeted area. This time period is really important and critical, so patients should listen to their surgeons carefully. The scalp will be quite sensitive and tender after the surgery. The third day is the day when patients are allowed to wash their hair but they have to do it as the way their surgeons described. Usually, normal shampoo isn’t allowed. So, patients are only allowed to use baby shampoo.

The scabs on the donor and the targeted area will fall off after 7 days from the hair wash. For most of people, donor and targeted area usually recover completely but it can be different for some people too. With DHI, there is no traces or scars left. So, patients shouldn’t be scared about it. When it comes to the question of “Is DHI hair transplant painful?” the healing process might feel uncomfortable rather than painful.

Results of DHI Hair Transplant

To see the fully results of DHI hair transplant, patients need to be patient. After getting a DHI hair transplant, people might experience fall out. It’s completely normal their hair to fall out after 2-3 weeks from the surgery. It actually shows that transplanted hair is getting ready grow with this fall out. It’s possible to see the small differences after 3-4 months from the surgery. A lot of people see their new hair growth after 6-9 months from the DHI hair transplant surgery.

Also, some doctors give their patients Rogaine to improve the hair growth for their hair transplantation. 9 months is needed for transplanted hair to grow better and stronger. For the final results, patients have to wait for 10-14 months. Patients can finally see their new hair after 10-14 months. All this process make people think: Is DHI hair transplant painful? There is a possibility to feel a minimal pain but for these times doctors always give their patients pain-killers.

Other Hair Transplant Techniques

With the help of the hair transplantation, it is possible to get the wanted look for hair. Hair transplantation is an easy process where our hair follicles get transplanted to the bald areas. There are different techniques used in hair transplantation to transplant our hair follicles. Used techniques are Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), Follicular Unit Transplasty (FUT) and Direct Hair Implantation (DHI).

FUT is an old technique that isn’t used that much as before. FUT leaves larger scars than FUE, so people prefer to get FUE or DHI instead of FUT. FUE is quite popular and more popular than FUT and DHI. DHI is a changed version of FUE. People who ask “Is DHI Hair transplant painful?” might also think that other hair transplant might be painful too. For every technique, doctors give anesthesia to their patients. So, they can’t feel any pain.

Who Can Get DHI Hair Transplant?

People who are dealing with hair loss or even scalp injuries can get it. Everyone who wants to get a healthy, young-looking hair can get DHI hair transplant. But it is important for patients to have hair follicles that can be used for transplanting. Even though there are many donor areas on our body, transplanted hair might look thin if the donor areas don’t have thick hair. It will be best to contact a surgeon to learn about it since every person have different body types and different medical conditions. People who are scared about “Is DHI hair transplant painful?” can also get DHI hair transplant since the surgery isn’t painful at all.

DHI Hair Transplant Benefits

Different than any hair transplant technique, patients can use short hair since there will be no scar left after DHI hair transplant. In other transplant techniques, especially in FUT, there would be visible scar on the scalp. So, the scar can be seen by other people when patient wants to have a short hair. But with DHI, there is no scars left. DHI is also faster than other hair transplant techniques too. When it comes to “Is DHI hair transplant painful?”pain won’t be an issue since DHI has a faster recovery period

DHI Hair Transplant Turkey Cost

Turkey is the perfect place to get a DHI hair transplant. A lot of people decide to get their hair transplant on Turkey. It is way affordable for hair transplantation in Turkey. It is possible to find various price range in Turkey for hair transplant. Patients who ask “Is DHI hair transplant painful?” can feel calm since Turkey has many talented surgeons for hair transplantation. Hair clinic in Turkey do their best when it comes to “Is DHI hair transplant painful?” questions. Is DHI hair transplant painful question have the answer no.

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