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Clinicexpert Hair Locations With more than 12 years of experience, ClinicExpert has a high degree of international standards-based health service at a fair price.  At our company, we host our patients from all over the world, particularly from Europe and the Middle East, and help them find precise and efficient health services that concentrate on the comfort and needs of the patient.

In the solution to your health issues, we see health as a whole, fulfill your aesthetic needs. From overweight surgery to cosmetic procedures, dental enhancements, and hair transplantation, we deliver an effective solution to your health issues. We will be with you in all the phases of your care, in addition to our specialist medical team and the expertise of all the staff and administrators, and we will schedule a hotel booking and transporting free of charge.

Hair Transplant

If you can not stop worrying about balding areas on your head, one of the best choices you have is to undergo hair transplantation. You will feel great about how you already look a few months after the operation. We have a free digital consultation to learn more about hair transplantation, and if you are a valid candidate for such a process, please feel free to contact our team on our website.

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Foreign patients take a short vacation wherever they go, more often than not, particularly if the place has tourist attractions. Istanbul is a paradise in this sense. Istanbul is an ancient city with a history that goes back 3,000 years. Throughout the decades, various civilizations ruled over this city, and therefore, they all left their mark here. There were people from a wide variety of different cultures, all sharing their culture, leaving us with endless things to see and destinations to go.

More significantly, as we described above, it is the best choice for you to have a hair transplant operation if you:

  • Check for a budget-friendly venue,
  • You just want a pleasant vacation,

In general, we offer a lot for those who want to have a perfect operation. Get in contact with our team for more detail about the rates and processes. We would be delighted, as ClinicExpert, to welcome you here, at the center of medical tourism.

Get a personalized evaluation, negotiate your quote and payment choices for your hair transplant. You can get accurate details about the care you want, create a free treatment plan, and take full advantage of our VIP services through specialized consulting services.

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The most common and effective techniques applied at our company;

DHI Hair Transplant

The DHI (Direct Hair Implantation) or Implanter Pen Technique is used to implant the hair follicles taken with the FUE system into the skin using the pen (Implanter). In hair transplant surgery, the procedure makes a more sophisticated, efficient, pain-free, and quick healing process. The combination of the DHI method and the expertise of our doctor, hair follicles are implanted one by one into the region to be planted. With the DHI pen, which was designed to allow implantation based on its particular angle, direction, and depth, each hair follicle is planted as the maximum living hair follicle.

DHI Method

Throughout the patient’s lifespan, the planted hair will grow and remain. The whole procedure is carried out by our DHI-trained physicians. The hair follicles are eliminated from the donor site one by one in the DHI method and prepared in 1mm or less as special parts. Follicles are preserved without disintegration, cutting, or touching at the required temperature and in special solutions. In the region in which hair follicles are to be implanted, without opening the holes and cuts, 1 mm or less is planted directly with the DHI pen method. The patient recovers the living hair follicles and growing hair throughout his life as a consequence of the implementation of depth, direction, and angle in each graft.

Advantages of DHI Hair Transplant;

  • Since the tips of the pen are small, hair transplantation is carried out more often.
  • the hair planted with the pen is easier to give direction (angle), a more natural look is given.
  • the channel does not need to be opened, existing hair is not harmed in the region.
  • channel does not need to be opened, bleeding is less in the plantation area and, thus, recovery is quicker.
  • In the field where planting will be carried out, haircutting is not mandatory.
  • The tissue survival rate is higher.
  • In follicle transfer, less damage occurs.
  • The maximum frequency is achieved and a natural appearance is obtained.


Assisted by low-level laser and PRP treatment, this combination is important to ease the way for better performance, setting the stage for the traditional DHI phase. The process begins with our doctor inspecting the site of the donor to assess the possible number of grafts to be extracted and to make sure that it is adequate to fully cover the bald region.

Our patient experiences the PRP scalp injections until all is arranged and pre-procedural checks are reviewed.  Local anesthesia is administered before the graft extraction process to avoid any kind of discomfort during the surgery. The grafts are safely preserved in Hypothermosol solution using the micro-motor for graft extracting, holding the graft cells as alive as possible; then the typical DHI begins, utilizing the CHOI pens to cautiously insert the grafts into the specified area one by one. Clinicexpert Hair Locations

We have all procedures for women as well;

The topic of hair loss and thinning among women is becoming increasingly prevalent. Women can now get treatment without hesitation and get their healthy hair permanently with the brand new DHI hair transplant method. For females, we give a safe and comfortable atmosphere. With the newest tech, our expert staff will assist you to have your healthy hair back. In females, in special phases such as pregnancy and menopause, hair loss may have genetic or seasonal, or ecological effects. For example, the most typical problems of hair loss in women include hormonal abnormality, iron deficiency, malnutrition, menstrual irregularity, and thyroid disorders. Also, there are significant effects on the female body from pregnancy and birth. Hair loss is one of these consequences. After treating the cause of hair loss, a hair transplant is the only effective way of getting back healthy hair.

DHI Hair Transplant Procedure

The DHI hair transplant procedure for females has many benefits. The method allows us to conduct a procedure that is unshaven and traceless. Consequently, for female patients, it is a great option. Our physicians personally take the hair follicles and transplant them without opening channels right after the collection. Owing to this procedure, the direction of the hair and front hairline remains close to nature as much as possible for the hair transplant procedure.

Resultantly, a healthy appearance after the procedure may be observed. As our doctors have mentioned, you can do the first washing at home. Shock shedding starts rapidly at the end of the first two weeks. The percentage of patients who do not go through shock shedding, however, is so rare. The hair begins to grow thinly three months after the procedure, getting healthier day by day. Lastly, it visually gains volume at the end of the eight-month. Clinicexpert Hair Locations

Hair Transplant Cost for Women

Prices for hair transplants are not the same for all. In this context, two primary factors deciding the price of hair transplantation are the number of grafts and the technique. In this respect, the cost of women’s hair transplants will change according to several reasons. For females, we provide high-quality hair transplant services at affordable prices;

  • The number of grafts
  • The knowledge and efficiency of the doctor
  • Provided services and product consistency

These are the other aspects that impact the cost of the transplant. Additionally, the overall expense can be raised by added facilities.

Hair Transplant Women in Turkey

Clinicexpert Hair Locations Staff experience, the quality of the facility, and the goods are critical aspects of female hair transplantation. With our trustworthy team, we provide lots of quality hair transplantation and care services for women settled in Istanbul, Turkey. We seek to have satisfying results for our patients. The DHI service is available at our company, which is the most advanced form. It takes roughly 8 hours to perform.

At our company, we make use of the most advanced and also the newest methods to cure all types of hair loss conditions. If you are willing to learn more about treatments and others, please do not hesitate to phone us. Clinicexpert Hair Locations

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