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Hair Loss Specialist Pittsburgh Hair loss is a big problem not only for men, but also for women. There are many hair loss problems. Genetic factors in particular are a common cause of hair shedding. People who have had problems with this issue for many years cannot find a definitive solution despite their many interventions.

Hair transplantation is one of the most effective methods to have beautiful hair again. However, it is unfortunately very difficult to find a successful center for hair loss specialist pittsburgh.  Since hair transplantation is an area that requires expertise, it is essential that the doctors who will apply this method are well researched. So when do you need to see a specialist? What are the main causes of hair loss?

Why Does Hair Loss?

Hair loss is a common occurrence. Most people in the world are struggling with this problem. In order to eliminate hair loss, it is necessary to find the source of the problem. The main reasons are:

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  • Malnutrition: The nutritional source of our hair is the minerals and vitamins in our body. If these are not stored adequately, hair loss problems begin. It is necessary to control the daily intake of food sources.
  • Hormone Disorder: This situation affects women more. Especially women with estrogen deficiency or polycystic ovary syndrome face male pattern hair loss. Male pattern hair loss causes thinning of hair from the sides of the press. It is one of the reasons that make hair transplant in Turkey
  • Drugs and treatments: Hair loss can be the side effects of some medications used regularly. It may be helpful to consult your doctor and explain your problem in changing your medication. At the same time, hair loss occurs in people who receive chemotherapy or eczema treatment.
  • Pregnancy: Postpartum women may experience hair loss caused by hormones. This is normal. Within 1-2 months, the spills decrease.
  • Stress: Difficult living standards cause us to get more stressed. Excessive stress weakens and sheds the hair.

If your hair loss has been going on for a long time and you can no longer stop it, you need the opinions of a specialist.

What Are The Solutions For Hair Loss?

Hair loss is no longer an unsolvable situation. Many medical resources can produce solutions to these problems of people. The important thing is to know what the problem is. In some cases, drug treatment even allows hair to regrow within months. However, if baldness is extensive and loss is a condition that has existed for years, waiting is only a waste of time. Hair transplant is a successful method to compensate for this loss.

What is Hair Transplant?

Hair transplantation is the transplantation of existing hairs to bald parts by various methods. This method has been used for years and is constantly improved. Many techniques are developed considering the complaints of the patients and the quality of the transplant.

What Are Hair Transplant Methods?

Experts work hard to develop the best hair transplant technique to date. The first of the most used methods is the FUT technique. However, the risks of hair transplantation are very high in Fut. Stitch marks are evident due to the large cuts made on the scalp. At the same time, unfortunately, every hair follicle transplanted does not hold. Therefore, DHI techniques that have been developed with FUE are more advantageous. These two differ in terms of method and post-transplant conditions.

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FUE the best hair transplant is an advantageous method compared to FUT. Since the cuts on the scalp are smaller, the stitch marks are not very visible. It is a more preferred method as it also gives the opportunity to transplant more hair. However, since FUE is not seen as an adequate method for doctors, the DHI method has been developed which gives more successful results.

What Is The Best Hair Transplant Method?

DHI is a hair transplant Turkey method frequently used by specialist doctors. In FUE and FUT methods, it is necessary to cut the scalp to transplant the grafts, while DHI transplants the donor hair with a special pen. Thanks to this pen called Choi implanter;

  • No need to cut
  • Thus, the severity of pain after transplantation is less.
  • Hair can be transplanted more often
  • Since the removal and transplantation of the donor hair is done quickly with the same pen, the hair follicle does not wait too long outside. In this way, hair transplantation has a very high chance of success.

For people who are looking for a hair loss specialist in pittsburgh, you can meet our specialist doctors at our number one hair transplant center and get the look you dream of.

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