How to regrow lost hair

Before the age of 21, about 25 percent of men start losing hair because they have hereditary male patterns baldness. By the age of 23, approximately 65 percent of men experience some degree of hair loss. However, lots of people think that hair loss can only affect men, which is wrong. It is estimated that 50 percent of women will experience noticeable hair loss. If you are looking for help regarding how to regrow lost hair, you’ve probably come to the right place. We will be talking about the main causes of hair loss and the possible solutions for this particular problem.

A good way to initiate your quest to get your hair back would be by knowing the reasons why someone may have hair loss.

Why do you keep losing hair?

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Hair loss can appear in many different ways, depending on what’s causing it. It can occur suddenly or gradually. Thus, if you know the reason behind your receding hairline or baldness, you will definitely be able to know how to regrow lost hair.

*Gradual thinning and hair loss: This is the most common type of hair loss. It affects people as they age. With men, hair often begins to recede at the hairline on the forehead. Women typically have a broadening of the part in their hair. It is mostly hereditary.

*Sudden loosening of hair: A physical or emotional shock (depression) can cause hair to loosen. Handfuls of hair may come out when you wash your hair or even after tugging it slowly. This type of hair loss usually causes overall hair thinning but is temporary. You should not be afraid because it has solutions.

Hair loss caused by medical treatments and drugs:  Some conditions and medical treatments (Certain drugs for arthritis, depression, chemotherapy for cancer etc.) can result in loss of hair all over your body. The hair usually grows back. If not you need to visit a doctor.

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However, hair loss is a lot of trouble for most people. It may have a radical change on their lives, as it takes a big chunk of your self-esteem and makes your day-today activities a little bit harder.


How to regrow lost hair: trusted methods and best/positively reviewed places for treatment:

The treatments vary from medication to surgery (hair transplant)

1/Over-the-counter treatments for hair loss

There’s no shortage of OTC products promising to reverse hair loss, or at least slow it down. Some are more established than others. This means that the results aren’t 100 percent guaranteed.

Here are some trustworthy over the counter treatments for bald spots:


It’s available in liquid, foam, or shampoo options. Stronger forms of minoxidil are also available by prescription.

Collagen-based products:

Collagen, a protein found in the skin and elsewhere in the body, is also associated with hair growth and thickening hair that has started thinning due to androgenetic alopecia.

Look for shampoos, conditioners, ointments, or serums that contain collagen. Try using them when you bathe or rub them into your scalp. It’s also available in an injectable form.

Collagen-based supplements may also help, but there’s less evidence that these work for hair growth.

Vitamin supplements

Certain vitamins and minerals are associated with hair growth, including:

Vitamin A

B-vitamins, including biotin, which is the key ingredient in many hair-growth treatments

*Vitamin C

*Vitamin D

*Vitamin E



Bear in mind that the dosages are very precise and making mistakes may be harmful. That’s why contacting a doctor should be your first step.

2/Hair transplant

Hair transplant surgery is the most used method to get hair back. It is highly regarded and much effort is put into it. As an example, we can mention Turkey, a leading innovator in the field. Get your hair back and leave the hair dilemma behind.

During hair transplant, a doctor removes hair follicles from an area where hair growth is normal (usually the back of the head) and implants them on a part of the scalp having hair loss.


There are two main hair transplant approaches:


FUT method: surgeon uses a strip of skin with hair follicles from a donor site. Follicles are removed and transplanted.

FUE method: surgeon removes individual hair follicles from the donor site and inserts them into tiny incisions in the recipient site in your scalp.

Another used method is laser therapy. Though it hasn’t been widely evaluated, laser therapy has been shown in some small studies to reverse hereditary hair loss. A low-level laser can stimulate circulation and hair growth in follicles that have stopped producing hair. Results have been inconsistent, so be aware that this may or may not work for you.

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