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Free Hair Consultation Consultation is required to evaluate the present and potential hair loss trend and to decide the recommended course of action. Consultation with our qualified and professional patient specialist is usually free of charge. At your appointment, and whether you are necessary, you will be presented with an estimation of the number of grafts and procedures you require.

Your Consultation with Our Doctor

Your initial appointment with our doctor will take about 30 minutes. During this time, the doctor will discuss the medical and surgical care options available to you. The treatment plan of each patient is personalized to your age, level of hair loss, and expected outcome. A video microscope may be used to show the degree of thinning required, and a treatment strategy may be presented and completely cost. No GP referral is required.

You are welcome to arrange a second appointment if you find you need more details. At the time of your appointment, a detailed brochure will be given. Discover all the surgical hair loss treatment and non-surgical hair loss treatment options open to you to better manage your hair loss and stimulate hair growth. In our middle, we give free consultation on hair loss to men and women suffering from thinning hair problems. We provide diagnostics and care from our central London clinic for multiple hair loss disorders including:

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  • In male: Male hair loss, male trait baldness, androgen alopecia areata, alopecia totalis, alopecia universalis, male stress associated hair loss, male premature baldness, hair loss due to malnutrition, post-surgical hair loss, trauma caused baldness.
  • In female: Female hair loss, female hereditary baldness, female alopecia, diffuse hair loss, postmenopausal hair loss, post-birth hair loss, hair loss due to malnutrition, post-surgical hair loss, female stress associated hair loss, trauma triggered baldness, scalp hair loss.

What’s Going to Happen During a Hair Loss Consultation?

Original advice on hair loss is free of charge at our central London clinic. During this appointment time, we will examine the cause of your thinning hair and then explore the different solutions available to you. Using a Pro scope, a versatile magnifier that is attached to a machine, the trichology will closely inspect the hair and skin, taking pictures for reference later. You will also be asked a set of questions aimed at determining the general state of your wellbeing. Both problems may be linked to medicine, diet, family history, lifestyle, and the latest haircare regime.

There are 46 different potential causes of human hair loss. It can happen at any moment, and it is recognized that it affects men and women at any age and boys as young as 16 years of age. The good news, though, is that if care is pursued early enough, it is almost certainly possible to avoid additional hair loss and the beginning of baldness. We would not need to call your GP and will only send you back to the GP if the medical problem or side effects of any drug are considered to be the source of the hair loss. Upon the conclusion of your initial diagnosis appointment, we will inform you if your hair loss is treatable and develop an action plan.

What Happens Following a Hair Loss Consultation?

Having determined the cause of your hair loss, we will inform you of the course of treatment. Treatments differ widely from person to person and are gender-specific. Both therapies provided by our company are 100 % healthy and normal.

Male Treatment

The therapies we give to males will avoid hair loss and discourage further follicular miniaturization. Any patients are also undergoing hair regrowth. There are no side effects to our therapies and it is advised that a person should continue the course of treatment for a period of 6 months, particularly if the cause of hair loss is hereditary.

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Female Treatments

Treatments that we give to females experiencing hair loss can depend on several factors. In certain cases, these defining factors will be affected by the health condition of the woman and the balance of her hormones. Stress, breastfeeding, anemia, and menopause can also be causes, as can the sort of contraception she is taking, and if she is otherwise in bad health. If the cause of her hair loss is determined to be hereditary, a minimum of 3 months of care should be pursued.

Benefits Having a Hair Transplant Consultation From Our Company

  • You will know whether or not you are eligible for a hair transplant operation.
  • You’ll know just how much the surgery is going to cost and how many grafts you need.
  • If you meet our specialist patient experts in our company, you can get your questions professionally addressed face to face.
  • Our specialist patient advisors can also take the pictures specifically in compliance with the specifications of our physicians.
  • In all cases, the photographs will be reviewed by our professionally qualified hair surgeons and you will receive a customized report on your case, not a predetermined template, unlike many other providers.
  • The overwhelming majority of our hair loss customers show good outcomes using our validated hair loss care procedures. This involves preventing hair loss and, in many cases, seeing hair regrowth.

Consultations are also Available!

As a globally renowned hair transplant company, we give FREE-Face-to- Face / Video / WhatsApp / Email and Mobile Consultations- Call now to book one!

Your visit will be with one of our hair loss physicians, technicians, or professional-patient coordinators.

Any of our team members have had a hair transplant operation themselves because they know the ins and outs of what a successful hair transplant can be from a patient’s viewpoint. It’s a huge decision, and we want you to be well prepared with the expertise to make the best-educated decision for you, and that’s precisely why we have qualified and highly skilled advisors. Fill in the form below and you will be called back by a polite member of our team!

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