Male Hair Transplant Before and After

Male Hair Transplant Before and After

Hair transplantation has been a game changer for men who wanted to boost their confidence. Many people say hair is one of most important things to make a man handsome. It isn’t procedure to feel shameful for getting it done. It creates a healthy way to grow healthier hair. Transplantation has different needs to be completely finished. Every person has different type of hair, situation. So, this automatically creates different timelines to see the noticeable difference of male hair transplant before and after. In this article, there will be more to the timeline of results but first let’s get into the process of hair transplantation.

Process of Male Hair Implantation

Hair transplantation is a surgical process where dermatological or plastic surgeons move patient’s hair to the targeted area. This transplanted hair can be from the back, side, front and even the top of the head. Surgeons can also take this hair from other parts of the body in some cases. Hair transplantation is done under local anesthesia. One simple hair transplantation can take a few sessions. It can add more sessions if the area where it has hair loss are too large. Hair transplantation have absolutely successful and permanent results. It helps males to feel confident after noticing their male hair transplant before and after.

Hair Results for Male

It definitely takes a little bit of time to see the completely final results. After getting the surgery done, patients experience shedding and it’s all normal. The transplanted hair gets to fall out within a few weeks but this is a temporary fall out. These shedding happens within 2 to 3 weeks after getting the surgery done. It might take time to notice the new hair growth. Some people can notice the difference of male hair transplant before and after in a few months. However, for the final results patients say 6 to 9 months are more obvious. After 6 months, 60% growth can be seen.

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Types of  Hair Implantation for Male

There are different techniques for hair transplantation: FUT and FUE. Both of them are used for obtaining follicles to transplant the hair. Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) gets started with surgeon using a scalpel. Surgeon cut out a strip from the scalp skin with the help of a scalpel. The cut is from the back of patient’s head. And then the cut area gets stitches to close off. This removed scalp gets to be separated by magnifying lens and by a surgical knife.

But for Follicular Unit Extraction, the hair follicles are cut out directly. They cut the back of the head with a help of thousands of small punch incisions. This transplantation techniques requires many sessions to be completed but indistinguishably both techniques show the amazing results of male hair transplant before and after. Male hair transplant before and after is fascinating to see.

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