Tummy Tuck for Men

Tummy Tuck For Men

Aesthetic appearance is no longer a matter of concern only to women. Tummy tuck for men  is a frequently researched topic. In principle, any healthy man or woman who is not satisfied with his/her saggy stomach is suitable for abdominoplasty. These surgeries are usually women after pregnancy or men and women who have lost a lot of weight. If your belly button is firmly in place, you are suitable for a mini tummy tuck.

After pregnancy or weight loss, it’s perfectly normal to have excess skin on the abdomen, usually below the navel. This is difficult as it can get in the way of clothing, make exercising difficult, and cause skin irritations. With tummy tuck for men, you remove the skin and fat from the abdomen and make it flatter. In these cases, tummy tuck surgery is performed.

Who Are Suitable for Tummy Tuck Men?

Many people suffer from excess fat in the abdomen. Sometimes we can correct this with liposuction, but most often there is a sharp excess of skin, for example, after pregnancy or severe weight loss. Then, tummy tuck for men and women surgery is needed to achieve a good result.

Plastic surgery is on the rise among men. More and more people turning to the surgeon as an alternative when exercise is not the solution. Plastic surgery isn’t just for young men, it’s common nowadays for men over 40 to want to fulfill their desire to feel better. Tummy tuck for men surgery is usually performed to create excessive weight loss, loose abdomen that occurs after not exercising, or to create the abdominal muscle wall that has weakened over the years.

Male Tummy Tuck

If there is excess fat and skin both above and below the navel, surgeons recommend a more extensive a male tummy tuck. For those who experience a sharp weight loss after significant obesity, this is often the only way to regain their stomach shape. If excess fat and skin continue on the back of the body, we prefer to operate peripheral tummy tuck  for maximum effect.

If there is excess fat and skin just below the belly button, we recommend a more limited abdominal surgery called a “mini abdominoplasty”. For example, the abdominal muscles that relax after pregnancy are also removed by mini tummy tuck surgery. The best candidates for a tummy tuck for men and women are men or women who are not overweight and in good shape but have loose saggy skin that is causing problems on their abdomen. A bloated or saggy stomach can be as uncomfortable for men as it is for women.

Is Tummy Tuck Difficult?

We perform abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) to correct problems that occur after weight and volume changes in the area around the abdomen. Whether you are a suitable candidate for the procedure depends largely on how the problem arose, what goals you have with the operation, and how ready you are to change your lifestyle. Tummy tuck for men and women aims to improve living conditions.

One of the most common reasons for having a tummy tuck is to restore the tummy after pregnancy. The reasons for this are the sagging of the abdomen and the worsening of the stretch marks. Large volume changes in the area around the abdomen often lead to sagging skin and bloating in the stomach. Here, the change in the body during pregnancy is similar to the change in drastic weight loss.

Recovery after Tummy Tuck

A tummy tuck is a relatively major surgery. The first time after the procedure can be quite difficult. Recovery and recovery after tummy tuck You may experience pain and difficulty in movement in the first week after tummy tuck surgery. This is completely natural. Surgery involves a great burden on the body, which takes time to recover.

Depending on the size of the surgery and the person’s body resistance, recovery times may take time. You are usually able to leave the clinic on the day of the surgery. However, depending on some hospitals and the condition of the patients, you can stay for 1 or 2 nights. A corset that fixes the torso is provided for the tummy tuck for men and women.

What Should You Expect after Tummy Tuck?

There are important points that you should pay attention to after the operation. When you remove the corset that you need to wear for 2 months, your abdomen may stretch again. We will ask our patients to pay attention to weight gain. Excess weight gain causes the skin to swell in the abdomen. That’s why you must work with a good nutritionist.

As we gain weight, not only does our skin stretch. At the same time, cracks begin to form. Many people who benefit from tummy tuck for men and women surgery regain their old appearance because they gain weight again. For this reason, you need to be careful to stay at a stable weight.

How Much Does a Tummy Tuck for Men Cost?

Tummy tuck surgery is a comprehensive process. It is naturally costs comparatively more than other aesthetic operations. However, when you pay attention to the warnings, it has a life-long permanence. At the same time, it not only provides a beautiful appearance, but also contributes to the improvement of your living standards. This means a quality life for tummy tuck for men and many women.

Tummy tuck surgery for men costs less in Turkey. You can get through the best all-inclusive-packages and deals from ClinicExpert medical consultants.

Is Tummy Tuck Expensive? 

Cost is not a very important issue when you consider the possibilities it provides and the beautiful life you have achieved. If you are in the sadness of living with a big and saggy belly all your life, this operation will enable you to enter a much better process. If you have started to lose your self-confidence and want to regain it as soon as possible, you can make an appointment with a good surgeon for tummy tuck men and women.

Male Tummy Tuck in Turkey 

Consequently tummy tuck for men and women raises your living standards. If you want to gather more information about male tummy tuck in Turkey, don’t hesitate to contact our medical consultants. You can reach to us via WhatsApp or patient form.

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