Hair Transplant Scars

Hair Transplant Scars, Other than a hair transplant surgery, there is no solution that can offer you permanent and natural hair growth. Be that as it may, even the hair transplants can be performed by following a variety of techniques. These techniques include FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction), DHI (Direct Hair Implantation), and FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation). Particular techniques yield results that are different from the others. Some methods can even cause nasty hair transplant scars. However, none of the methods that we apply in our facility is going to give you scars or other inconveniences.

The FUE and DHI methods are extremely safe, and a lot of patients with hair loss problems choose these methods. This is due to the fact that these methods are far more advanced and superior compared to the old and obsolete ones. Besides, you will not encounter any sort of scars after you undergo a DHI or FUE hair transplant operation. 

We are well aware of all the redeeming qualities of the FUE and DHI operations. Consequently, we have decided that these methods are the most efficient for providing our patients with the results they desire.

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Does FUE and DHI Hair Transplant Leave Scars?

The FUE and DHI methods that we apply in our clinic offer 100% safe hair transplants. Moreover, they do not leave any scars on the scalp of the patient after the surgery. Because the incisions in these operations are microscopically small. However, this does not mean that these surgeries are going to be safe regardless of the clinic you choose. 

As a matter of fact, some facilities are really bad, and in some extreme cases, they are not even legal. Having a hair transplant in one of those clinics may be a very bad idea. Because the disappointing results of these operations will take a lot of effort to revert. So, before you choose your hair transplant clinic, make sure that they have the necessary credentials for performing the operation.

All the cosmetic surgeries require experienced doctors who can elaborately work on fulfilling the desires of their patients. Hair transplant surgery is no exception since the doctor needs to work very meticulously in order to succeed. If you go to a hair transplant clinic whose doctors lack these fine qualities, you will probably end up disappointed. 

FUT Hair Transplant Scars

DHI and FUE hair transplant do not leave any scars on the scalp of the patient. Unless of course, the patient comes across a hair transplant clinic of poor quality. Due to their advantages over the other methods, we only use these DHI and FUE in our hair transplant clinic.

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On the other hand, a FUT surgery will definitely leave some easily visible post-operation scars. This is due to the way how a doctor performs FUT hair transplant surgery. The FUT is an extremely crude method compared to the DHI or FUE. The linear scars after a FUT hair transplant are very distinctive and easy to take notice. 

However, FUT scars are still very unpredictable. Some patients may have a very thin linear scar, and the others may have stretched wounds. There is no telling whether a FUT scar will remain the same or stretch over time. Usually, a patient who has FUT hair transplant scars will need to keep his hair long to cover the scars. Nevertheless, the restriction of never being able to have short hair can be very annoying.

There are some cosmetic makeup products that can slightly cover the scars of FUT surgery. However, you should keep in mind that these products are merely a temporary solution. The only effective and permanent way to get rid of the FUT scars is an FUE hair transplant surgery. Our doctors can help you conceal the scars of a FUT by transplanting hair around the location of the scar. This way, the transplanted hair will cover the scar and make it very hard to notice.

Another advantage of an FUE hair transplant over the FUT is the recovery time. Recovering from a FUT hair transplant will take really long, and this will be uncomfortable. On the other hand, you will recover very soon after an FUE hair transplant.

Scarless Hair Transplant

If you want to have a hair transplant without having to deal with post-operation scars, you should have an DHI. The FUE hair transplant is also a good choice for avoiding the scars. However, to make sure that you achieve a scarless hair transplant, you should be very careful while choosing the clinic. 

The DHI and FUE hair transplant surgeries have been around for years and they do not leave scars. Nonetheless, choosing the wrong clinic for your hair transplant may bring catastrophic outcomes. 

The satisfaction of our patients has always been one of the primary goals in our clinic. That is why we keep going forward and bettering ourselves each year. As of now, we are the leading clinic when it comes to hair transplant in Turkey. Considering the fact that Turkey is the best country for hair transplants, we are honoured to be the best here.


Does hair transplant surgery leave scars?

FUT hair transplant can leave scars on your scalp, but we do not perform this type of hair transplant. FUE and DHI hair transplants are what we perform, and they do not leave any scars on the patient’s scalp. However, if you have the procedure done in a lousy clinic, you may have post-op scars.

Will I feel pain after a hair transplant surgery?

There are no reports of pain after hair transplant surgery. All you need to get the procedure from a reputable clinic, like ours.

Can FUE hair transplant cover the scars of a FUT hair transplant?

We can transplant hair around the area of the FUT scars. This will cover the scars of the FUT hair transplant. 

Do I need a full-scale FUE hair transplant for covering the scars of the FUT?

No, the FUE hair transplants with this kind of aims do not require a large amount of hair transplant. Therefore, the operation takes less time and requires less hair in the donor area.

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