How to Know If You are Losing Your Hair?

How to Know If You are Losing Your Hair? Both men and women suffer from hair loss. This makes people anxious about baldness. Nevertheless, early diagnosis and treatment can prevent baldness. We are always facing hair loss. How we can differentiate the normal hair loss from the problematic one?

Hair regenerates itself periodically, so we shouldn’t be worried about daily hair loss. However, you need to find the reason why you are losing your hair, with the help of a doctor. Then, you should be treated, if it is necessary. What if it is not treated? Don’t be afraid! Recent technology finds a remedy even for baldness. Let’s see how you can understand whether it is necessary to visit a doctor or not.

Signs of the Hair Loss

  • If you are losing more than 150 strands of hair in a single day, 
  • If you have problems with dandruff, 
  • if your hair isn’t growing anymore, 
  • your hair started to have empty parts, 
  • these changes in your hair make you worried, it is time to visit a doctor. If you have these symptoms, it can be a sign of hair loss. What are the main reasons for hair loss? 

Why We Lose Our Hair? 

Stress, which is the main reason for many diseases, is the most important reason for hair loss. Hormonal changes, side effects of the drugs, or genetic factors cause hair loss. For instance, you see some wide lines in the hair. It is probably the result of them having the same hairstyle all the time. For another example, a woman who ties her hair back sees that her hairline goes back in time. Having the same hairstyle all the time causes you to have wide lines in your hair. You are required to take care of your hair to prevent hair loss. Let’s learn what can we do to prevent hair loss. 

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Is Hair Loss Hereditary? 

There are various reasons for hair loss. Also, hair loss can be hereditary. Hereditary hair loss mostly affects the scalp. There is not a certain treatment for hereditary hair loss. However, you can do something to stop it. If there are people who have hair loss around you, you will probably suffer from hair loss. There is no need to worry about it because hair plantation helps you to have your hair again. 

Finding the Source of the Problem

Skin problems such as eczema and fungal infections can cause hair loss. Hormonal changes, deficiency of vitamins, and dry skin are the other factors that cause the loss of hair. The first step should be that the reason for the loss needs to be determined by a doctor. Later, you need to be treated according to diagnosis.

What are the Types of the Hair Loss? 

How to Know If You are Losing Your Hair? You can determine the type of hair loss according to the amount of hair you are losing. It is normal to see falling strands, but you have to be careful about the amount. If your started to be thinner or you have empty parts in your hair, hair loss can be dangerous. These are the types of hair loss:

  • Male pattern baldness
  • Partly baldness 
  • Losing almost all of the hair of the body
  • The retreat of the hairline
  • Hair loss is caused by the wounds
  • of the body fall out completely
  • that is caused by the old age 
  • is caused by the drugs
  • Hair loss of post-natal and menopause
  • Hair loss due to infections

Is There a Way to Prevent the Hair Loss Caused by the Genetic Factors? 

A genetic factor is a common reason for hair loss. The time when you will struggle with baldness depends on your genes. Male pattern baldness is the common type of male baldness. It is caused by genetic factors. Nevertheless, today’s technology treats hair loss even caused by genetic factors. 

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The First Step of the Treatment

After the reason for the hair loss has been determined, the problem can be psychological or physical, the doctor advises the necessary cure. However, if the baldness isn’t hereditary by your genes, you won’t be bald in the end. There is no need to be worried. What if the genetic factors are the source of your loss of hair? What if your hair leaves you forever?

Is There a Remedy for the Baldness? 

Minoxidil and Finasteride medications help you to fix the loss. Minoxidil increases the number of hair strands healthily. Finasteride decreases the levels of DHT, so it stops hair loss. Our doctor determines the best treatment way for you. If genetic factors are the reasons for the hair loss, you may struggle with baldness in the future. However, even if you are completely bald, the technology is so advanced that you can meet with your hair again. Sessions of hair transplantation save you from baldness. Let’s have a look at some advice for you to protect your hair and avoid hair loss. 

How Can We Protect Our Hair? 

Hair affects our self-confidence, so we want to have nice hair. Let’s learn some tips to have healthy and bright hair. 

Firstly, you should choose the ideal shampoo according to the type of your hair. Secondly, avoiding heat styling is good for your hair because hair is too fragile to withstand heat. Then, you can use vitamin, olive oil, keratin, or coconut oil to strengthen your hair.

The reasons for hair loss can be physical, psychological, or genetic. Today, this problem can be solved easily regardless of the source of the problem. There are solutions for all your hair problems with the latest techniques and devices. If you have problems with your hair, don’t forget to communicate with us. We would be grateful to see you. You can regain your hair with the DHI, DHI Pro, and FUE hair plantation techniques. Our doctor determines the best technique which is necessary for you. How to Know If You are Losing Your Hair?

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