How Long Does A Hair Transplant Take?

How Long Does A Hair Transplant Take? The duration of the hair transplant process varies depending on the number of grafts and Sessions to be performed. Before the procedure, planning is done by properly evaluating the areas in which the patients ‘ hair is lost and the capacity of the hair in the area where the hair will be taken. Hair transplant can take approximately 6 to 9 hours depending on the number of grafts to be performed. However, these periods may also differ based on the experience of the doctor and his team.

A hair transplant can be considered a minor surgical operation

You should prepare yourself for a hair transplant 1 week before the operation. You should stop using androgenic drugs and blood thinners in consultation with your doctor. During this time, you should not drink alcohol and dye your hair. On the day of the procedure, products such as jelly and spray should not be applied to your hair and your hair should be clean.

The number of sessions to be applied may also vary depending on the stages of hair loss. The three stages of hair loss while only one session is sufficient, more advanced hair loss may increase the number of sessions.

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In a hair transplant, your structural features will also be effective in determining the number of Sessions. The important thing here is to achieve the desired result rather than the number of Sessions and to achieve natural-looking new hair. If you need more than one session in hair transplantation, it is better to wait for a certain period. This is because the hair follicles that will be taken after the session to be done decrease the yield of the remaining hair follicles. The decision on how long this waiting period will be and the number of sessions will be determined by the specialist.

How Many Sessions Does Hair Transplant Take?

You need to prepare yourself from every angle for the hair transplant process. After taking this decision, you should do very good research about hair transplantation. It is very important to choose an experienced doctor and the right hair transplant clinic. The doctor who will perform the hair transplantation procedure must be experienced and expert in the field. The number of hair transplant sessions is determined by the hair density you have.

The more hair you have, the more hair will be removed from the root. If your hair is thin, the number of hair roots to be taken will decrease accordingly. A single session can also be applied depending on the opening in your hair. These sessions can be up to 3 sessions depending on your needs. The more grafts are taken and planted in the hair transplant process, the more natural you will have the appearance.

In One Session, How Many Grafts Can Be Transplanted?

While hair transplantation is performed, certain rules must be followed. For this reason, the amount of hair that will be processed in a session must be determined. Approximately 3000 to 4000 hair transplantation can be done within the session. The determination of this number will be completely reflected in the quality of the operation. Because more hair transplants can be done in a single session.

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However, it is not so difficult to predict that this will reduce quality. It is important that more than how many strands of hair will be planted in a single session, the hair transplantation process is performed in a way that meets the patient’s wishes. This is why hair transplantation is done by dividing the hairs that will be planted in a single session into certain numbers. In this way, the quality of the hair transplant also increases. In particular, the size of the area without hair should be taken healthily by this decision. This is an element that completely reflects the experience of the hair transplant specialist.

Trying to close the entire open area at once may not result properly. Also, a hair transplant can be seen as a factor that decreases the performance of the doctor.

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