Beard Transplant

Beard Transplant

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that a lot of men highly care about their facial hair. Facial hair is quite important for a man’s appearance. Men have the highest ratio when it comes to hair loss. It is proved that 80-90 percent of men lose most of their hair including their facial hair at the age of 50. So, men pay a lot of attention to their facial hair and normal hair. Not only age but also a lot of issues cause hair loss for men. Men experience the highest stress comparing women.

Stress but also health issues, injuries and even smoking affect the health of the facial hair. There is an easy way to get better facial hair. The medical field finds FUE and FUT hair transplant techniques to make beard transplant possible. A Beard transplantation is truly the best when it comes to helping uneven beard. Men who can’t grow beards also can have beard with the help of a beard transplant. This technology promises men a better-looking beard and also permanent results too.

Beard Transplant Process

The Beard transplant process has the same steps as normal hair transplantation. The donor area will be very useful to transplant the hair. The donor area is the parts of our body where they have useful hair to transplant for beard or hair transplantation. Donor areas are usually the areas of our body with thick and healthy hair since a normal beard also has thick hair. The surgeon removes hair follicles or also called grafts from these donor areas. These removed grafts are later on implanted on the beard area.

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Patients should discuss with their surgeon the shape and the zone to get the perfect beard. This process have also different steps for both of the beard transplant techniques: FUE and FUT. FUE is more popular when it comes to all hair transplant types. It starts by removing the hair follicles individually unlike FUT where they remove a piece of the skin on the donor area. They extract grafts later on. They both implant the taken grafts into the beard area after removing the hair follicles.

Recovery After Beard Transplant

Recovery after beard transplantation is not as bad as people assume. Some small crusts can form around each graft. These tiny crusts should fall out after a couple of days. Patients can start to shave normally and also trim their beards after a week to 12 days. Each process can show differences when it comes to periods. The patient should keep in mind that every man has different body reactions.

It would be a healthy choice to contact their doctor if any patient observes abnormal reaction during the recovery process after beard transplant. The newly transplanted beard will start to fall out after 3 weeks from getting a beard transplantation. So, patients shouldn’t panic when they notice the hair fall out. The new beard hair will start to grow after this fallout process. The growing period can be a few weeks later after the hair falls out.

Results After Beard Transplant

The transplanted beard will start to grow within 3 to 4 months after getting a beard transplant. Although, the time can change for some people. The results will show themselves at 9 months to more than a year. At least a year is needed to have a full beard after a beard hair transplant. The failure of a beard hair transplant is really rare.

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Nearly all men who got a beard hair transplant are really happy with their beard transplantion results. They can contact their doctor if a patient isn’t satisfied with the result of the surgery. The transplanted beard can be shaved at any time. Since 9 months is needed for hair follicles to settle in roots, it would be better to shave or trim the beard after 9 months.

Beard Transplantation Before and After

The success of beard transplantation can be seen by before and after results. It is no lie that the whole process is successful and has permanent results. The waiting period for a beard to grow fully might be hard for some people but it is truly worth the waiting after seeing the before and the after.

The results will start to show themselves after the transplanted beard starts falling out. The beard will start to grow after a few weeks from the fallout. Men who prefer a long beard have to wait a year or more than a year depending on their hair growth period while men who prefer a short beard can have their results in 6 to 9 months.

Beard Cost Turkey

Men who want to get a better-looking beard prefer to get the surgery done in Turkey. The prices are quite better compared to the other countries. Even though prices are lower, the quality of the surgeons for the hair transplant types remains the best. The doctors to the workers in the hair transplant field are hardworking and also really involved in the whole process to make the patient comfortable. The prices for a beard hair transplant start from $2000 on average. However, it is still possible to find cheaper alternatives.

Benefits of Beard Transplant

Getting a beard transplant has many benefits. The beard is the most important physical feature for men. A healthy, full beard can change the whole look and also can make one younger. The products for growing beard aren’t effective. So, it is a better choice to get a beard hair transplant instead of spending money on useless beard products. The result of beard transplantation is permanent. So, no men have to get another beard transplantation after the first one. A Beard transplant is quite helpful to fix any facial hair.


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