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Clinicexpert Thickening Fibers A decrease in hair may occur over time depending on age and other factors. Shampoos we use, the foods we eat and drying methods cause may hair wear and loss. It is important to eat healthy to have healthy hair. We should use natural shampoos. Be gentle when combing and drying. In addition, the medical world is quite developed to  replicate and heal hair. Hair transplantation is the most preferred method in this regard.

Hair transplantation, which is a kind of aesthetic application, provides the hair to multiply healthy without damaging the scalp. Your pain will be quite minimal. Since it is a non-surgical method, complications that may occur during surgery are not in question in this method. Therefore, you can choose safely without fear.

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Hair Transplant Methods

There are 3 methods for hair transplantation,

▪ FUT (Follicular Unit Transfer)

▪ FUE ( Follicular Unit Extraction)

▪ DHI (Direct Hair Implantation)

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FUT and FUE techniques are old methods. It also has some negative effects.  DHI method is the latest and most reliable method. Hair transplantation in Turkey is carried out successfully with this method.

FUT technique is carried out by removing the hair from the donor area and planting them in the relevant area in the form of strips but the FUT method has some drawbacks. Postoperative stitch marks may remain. Infection may develop if the stitches are not taken. Drowsiness may occur after application. There may be some swelling and redness around the eye. It could be hair rotation. Healing process may be late and it could be pain. This method is no longer used due to such effects.  DHI method is more logical and correct.

FUE technique is better but it is not as accurate as DHI.  No stitch mark appear after the operation. There is not risk of infection  but it could be hair rotation. There may be a small amount of bleeding.  DHI method is more proper in this topic.

The most important difference of DHI hair transplantation is that can be done without shaving. Hair follicles are to be damaged the probability is very low. There is no pain in DHI technique compared to FUE and FUT method. This operation is widely performed in Turkey, especially in Istanbul.

This operation; which is also quite demanded from abroad, is carried out at a very affordable price in Turkey. Thousands of people who have received this treatment are quite satisfied with the result and recommend it to their relatives. Destroy your fears about aesthetics! With this painless, charming technique, your hair will look plump and healthy!

DHI Method

DHI method; which is the latest technique in hair transplantation, is advantageous in many ways. Biggest reason it is preferred by patients is that it is a method that does not make patients feel pain. It is a method used by specialist doctors. This operation should be applied very carefully. This for it should be applied by experienced doctors. Professional doctors in Turkey carry out this operation successfully.

The healing process in the DHI method will also be quickly. You will be able to return to your daily life in a short time. During the operation, almost no the bleeding will not be. It is an extremely safe method.

Doctors Who Hair Transplant In Turkey

Turkey; which is one of the most successful countries in the world in aesthetics, we can say is also in the first place in hair transplantation. Advantages of hair transplantation in Turkey,

▪ Economic. This operation is carried out at an affordable price.

▪ It is a reliable and healthy operation.

▪ Doctors in Turkey are in very good communication with their patients. Therefore, to your wishes will be in the best way answered.

Things To Attention In Hair Transplantation

First, you should consult a specialist clinic that can do this job. Cleaning and hygiene of the clinic is important. Your preferred doctor should inform you very well about the procedure. The doctor must predominate the operation.

Before the operation, some tests are performed on the patient. If the patient is suitable for the operation and is ready, the operation begins. A seance can last up to 7 hours. Local anesthesia is applied.  Best hair transplant is the DHI method.

Overcome Your Aesthetic Fears!

You don’t have to go on your life with your lifeless and spilled hair! Of course, everyone wants their hair to be strong and healthy. You don’t have to go through difficult surgeries to ensure this permanently! Get spectacular hair with the latest technology hair transplantation method DHI. You’ll see how meaningless your aesthetic fears are because in this method there is no pain.

Now, thousands of people who suffer from their hair regain their hair with this method. Moreover, in a much healthier way! You can get help from our clinic on this topic. Take advantage of this great innovation in hair transplantation. Clinicexpert Thickening Fibers

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