Mustache transplant

Mustache Transplant

A lot of men are dealing with facial hair issues. Facial hair is an important factor for a man’s charisma. Facial hair can completely change a man’s whole look and face. There are so many factors that affect the hair loss and facial hair loss in men. Nearly 90 percent of men lose their hair and facial hair as they age. A lot of men lose their facial hair and hair at the age of 50.

Aging might seem the only reason but a lot of factors affect a man’s facial hair. Stress, smoking, drinking, genetic issues and health issues also affect the health of a facial hair. Medical field find a solution since there are a lot of men who are not satisfied with how their facial hair looks.  There are many techniques for hair transplant but also medical field found a few techniques for mustache transplant too.

Mustache Transplant Process

Mustache transplant has been a really popular for facial hair transplantation. The beauty of facial hair is quite important for men. Not every man can’t get their desired mustache, so they find mustache transplant quite helpful. Mustache transplant procedure is becoming really popular as days pass and a lot of men are curious about mustache transplant. The whole process helps to restore the hair on the mustache area. This technique also can be used for concealing scars too.

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The method for mustache transplant is like hair transplant. Mustache cultivation has two techniques: FUT and FUE. They apply local anesthesia on the mustache area during the surgery. The doctor removes the hair follicles from the donor area. The removing process is different for FUT and FUE. In FUT, they will cut a strip of skin on the donor area. Donor area is the area where your hair will be transplanted from. Then the doctor extracts the hair follicles from this strip of skin. In FUE, they remove the grafts or the hair follicles one by one. Mustache transplant can be done to fill the whole mustache area or to fix a bald spot on the mustache area too.

Mustache Transplant Recovery

It would be best to not to talk much after getting mustache transplant surgery. The first 3 days is important for the recovery period. The upper lip and the mustache area will be sensitive, so some patients might feel discomfort. For three days, patient will have a bandage covering the mustache area. They have to change the bandage from time to time. Washing face isn’t allowed for three days. On average, recovery after the transplant lasts around 10 days.

The hair roots will be crusted and this crust will disappear as the patient starts washing their face. Patient will feel more comfortable after the third day of the recovery. It is allowed to shorten the moustache after 15 days but it would be best to be careful since there might be a chance that the transplanted hair still didn’t hold on the skin. Patient can experience shedding after 2 to 3 weeks. The new moustache will start growing after 3 months. The time period can be different for everyone. The hair follicles will completely secure in their roots after 6 months from the mustache transplantation surgery. After this period, patient can go back to their normal cycle.

Is Mustache Transplant Permanent?

Mustache transplantation surgery has actually permanent results but it can be different for every person. This type of transplants is known as permanent but doctor always say that everyone has different bodies. So, some factors might affect the result of mustache transplantation. On average, mustache transplantation is permanent for most of the people but health conditions can affect it. A lot of people think that transplanted hair also gets thinner or fall out as the time passes. However, there is no solid source for this information. The results of mustache transplantation will be permanent if the patient take care of themselves well.

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Mustache Transplant Results

Mustache transplantationis a time-consuming transplantation like a hair transplant. It will take time to see the results of mustache hair transplant. First, the transplanted mustache area has to heal. Patient can understand it is time for hairs to grow when the newly transplanted hair starts to shed.

This shedding process hint that the newly transplanted mustache hair is getting ready to grow. The new growth can be seen after 5 months from the mustache hair transplant surgery. However, at least a year needed to achieve the completed results. Patient can still trim or cut the mustache during this process but to have the full results, they need to more than a year actually.

Mustache Transplant Turkey

Mustache hair transplantation has been quite popular nowadays. Men who want to get a better facial hair or just mustache think that it is the best solution for it. Men who can’t grow mustache due to different reasons such as genetic health issues, injuries and many more can achieve the mustache they have always wanted. Turkey has an active medical field for hair transplant types. Men who want to have the best doctor and the best results should definitely check Turkey for getting a mustache transplant.

Mustache Transplant Turkey Costs

Turkey has great prices when it comes to mustache transplant surgery. Men can find the best prices for this process. Price range is quite large and affordable for every man. It is possible find a lower price than $2000 when it comes to Turkey prices for mustache transplantation surgery. Turkey has the lowest costs for any type of hair transplant compared to other countries. Patients can find the perfect doctors for themselves and get the desired mustache by just a surgery. The whole process is painless, so the whole process is easy for patient. Mustache transplant can be done separated from facial hair transplantation.

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