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Breast Lifting

Breast lift is a common operation. Many women suffer from sagging breasts. This situation is embarrassing and they always try to hide their breasts. Breasts may sag due to stretching and sagging of the skin with the effect of age or pregnancy. If the volume of the breast is sufficient, a breast lift or breast augmentation may offer a solution.

This aesthetic operation involves the plastic surgeon removing the excess skin. Some scarring on your breasts is inevitable. Scars are dependent on the procedure. However, over time, the scars gradually take on the color of the surrounding skin. What to do after breast lift is as important as surgery.


How Much Does Breast Lift Cost?

The cost of plastic surgery is always discussed. However, it is difficult to say for sure. Because in order to determine the price, the patient must be thoroughly examined. For this reason, doctors first examine the health status of their patients. If there are any problems, it is fixed.

Breast lift surgeries give people both an aesthetic appearance and self-confidence. People no longer have a hard time finding clothes that fit their body. If you have breasts that make your body look bad, you can get rid of this appearance by finding a good doctor. Since it is permanent for a long time, you can enjoy the comfort by doing it in one go.


How Long Does the Breast Lift Last?

Aesthetic operations are one of the most curious subjects of people. The desire to be beautiful is in everyone. Especially breasts are an important symbol of beauty. For this reason, being small-breasted is ridiculed among women. From adolescence, women attach great importance to their breasts.

Breast lift surgery can be permanent for a long time. The method applied here is very effective. Aesthetic operations are developed and made more useful every year. Thanks to new methods, implants attached to the breast are more durable. Thus, you can use it for a long time without damaging your silicones.


What Is a Breast Lift?

The concept of beautiful breasts is never clear. Some years small breasts are in fashion, some years larger breasts are more popular. Big and exaggerated breasts look more attractive now. Doctors say that normal breast sizes are no longer liked. Women have breast lift surgery to have a larger breast.

The surgery is performed by plastic surgeons in the hospital. The patient is given anesthesia. In the operation, one or both breasts can be treated. An incision is made below the nipple. From here, the implant is placed. The incision is then sutured. There are hundreds of implant options. You can choose any of them you want. Of course, it is also important that the doctor confirms this.


What Are the Benefits of Breast Lift?

Aesthetic operations have a great impact on people. It not only makes people beautiful, but also makes them more self-confident. A woman can love herself more if she believes her breasts are more attractive. This allows her to enjoy life. As she is successful in her business life, she also begins to attract attention in her social life.

Although breast lift surgery is a difficult operation, it gives good results. Most of the people who have the operation are satisfied with their breasts. Moreover, silicones are durable for a long time. As long as you pay attention to the usage rules, you will not encounter any problems. However, you should not neglect to have regular doctor check-ups.


How is Breast Lift Done?

The operation is performed under general anesthesia. You should always be hungry before an operation under general anaesthetic. You’ll see the anesthesiologist before the surgery. Your breast lift doctor will adjust the anesthesia and discuss with you the course of events.

Tell your doctor what medications you’re taking and what surgeries and diseases you’ve had. Sometimes the drugs need to be discontinued before surgery. This may be the case with blood thinners. Smoking increases the risk of inflammation. If you quit smoking six weeks before surgery, this risk is significantly reduced.


Breast Lifting Recovery Time

You may feel a little too much pain after the surgery. This is normal as the effect of anesthesia decreases. Your doctor will allow you to take a shower the next day. You usually go home that day. Due to the anesthesia you can still feel a little loose and nausea, so you should calm down for the first week. Set up extra help if necessary.

For the first six weeks you should support the breasts day and night. This can be done with a pressure band or a sports bra that you receive during the process. During this period, it is advisable not to do heavy work or exercise. You may be allowed to work according to the type of work you do. Discuss this with the breast lift doctor.


Breast Lift vs Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation; it is the return of saggy breasts to normal height by removing excess skin and rearranging the skin. It improves the shape of the breast and makes it more raised. Sometimes prosthesis is inserted during the procedure to achieve a more permanent ‘filling effect’ in the upper half of the breasts. The processes are similar. In both, the goal is to achieve more attractive breasts.

Breast lift is an ideal operation for small breasts and aims to enlarge the entire breast. Therefore, a fuller silicone is placed. Almost the same procedures are performed during surgery. The rules to be observed after the operation are the same.  It is your doctor who will determine which operation you are eligible for. When you say your issue, you can choose the right method together.


Breast Lifting Turkey

There will be some scars around the nipple, up to the nipple. They are quite noticeable at first, but over time they will take on more of the color of the surrounding skin.

The plastic surgeon does his best not to damage the mammary glands. However, since the nipple has to be moved, no guarantee can be given for this. Also, keep in mind that the result of a breast lift may be adversely affected by pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Breast lift is very popular among women and men lately.

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