Hair loss In Women Over 30

Hair loss In Women Over 30 Like people usually assume, hair loss is not just a problem that men face. Many women also suffer from this dreadful reality called hair loss. Women over thirty years of age are especially susceptible to this condition. You will most likely find more strands of hair on your pillow or brush each day as you get older and older. There are some conditions that can even render women bald, contrary to public belief. There are many different reasons for losing hair. For treatment, knowing the issue and offering a solution specific to the problem is the first step in curing hair loss.

Hair is an integral part of our culture so losing it may cause women to be unhappy with their looks or life. Losing hair may even cause depression. So hair loss in women over 30, should not be taken lightly. There are thankfully many ways of combatting this ugly eventuality. Of course the best way of getting rid of hair loss is getting a hair transplant.

What are the issues that result in hair loss?

Some of the issues that cause loss of hair are common, while others are rare. But all in all, whatever is the reason, losing hair is a scary thing to endure. Here are some of the reasons for hair loss.

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  • Heredity: Hereditary factors manifesting themselves over the years is easily the most widespread issue that results in baldness. The scientific name for this issue is Androgenic alopecia.
  • Medical issues: Adjustments our body goes through stem from hormonal changes that our body does on its own or from external adjustments.  Scalp infections, the immune system rejecting all hair on the body, etc. may also cause loss of your hair.
  • Hormonal anomalies: Hormonal changes our body goes through during childbirth, menopause, or pregnancy, and hormonal issues such as thyroid problems may also result in loss of hair.
  • Drugs and diet: Some harmful addictives, while causing addiction, sickness, and even death may also be guilty of making you lose your hair.
  • Radiotherapy: Radiotherapy, often applied to treat cancer, more times than not results in people losing their hair.
  • Excessive hairstyling: This reason for loss of hair especially coupled with lots of harmful chemicals might result in baldness.
  • Telogen effluvium, or hair loss caused by trauma, is another reason for losing your hair. This almost always occurs due to physical or emotional trauma and it is usually temporary.
  • Anagen effluvium is the condition that we see a lot around us. The main cause for this type of hair loss is drugs such as chemicals used for chemotherapy.

Preventing loss of hair before it even happens isn’t always be possible, so if you can’t avoid these issues that may result in your hair falling off, your best alternative is undergoing a hair transplant operation.

Which treatment methods are available for hair loss?

There are many different alternatives for curing hair loss. Some of these are temporary or purely cosmetic and some of these might to work as well as it should depending on the reason for your hair loss or the condition of your scalp. But due to the advancements in science and technology, there is an answer for anyone. While hair transplant is still the best choice for due to its efficiency and long lasting results, you may want to choose a different alternative. Here are some ways of getting your hair back or at least looking like you have your hair back (since there are some cosmetic operations listed.)

  • Supplements : there are many herbal or chemical supplements that can give your body the needed boost for regrowing your hair or strengthening your follicles. These supplements should always be taken under advisement of a medical expert.
  • Hair care products: There are many natural or chemical types of creams, serums and shampoos that might revitalize or even help your hair to grow back.
  • Low-level laser (or cold laser) treatment: With this treatment, cold lasers are shot directly to your follicles to stimulate them.
  • Microblading: microblading can be seen as a tattoo for your hair. This treatment is purely cosmetic and can only give good results when you already have some amount of hair left on your scalp for a natural look.
  • Micropigmentation: Micropigmentation is similar to microblading but lacks the precise strandlike look of the said treatment.
  • Hair transplant: Hair transplant operations are the best method for regaining your looks back.

Hair transplant in Turkey

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