Skinny BBL in Turkey

Skinny BBL in Turkey 

BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift), is a popular surgical procedure. It is developed over a long period of time, in which a surgeon use the patient’s own fat is to make their butt appear higher, rounder and fuller. Skinny BBL is a Butt Augmentation without using an implant. It is a simple application. If you are afraid of major operations, it might work for you.

During the procedure, a surgeon performs liposuction to remove unwanted fat from certain parts of your body, usually the thighs, back, abdomen, and hips. Although this procedure is a surgical procedure, the incision size is very small and therefore not dangerous. They then use this to inject some of the fat into the hips and buttocks, widening your hips and butt, and creating an hourglass figure with a Skinny BBL.

Skinny BBL in Turkey has become more and more popular nowadays. Foreign patients are coming to Turkey from their countries to get a Skinny BBL at affordable prices. You can contact our medical consultants via WhatsApp to gather information about prestigious hospital’s deals and all-inclusive packages of Skinny BBL in Turkey.

How Long Does a BBL Take To Heal?

It usually takes about six weeks to heal from a BBL. For the first two weeks, you will need to avoid both sitting and laying directly on your backside. You will be required to sleep on your side or stomach, and use a donut seat or pillow when sitting. The seat/pillow may need to be used for up to eight weeks in some cases.

BBL is suitable for people who are healthy but have enough body fat for the surgeon to use for butt lift. We perform procedure mainly on men and women who think their hips are too small or too flat. It is the most talked and applied aesthetic method of recent times.

For Skinny BBL, if you are too thin, surgeons will have a hard time finding the fat to be injected into your buttock. You may need to gain between 3 and 10 pounds before surgery to ensure there is enough fat to be transferred to the hips. It is of course important to maintain a healthy lifestyle, including regular exercise.

How Does BBL Work?

A BBL procedure takes between two and four hours, depending on your surgeon’s technique. Here’s what to expect during this time. Your surgeon will interview you about your goals, and the results you can expect. He/she will mark  your skin as you stand up to identify areas where fat will be removed and then added.

After the Skinny BBL treatment, your medical teatm will take your photos so you can see and compare the result. Some surgeons prefer general anesthesia for operations involving larger areas, while others prefer local anesthesia because they believe it is safer when the patient is awake. This depends on the surgeon.

How Much Does a BBL Cost?

BBL price depends on the number of areas where the surgeon has applied liposuction to you, the level of experience and the location of the clinic. There are many places on the internet that offer very cheap prices. Be wary of surgeons advertising big discounts. If you want the BBL operation to be successful and trouble-free, then finding a reliable surgeon will be your priority. When it comes to surgery, the fact that the cost is too cheap indicates that the quality is low.

When it comes to your health, you have to make very careful choices about it. For this, you should do very good research and listen to the experiences of people who have Skinny BBL around you. If this process is worrisome for you, it is very important that you find answers to your questions. It is possible that you do not like your new body after the operation. That’s why you have to be sure of how you want to look.

Forever Young BBL

Forever Young BBL can provide very natural results. You can also get rid of your fat while we have great hips. We can absorb fat in various parts of the body such as waist, arms and abdomen by liposuction method and transferred to the buttocks. This surgery is not a weight loss method. But if your body is too lean to have any fat then your doctor will tell you to gain some weight. BBL treatments are among the most dangerous cosmetic surgical procedures due to the risky surgical techniques of some surgeons. Therefore, you should make sure that your surgeon is successful.

Full recovery after Forever Young BBL can take up to six weeks. Additionally, you should not sit or engage in activities that put pressure on your hips for at least two weeks to prevent the transplanted fat from shifting. Results vary from patient to patient. This is because approximately 40% of the transplanted fat is naturally absorbed by your body during the first four months after Forever Young BBL.

Skinny BBL Recovery Period

Skinny BBL is a successful way to get bigger butts. After a successful Skinny BBL operation, you can immediately see a volume on your hip. But it may take up to four months for you to really see the final results. During this time, swelling caused by surgery and liposuction will decrease. In addition, you may lose some of the transferred fat cells during this period. This is normal. In many people, some of the fat continues to exist in the pop. After about 4 or 5 months of healing, most of the remaining fat cells will be permanent. The results are permanent for a long time. There are people who use it for 5 years.

To be able to use Skinny BBL for a long time, it is very important to maintain a stable weight. Losing too much weight can cause your hips to shrink again, while weight gain can change the proportion of your hips. We can improve asymmetry, bruises or suboptimal results by transferring extra fat to your hips. There is no harm in repeating this operation when your hips return to their original state.

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