Ear Reduction Surgery

Ear Reduction Surgery in Turkey 

People are born with different physical structures. Some people can have abnormal physical traits due to different reasons. There is also a cosmetic ear surgery to fix bat ears. A lot of people have issues with the appearance of their ears. Prominent ears, really small and big ears can cause for a lot of people feel lowly about themselves. Ear reduction help those people to become more confident. People who have abnormally big ears might feel uncomfortable even from their childhood. Ears start to get developed from the womb and it keep developing after the birth too. Abnormally big ears are easy to notice from the childhood for so many cases. Ear reduction surgery in Turkey can be done to children with parental consent.

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Ear Reduction

Ears can be under developed or grow abnormally bigger due to different reasons. It might because of genetic issues or health issues. After a child has developed enough, they are allowed to get an ear reduction surgery. The age limit is usually over 5 but it is important to contact a doctor to learn more information about it.

Every child and also every adult has different bodies and different health conditions. So, it can cause difference scenarios for different cases. People who have abnormally bigger ears can get an ear surgery to correct their ear shapes. Ear surgeries offer people to fix the shape, size and also positioning the ears. It can be done for an ear and also for both of the ears.

Who Is Suitable for Ear Reduction Surgery?

Ear reduction helps people to resize their ears. People can be naturally born with larger ears. Some children might already have developed abnormally big ears even though they are young. However, some people might start to developed abnormally big ears as they get older. Ear reduction surgery is for everyone. The only age limit is 5 since below 5 is really younger and they aren’t able to completely develop their basic body structures. There can be found many alternatives when it comes to prices for an ear surgery.

How Long Does an Ear Surgery Last? 

People can get their ears fixed by an ear surgery easily. The recovery process is actually shorter than most surgeries. People also can fix their abnormally small ears and also their prominent ears. Ear reduction helps to reduce the size of it. It is a case where a patient has abnormally bigger or larger macrotia. Reduction surgery for ears completely gives natural results. So, the ears of patient won’t look unnatural after the surgery. A simple ear surgery can last for 1 to 3 hours. However, it can become longer for different cases. An average ear reduction surgery can also last for the same time too.

Recovery After Ear Reduction

Every patient will have different process after getting an ear reduction surgery. So, the first thing a patient should do is listening to their doctors. The patient isn’t allowed to drive after the surgery. It is because the patient will be still affected from the anesthesia. Patients should be really careful during the recovery.

They might feel uncomfortable of it since they will have a bandage over their head. The bandage will be taken off after 3 to 4 weeks. However, patients should definitely use a protective bandage or headband to keep protecting their ears. Recovery time period is 6 weeks on average but everyone has different scenarios. So, it might take a longer time for some people to completely heal from the surgery.

Ear Reduction Process

The ear reduction surgery starts with giving the patient anesthesia. Some doctors can give local anesthesia while some can give general anesthesia. General anesthesia is more used on children to make them more comfortable. The surgery can take time for at least an hour but it can also last for more than 3 hours depending on the complexity. An ear surgery doesn’t have any visible scars after the surgery. So, all patients have natural looking ears.

Ear Correction Surgery

Ear correction surgery is usually done for young children who are around 5 to 14 years. A child usually reaches their growth around when they are 5 years old. So, the age limit is 5 years but it can show difference for every case. Ear correction surgeries have different types. They can be done to reshape the ears or to pin the ears back.

Prominent ears are really common around adults and mostly children. Ear correction surgery is for making a macrotia smaller. Macrotia is a term that is used for abnormally larger ears. People who have macrotia can get a normal look to their ears by an ear surgery.

Cosmetic Ear Surgery

Ear surgeries can be done for different cases. It creates many opportunities by offering people ways to change the shape, size and the placement of their ears. For example, people might have abnormally located ears on their heads. Some people can be born with the ears that are far away from the head. It can cause health issues in rare cases. All people actually have different sized and shaped ears but the key is if it is abnormal or not.

People who have abnormal ears can definitely tell that they don’t have normal sized ears. It can cause low-esteem for a lot of people. Children who deal with different ear structures from others usually feel sad because of the difference they have. Ear reduction surgery helps adults and especially children to have healthy sized ears. They should definitely see a doctor if a parent observes abnormality on the ears of their child.

Ear Reshaping

Abnormally sized ears can be fixed by an ear resizing surgery. Ear reduction surgery also helps people to resize their ears for a healthy size. People can larger ears than normal sizes due to different reasons. It might a health issue or just a developing error. The ear reduction process promises everyone to resize the ears. The surgery also can be done to equal the both of the ears if one ear is larger than the other one. Ear reduction surgery helps reducing the size of the ear.

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