Conte Hair Transplant

Conte Hair Transplant. The topic of ’Conte hair transplant’ is often wondered by many. Hair transplantation has become a popular procedure used to regain old hair. Among many celebrities, hair transplant has become quite
attractive thanks to new techniques that are developing and constantly updated technology. Many important people, from famous footballers to players, have had hair transplants.

If you look at a new movie or any football match, you can easily see the results of many successful hair transplants. Many football fans know Conte as the former coach of Chelsea (Premier League) and former Italy national footballer. But what many do not know is that Antonio Conte has undergone hair transplant surgery. Antonio Conte chose hair transplantation to achieve permanent hair, as the peak area of his head is slightly shed and the hairline is regressed.

Who is Antonio Conte?

Antonio Conte, who started his football career at Lecce, an important team in the city of his birth, made his Serie A debut in 1985. He transferred to Juventus in 1992. After that, he served as captain until Alessandro Del Piero shone in the team. Antonio Conte, who started the 1998-1999 season as captain again due to Del Piero’s injury, played in the semi-finals of the UEFA Champions League. In the 2002-2003 season, although he and his club reached the Champions League final, they were eliminated on penalties to Milan. In 2004, he ended his active football career. As a coach, he won Serie A titles with Juventus in 2011-2012, 2012-2013, and 2013-2014 seasons.

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Why is Antonio Conte’s Hair Transplant Curious?

‘Conte hair transplant’ is a topic that many people are quite curious about. Antonio Conte is one of the first footballers to have a hair transplant procedure. The period when this important footballer had a hair transplant was when people saw it as a disgrace to have this procedure. Perhaps because of this, Antonio Conte never publicly announced his hair transplant surgery. Antonio Conte had some pretty quality hair when he took to the pitch.

However, over time, the hair on his head slowly began to become sparse. Visible due to androgenetic alopecia, as it occurred more than a bald spot. The process through which he experienced hair loss was when he played for the Italian national team. Antonio Conte’s first hair transplant was done using the old FUT hair transplant technique. Introduced in 1990, this technique was in the early stages of its development. In this technique, scar formation posed a huge problem.

Moreover, the results of this procedure were not so successful.

Antonio Conte, though, managed to have much thicker hair than before. But this procedure also brought with it signs of failure in a short time. After this process, the Italian footballer went to Vancouver to have another hair transplant technique done in 2007. FUE and DHI hair transplant techniques, combined with developing technology and progressive procedures, have given hair with incredible naturalness. Currently, DHI hair transplant, especially, has become quite popular.

Types of Hair Loss Procedures Celebrities Use Hair transplant procedures have become so comfortable that after the procedure, patients can return to their daily social activities within a maximum of 1-2 days. For this reason, athletes and celebrities prefer hair transplant techniques that offer a very comfortable period after the procedure. Currently, two different methods are successful and common for hair transplantation, which many celebrities often prefer. These:

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DHI Hair Transplant

This technique is a very effective and state of the art method for the hair transplant procedure, which results in extremely reliable results. The main difference between the DHI hair transplant procedure and the FUE hair transplant technique is the waiting time of the follicles outside the body area. The DHI hair transplant procedure offers almost no waiting time for hair follicles, which helps keep hair follicles in a healthy shape when they can. In this technique, through the specially developed Choi pen, surgeons can transfer the follicles to the problematic area, one by one, immediately after removal.

FUE Hair Transplant

Many people prefer this procedure because it is a highly reliable technique and has achieved significant successful results in recent years. The FUE procedure involves transferring hair follicles from the donor area using a micro motor device. The healing process is also relatively easier than traditional hair transplant techniques. In general, we will see more football players, basketball players or actors and actresses. Who will have hair transplant surgery in close processes. Already many celebrities have consistently preferred this procedure to treat hair loss.

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