eyebrows transplant before and after

Eyebrow Before and After Transplant

The medical field have been developing so many helpful surgeries for people want to get a better look. A lot of people say that hair, eyebrow and beard are the most important things for a look. As the year passes internet has been the biggest influence on people’s appearance. A lot of people prefer to follow the beauty trends. Some people don’t consider it as following the beauty trends when it comes to changing physical appearances.

People who deal with medical conditions, stress and chronic issues notice that their physical body, faces also gets affected by those factors. Not only these but also aging changes the face and body a lot. Face beauty is important for a lot of people since it is true that the first thing that people notice is their physical appearance.

Eyebrows, hair, eyes are important factors for the beauty. As people get older, they lose their eyebrows just like hair. So, people who get sad about their eyebrows find eyebrow transplantations really helpful. People say that getting it done is so relieving after the results of their eyebrow before and after transplant.

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What Is Eyebrow Transplant?

Eyebrow transplantation is really popular comparing to the past few years. A lot of celebrities show their fans how amazing the results are by posting their eyebrow before and after transplant. A lot of people started to join this new trend after people notice the difference of their eyebrows before and after transplant. Eyebrow transplantation is performed with the micro FUE method.

It is developed in the last ten years. In the field of medical aesthetics, eyebrow transplantation made it’s a place. Eyebrow transplantation has a minimal pain. It is process where it is performed under local anesthesia. Some clinics might also give their patient general anesthesia too. The thin grafts from the back of ears gets removed by using the micro FUE technique. This removed thin grafts are transferred to the targeted area, eyebrows.

Eyebrow Men Before and After Transplantation

Eyebrows are a key to tell someone’s age. People who get older start to lose their hair due to aging. As humans get older, their hair and eyebrows also get thinner and sometimes fall out. In men, the hairs and the eyebrows start to fall out as they grow older by the age of 50. All genders get affected by hair loss. It can have different factors such as stress, genetics, injuries, illnesses and age. Men gets affected more when it comes to losing hair and eyebrows.

As men get older, the eyebrows tend to get thinner naturally. Hairs on the body and on the face gives people a hint about their ages. So young looking hair and eyebrow is really important to look young and charismatic. The results of eyebrow before and after transplant shows that men look so much younger after getting eyebrow transplantation. The whole eyebrow implantation process is same for men like it is also same for women too. Patients can tell their doctors about how they want their eyebrows to look like. So, they can achieve the eyebrows they want.

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Eyebrow  Female Before and After Transplantation

The whole medical aesthetic field shows women multiple ways feel more confident within themselves. A perfect physical appearance is a must for people who wants give a good impression on other people. Our appearance can change so many things. Hairs, eyebrows, lashes are like an accessory that completes the whole look. Women who lose their eyebrows due to aging and other factors probably tried every method to get their eyebrows back.

However, no beauty product can work like an eyebrow transplant works. Eyebrow before and after transplant shows that the results are quite amazing compared to the old versions of their eyebrows. People who had to feel bad about their eyebrows can get their confidence back by just a transplant surgery. Females have been showing more interests to eyebrow transplant. A simple and affordable surgery can give you a desired look and also permanent eyebrows.

Women whom want to best for themselves think eyebrow transplant is an amazing solution to eyebrow losses. People with medical conditions, stress, genetic issues can easily get the eyebrows they always wanted. It is possible to change the way your eyebrow transplant looks after getting eyebrow transplantation too. Most of the eyebrow transplantation doctors allow their patients a touch-up.

Eyebrow Transplantation Process 

During the eyebrow transplant process, they remove the hair grafts. The hair grafts are usually from the back of the ear. They put removed hair grafts in a storage container after they remove the hair grafts with the micro FUE technique. The storage container is loaded with a chilled saline solution. The hair grafts have to be there for an hour before getting implanted in the brows. The whole process is performed under anesthesia, so patients don’t feel anything during it. The process of eyebrow before and after transplant is quite similar to hair transplantation. They transfer the hair grafts to the eyebrows. The whole process can take about 2-3 hours.

Recovery After Eyebrow Transplant

The eyebrow is left open after the surgery is done. A crust form around the transplanted area, brow and it is completely normal. Seeing a crust starting to form means that the healing process is starting. These crusts fall off after a few days from the surgery. It is possible to experience swelling and bruising on the brow area. Usually, doctors give antibiotics, steroids, and painkillers to their patients after five days from the surgery.

The newly transplanted hair falls out after swellings stop. The hair growth begins after 3 months. There is always a chance to have a touch-up after if the results don’t seem perfect for patients. The adaptation of eyebrow before and after transplant period of time changes from person to person but 1 to 2 years is needed on average.

How Long Eyebrow Transplant Last

Eyebrow transplantation sessions can last for up to 3 hours. The results of eyebrow before and after transplant will be definitely permanent. However, there are some different factors for it to be permanent. In some sources, it is said that transplanted hair also gets thinner as time passes but there is no actual evidence for it.

The results of eyebrow before and after transplant show that people can have their transplanted brows for a really long time. Eyebrow transplant surgery is a permanent surgery but in some cases such as injuries, mental conditions can affect the outcome of eyebrow before and after transplant. People who live healthy lives don’t lose their eyebrow transplant as they grow older.

Does Eyebrow Transplant Keep Growing?

There are some rumors about if eyebrow transplant keeps growing or not. Some sources say the transplanted brow hair doesn’t grow like before, after getting transplanted to brows. It is correct to say that transplanted eyebrow hair doesn’t grow as same as before getting transplanted. It would create an absurd sight since people have really short brow.

The transplanted eyebrow hair still grows as normal hair does. However, most of the transplanted brows stop after growing about a half-inch or longer. So, it would be correct to say eyebrow transplantation keeps growing like normal hair. The fallout after getting the surgery doesn’t mean the transplanted hair also falls out. The hair follicles in the eyebrow area still remain and it will grow back after eyebrow hair fall out.

Is Eyebrow Transplant Permanent?

Eyebrow transplantation surgery is really similar to hair transplantation with its eyebrow before and after transplantation and also its permanent outcome. Eyebrow transplant is done with the micro FUE technique where a doctor removes the hair follicles from the donor area. This donor area is where the already existing hair is on.

This existing hair gets transplanted to the brows of the patient. Before and during the eyebrow transplantation surgery, the patient can give their doctor a guide to make their eyebrows look perfect like they wanted. The outcome of the eyebrow before and after transplant is known as permanent. Illnesses, injuries can affect the permanent results of the eyebrow before and after transplantation.

Cost of Eyebrow Transplantation

Eyebrow transplantation helps to change people’s eyebrow shapes and fullness for the better. It is done by transferring the hair follicles from another area of the body. These hair follicles usually come from the back of the scalp. People who deal with thin eyebrows or absent eyebrows due to hair loss that happens because of over-plucking, tweezing and a medical condition can get an eyebrow transplant or also known as eyebrow restoration.

The eyebrow transplant doesn’t have a specific gender. Females and males can get eyebrow implantation surgery. It works best for everyone when it comes to eyebrows before and after transplant. The prices start from $650 when it comes to cost of eyebrow transplantation surgery. The price is $1650 on average but it can go up to $3000 too. Eyebrow before and after transplant shows us such perfect results.

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